Gf ass rate thread

Gf ass rate thread

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7 lacks volume

8 nice size but lacks in shape

9 looks appetizing

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7 / 10

9 / 10

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fuck you i wanted those

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those trips match that ass 666 / 10

4 / 10 perky but smoll

3 / 10 too teeny weeny

5 / 10 ass is eh but cute face

9 / 10 fucking delicious

nice ass

that's piss homeboy

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Here she is again

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ooh what gat is in that case?

Be honest

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are you sure?


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7 / 10

wasn't expecting my cock to get so hard so quick bro. 10/10 more?

Wife. Be honest pls

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Another ex

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10 / 10 MOAR

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Need more context/ Stand up mirror shot?

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Rate pls

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4 / 10
8 / 10

My gf

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Any asshole pics of her please

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10/10 more

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11/10. Want more

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scandinavian gfs ass

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Cousin's ass, btw

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Ass is 8/10. The rest of her body/face drops her down to a 5.5/10.

10/10, nice thick hips

9.5/10, thick hips, not so much ass

10/10 ass, 8/10 body

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perfect, like em small and easy to pound hard.

If that's your GF you better IMPREGNATE HER RIGHT NOW. That ass is phenomenal.

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Asshole pics of her please
GF or wife ?


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DAMN that's a bubbly ass. More?

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Looks bouncy. 9/10, more?

Better than that angle!

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