Just because some people are way more productive than I will ever be...

Just because some people are way more productive than I will ever be, and just because their hyper-productivity (which doesn't occur in socialist countries) has improved my life, doesn't mean that they should have more money than me.

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I agree

Please be bait

Bill Gates literally stole everything he got rich off of. Musk is a media invention, imo. Bezos invented something even worse than Walmart for buying things. And Jobs, oh that faggot. Invents the most sought after gadget in human history, could have been made exclusively in the US and kept our economy bulletproof for decades, decides he wants even more billions, hands the design to China and then falls over dead...

or what?

>Bill Gates literally stole everything he got rich off of.

You sound like one of those people who says no one should ever get credit for what they hire people to do.


Bernie, just stop.

Haters gonna... How come all four of the most productive humans in history all came from the same well regulated free market capitalist country (the one with the highest gdp/capita)?

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Bernie's not a real socialist. He just calls himself that to get votes just like Hitler did.

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Why the fuck is there no super difficult but consistent degree on becoming rich how haw scientist not made becoming rich a formula so they can get money for their projects

>how haw scientist not made becoming rich a formula so they can get money for their projects
Apparently you've never heard of elon musk or jeff bezos. you should really get some internet access

Thats exactly what it means. If you are the only person who knows how to fish in your village, you get the most shit from people who really, really want fish. There are other people in your village who know how to make shelter, or make you better if you are sick. Your abundance of fish will get you a better shelter, and put you ahead of the people who have less to offer when you need to be made well. In the model of capitalism, your abundance of fish gets you a bigger, better shelter because you're continually paying the builders with your abundance of fish, so you can be more prosperous and provide more shelter, and attract more bitches, thus creating more offspring. The caregivers benefit by being attentive to your illness over non-productive people because if they don't, no more fish. You stop providing fish. None of this prevents the man with many fish from being charitable with his fish. But you can't make him give fish, just because he has fish. He will fish less when there is no benefit from him fishing hard. If he's all good, he might not fish at all.

I won't be back to provide further arguments to the socialist fucktards who like to spank their worthless monkey cocks over the idea of being lazy fish eating bitches.

All of these guys are vultures, some more, some less. You confuse productivity with branding and propaganda and you have only a lose conception of social justice if all you can think of when it comes to governmentally regulated community benefits you scream and shout "socialism".

Short: do european countries have economy vultures that warp and distort life of the majority of citizens?

Seriously, productivity my ass.

What about their kids? What if their kids are lazy af, do they deserve to be rich too?

Great point. He's actually a communist, and if he wins the nomination, I look forward to Trump calling him that over and over and over again.

Or you're a fucking dumbass

Sage cause Bait but.
I'm all for capitalism to drive process.
But it's a problem if all that money just dissapears in some few bank accounts, and thats why and where the state has to make laws to prevent this.
I think the people who made it totally deserve to have more money, but if some people have more money then they can possibly spend in multipe lifetimes and others have to turn every cent twise to make it thought the week.
Why not make it in a way that the highest paid guy in a company can't get more than x times the lowest wage, so profit gets distributed a little bit more equally while still being privileged.
It's easy to forget that most of those super rich people weren't rich if it wasn't for the wage slaves to do all the manual work for them. Except for bill gates every one of those bosses is known to be a shitty employer.

Hyper-productive people should be able to do what the fuck they want with their deserved money after they pay reasonable taxes. even if that means giving it all to their lazy, dumb, cunt brats.

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>You confuse productivity with branding and propaganda
So, lets see. You don't care if the smart phone was never brought to market because you don't want one or own one, you've never use Amazon's many services, and none of Microsoft's products have ever made your life easier or more productive.

Sure, sure. Citation needed.

>every one of those bosses is known to be a shitty employer.
truly shitty employers don't retain employees. no one is forced to work for amazon like a slave. they choose to do it. when they have leverage to make more money then they will make more money.

People like to talk about Gates money, he's worth about 80 billion last I checked, whatever. But thats his personal wealth. Think for a minute how much money and productivity changed hands since he kicked off his M$oft thing. Incalculable trillions in efficiency. If it wasn't for Gates, we'd still be in the stone age in terms of corporate efficiency. People would be taking your information by hand, over the telephone. I remember those years. I lived in that era. I worked in that era. Some of it was nice, but it was mostly painfully slow and inefficient. You went to the local library to learn things, and if you wanted fun, you went outside and threw a frizbee to your friends or a ball to your dog. If you were lucky, you got to rent a movie on VHS. Otherwise, you built a model, made a bird house, or read a book. The grown ups would go to the bar and throw darts. The good looking ones would swap their wives. The ugly ones would skip that shit and go to church, and struggle to be interesting.

Musk took off because Paypal. Bezos should suck his cock every day before taking a shit in his golden toilet. Jobs is basically irrelevant, he might as well have invented the Slinky.

Because capitalism works.

>Bezos should suck his cock every day before taking a shit in his golden toilet. Jobs is basically irrelevant
Bezos revolutionized the global supply chain with new efficiencies, and Jobs did bring the smart phone to market, so wtf?!

Musk is disrupting dozens of markets and will usher in a better future. That's the difference. He may single handedly save the human race from extinction by putting on other planets. It would literally take to long to explain the effects he made and will make with his current efforts.

Only if you think there should be less poverty, more opportunity, and people should get rewarded for their productivity.

Completely arguing past my point.

>Musk took off because Paypal
Musk revolutionized the way people approach financing large projects, and he developed the first new automobile technology in a hundred years.

Your point is that wage slaves should get more of the wealth that they create. my response is that they should take the best job that they are qualified for, and if that isn't enough to make them happy then they should work on finding some way to be more productive like the people in OP's pic

Yes, because people who earn can give their earnings to whoever they want. Thats called freedom, you might want to consider the concept. The parent who earns is obviously free to cut off the kid, not give him anything. There is no law that makes a wealthy person voluntarily leave his money to his children, they do it out of free will. If the wealthy guy leaves it to his offspring, yes, it belongs to them. Free will is the most important consideration in the human existence. Trying to legislate how a person leaves his wealth is one of the most stupid things a person can contemplate, and those people immediately out themselves as idiotic pieces of worthless human shit.

explain to me why people should lose their life savings and end up homeless if they have a huge medical expense. (this only happens in america, no other country in the civilized world does this)

>There is no law that makes a wealthy person voluntarily leave his money to his children,
I think you'll find that you are wrong.
Many of these wills are contested and overturned when they are malicious. Besides, fighting off a spurious claimant can be more costly than buying them off.

because it incentivizes them to be more productive which benefits everyone, faggot.

that is fantastically incorrect

explain to me why the people who risk hundreds of millions of dollars and years of their lives doing research to develop life saving medical treatments should not be allowed to reap a reward that justifies the risks that have to be taken, faggot.

that makes no sense. how is getting cancer going to make someone become more productive? how is getting hit by a drunk driver an incentive to work?

are you actually retarded?

>there were lots of successful electric car companies before Tesla.

actually gates and microsoft held back technology quite a bit, they still use the embrace extend extinguish strategy to replace standardizations with their proprietery versions and it works because of their market dominance, so yea fuck bill gates and yea capitalism has major flaws

what does this has to do with anything? who is trying to take anything away from scientists?

are you mixing up insurance companies and scientists?

quit being obtuse, Obviously, the fear of failure is supposed to incentivize people to be more productive, not actual cancer, faggot.

Bezos sold books and realized other people might like to use his platform to sell other shit in the way he was selling books. He's a capitalist. He scraped a few pennies from each transaction. I don't hate him for it. But he basically hit the jackpot when he understood how Ebay and Google worked. Everything after that was just "meh" to me. I know it's the headline to the story, but his genius moment was at the top of my paragraph.

Jobs was a gadgeteer. The smart phone already existed. It was called the Blackberry. He capitalized (capitalism) on the fact people were Apple fanatics. I never thought Jobs was very revolutionary. But he had excellent forward vision on an ecosystem. None of his shit "mattered" in the big scope. He understood fanaticism, and peoples desire to "collect it all" like baseball cards. He meshed that with a hipsters willingness to pay more for some sophisticated engineering. But honestly, if he never existed, I don't think things would be very different. Thats the difference between Jobs and Musk. Musk made it possible for people to pay online. Gates made being online possible to the masses. Jobs made it cool.

Jesus. The people who get paid to develop medical treatments get the money from the people who's lives are saved. are you really that clueless?

>the fear of failure is supposed to incentivize people to be more productive

ah yes! the perfect economic system is one that makes its society live in constant fear.

excellent description of capitalism tbh...

>Bezos sold books
Bezos invented a way to get everything manufactured in factories to people in their homes without needing to pay for stores.

>the perfect economic system
has the lowest real poverty rates because it has the highest GDP/capita (America right now). How you get there is irrelevant.

I do. To thee I wed, til death do us part.

Save lives? Eh, that's a bit of a stretch. We don't develope cures, there's no profit in it. Better to treat a condition indefinitely.

>he people who get paid to develop medical treatments get the money from the people who's lives are saved
ok this still has nothing to do with what i posted but let me entertain you you retarded clueless faggot.

money from hospitals doesn't go to medical research. what kind of fucking 5 year old understanding of america's economy do you have? medical research is made by big pharma with a subsidie from the government, your taxes. then they sell you this medicine and treatments for hundreds of times more than what it actually cost to fund them and make them and they give nothing back to the government. so it's corporations profiting of people getting sick, getting your money to make the medicine they're selling you and that you can't afford anyway because they care about profits more than your health. they also could cure a lot of shit but they choose not to just to keep you sick because you being sick means their business is good.

you're a fucking bootlicker getting fucked in the ass by a corrupt industry and loving it.

Meh. Byproduct of Paypal.

>no one has ever had their life saved in an American hospital

jeezus fukking christ. try to be a little more observant of objective reality

I think you'll find out people can give their money to whomever they want. There are more insolvent millionaires children out there than you think.

how can people this dense be allowed to go online without supervision?

>highest GDP/capita (America right now)

HAHAHAHAHA yeah when like 60 people hold all that wealth and 41% of the country lives in absolute poverty that title means absolutely nothing. america is collapsing and you bootlickers are delusional if you think you're ever going to be rich as bezos or musk. you'll never ever ever ever get there. you're one sickness or accident away from complete poverty every single day.

You are so out of touch with how commerce works. The people you were crying about going bankrupt go bankrupt paying for medical treatments and some of that money does in fact go to the people who developed the treatments. Your argument is just a blanket denial of basic reality, faggot.

>41% of the country lives in absolute poverty
when was the last time you saw an american who didn't have a smart phone (thanks Jobs).

Absolute poverty is when you live in mud huts america has relative poverty

The only people who experience any real poverty in America are the homeless and even they have smart phones now, and they make up a very amall percentage of the population. Everyone else that is "below the FPL" still manages to have an apartment, color tv, cable subscription, internet connection, etc... The problem is that you do not understand that real poverty means actually going whiteout some basic necessity, numbnutz.

Man your "every man is the architect of his own fortune" mentality dosn't even have to collide with reality to show how redicolus it is.
Every man is the architect of his own fortune, but not every man is architect.
To make this more in line with reality, it should be:
Every man is the architect of his own fortune, or your parents are rich enough to pay someone else to architect for you or you are part of a minority that go and architect somewhere else.

>smartphone = wealth
you're the dumbest motherfucker on this thread

absolute poverty is when you can end up homeless if you get sick and need to go to the hospital.

*Then go

and yet you refuse to live without one. catch a clue

you could cancel your cable subscription and get better insurance with the money you saved. I never met an American without a cable subscription.

are you 16? i'm asking in all seriousness. you have a very wrong and superficial understanding of how everything works.

if you really care about scientists curing diseases and making actually effective medicine it's in your best interest that the government dismantles the big pharma industry, takes over and ends the corruption in the selling of medicines, making them affordable for everybody.

you're seriously too fucking stupid to even argue with.

>cable subscription
who the fuck pays for cable? i know no one with cable. most people have netflix or just pirates everything. shut the fuck up, fucking obese redneck retard.

True. America is not a true meritocracy like so many wealthy people like to claim. But our system of well regulated free market capitalism is successfully creating more and broader opportunities than any other country on earth. Socialism would end this legacy for us.

You get debt you dont go homeless who the fuck lied to you

sure. tell yourself its me. you just got btfoed nigga

Theres a very good reason for holding back tech. So common people can afford it. Thats why Gates patches are so notoriously shitty in old versions of Windows. Because it could run on shitty old computers. Not the nerdware that all the cyberfags can rebuild. But the old PCs that inhabit older persons houses and older businesses, like the local mechanics garage. People don't seem to remember a new version of Windows sometimes wouldn't run on old hardware. That was a major bottleneck to releasing new software at one time. Now computers are practically disposable. But there was a time when people would limp a PC box along for ten years. We're past that, now. When was the last time your computer BSOD'd? Probably two computers ago. It used to happen all the fucking time. Now it happens never. Shit saves to the cloud, and websites are just a thing people can design on Squarespace. But when your shit used to zonk, you'd be fucked. Productivity gone for a day, until you could get a geek to come and fix it. Now, I don't remember the last time I even rebooted this piece of shit. It just works. We are truly in a different world. And that is partly because Gates didn't release new shit every few months, or yearly. Part of the genius, he took a lot of shit for that.

Do any of these guys take anti anxiety/Benzos, AD, or Adderal/Ritalin ?

nah, your smartphone = wealth argument is widely mocked for a reason. you're the kind of stupid that says how are you socialist if you have an iphone? like they're complete ideological opposites lmao. what a fucking turd bitch brain you have.

name reasons why you would become homeless other than debt and substance abuse.

LEGO was started in Denmark. Checkmate, faggot.

>your smartphone = wealth argument is widely mocked
citation needed

>you're the kind of stupid that says how are you socialist if you have an iphone?
arguing with what i never said, like a clueless retard

debt is the only reason why you would go homeless, idiot. you owe money you don't even have. you can't pay for anything you end up in the streets. literally no other reason.

does the government control the means of production in Denmark? I hadn't heard that.

In poor rural areas, any smartphone might be a symbol of wealth. In a city, everyone has a smartphone as its a basic necessity for communication. I'd say it's as basic as having a fridge or a microwave. Is having a microwave a symbol of wealth?

Look faggot, you are the one who picked the word "wealth" but i think if you check any official source like a fucking dictionary you will find that any thing that has value is a form of wealth. and anything that literally no American chooses to live without clearly has some value. so go fuck yourself already. the conversation threads aren't really your thing.

you are actually retarded

hey don't get mad now. you're the retard who thinks buying something that became extremely common to the point of becoming a necessity means you're rich.

rot in your hicktown you small minded idiot.

So, Bezos invented the website? I don't think so. He invented the search engine? Nope. He invented the warehouse? No. He re-invented the triangle. Now we're getting closer. Then it gets fuzzy. He took shit on consignment and stored it for expediency. He provided reliability, because sometimes people didn't trust little bullshit websites. He worked the angles. He took a little nip from offsite purchases, both ways. Its almost like the mafia, or credit cards. (not the percentage part of credit cards), just the purchase nip. And that added up to a lot. Amazon doesn't produce anything. (except now the media part). They are a very profitable middleman.

Thats because you're a broke-ass zoomer retard. Everyone has cable.

No one in this thread actually believes in anything they've posted.

We are all going to die one day. Believe that.

only intellectually inferior people have cable. it offers nothing. if you want quality content there are better options. being a hick getting conned into buying cable + internet means you're retarded.

not an actual counter argument. more like a passive aggressive way of agreeing

>means you're rich.
again faggot, i obviously never said that

Having cable+ internet means your kids don't have to sit on the stoop skanking the neighbors router at fourteen years old. Everyone knows you can get bunny ears and spend your day watching youtube on your smart phone. But some people aren't scumbags and have big TVs, and don't rage about a hundred bucks. Go sit in your car faggot. The rest of us have houses.

Bezos, Gates & Jobs are not hyper productive, they just happened to have the right product at the right time in history, that plus criminal greed and lawyers to back them up is all they had

Elon Musk is a different story, i think he has both brilliance and the government to back him up since the retirement of the space shuttle so the gov wants to stay in the space race so musk has secret government backing

>So, Bezos invented the website?
Bezos was the first person to successfully envision a way to remove stores completely from the global supply chain, and make everything cheaper in the process, faggot

you said no one is poor in america because everyone has smartphones. if you're not poor you're....?

>means your kids don't have to sit on the stoop skanking the neighbors router at fourteen years old
holy shit you're one of those fucking awful parents that let the tv raise their kids. holy fucking shit. nice work dad. real fucking american of you.

i wasnt making any kind of counter argument, i was just calling you a retard. you tard

No he wasn't. Because he didn't successfully remove stores from the global supply chain, you fucking idiot. Amazon relies on stores and store chains as warehouses, its part of their model. When was the last time you went on Amazon and bought something, and it said "direct from manufacturer", or "shipped from whatever". Uhh, always? I don't even have to research this shit, I'll bet Amazon only direct ships about 30% of the shit you buy through them. Those warehouses they show freaking out at Christmas are only part of the puzzle. Just because your dick pump shows up in a box with a smiley face on it does not mean it came directly from Amazon. I thought more people knew this.

Nice cherry picking. But you fail. My kids are raised. The point is, being a piece of shit is basically off the table when you're a big boy. People watch television, movies, and stuff through digital platforms. You're the one who cited Netflix being a source of media. People want to sit in their house, in their comfy chair, they often turn on the TV. And also in their bedroom. Or in their downstairs bar. Only douchebags think of themselves wholly when they talk about bringing media into the home. If you sit there watching everything on your phone, good for you. The rest of us don't worry about the admittedly overpriced cable. By saying "I don't know anybody with cable", you're outing yourself as a young zoomy fuck who consumes everything on a 5-inch screen, or is lying about being self sufficient and has a television they don't pay for, because they live at the parents house. "I'm too cool to buy cable", yeah, okay, you probably live in a storage locker.

>I don't stream anything on my laptop
>I live exclusively on my little shit-ass cracked screen
>I'm a gigantic faggot please rape my face
>I shit in my neighbors yard and pretend it was the dog
>I don't pay for anything
>I'm a nigger disregard anything I've ever said

They’re all parasites. They didn’t invent anything. All they’re good at is making money.

i have been thinking about this, i have heard of the universaval income idea, but what about a salary cap liek the NFL dose for it's teams.

the idea is that NFL team are run by billionairs, and the league did not want them to just over payplayers to make 1 super team that would crush the rest of the leuge, would be boring to watch.

so the made a cap on homw much you can pay for you team. year to year they may raise the cap to stay competative with other sports. QB can somtime go to baseball and make more money.

SO why not make a cap for people, individuals?
My ass pull number is 500 Mil.

>being a piece of shit is basically off the table when you're a big boy.
So patrician. Inventive, yet prudent, keen to cultivate the minds of youth and the prosperity of lands. Even as we speak, the Founding Fathers of the Republic have stirred upright in recognition of a kindred spirit, to murmur ghostly tributes of an able son, whose bait is indistinguishable from retardation.

>the one with the highest gdp/capita
They all came from Qatar?

>highest GDP/capita (America right now).
Wrong. Qatar.

No, there aren't. I work as a civil court clerk and those wills get overturned like clockwork. If the kids had any access to daddy in the last ten years you can bet your ass it's getting overturned as a hostile will.

The law protects the people who pay for it.

I agree in principle. People gouging and hoarding money just because is no use to the economy. It should be distributed