I want to be the one on the left

I want to be the one on the left.

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my left, or your left?

it's the internet we all have the same left bitch

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something something kill yourself etc

If uncle Jamal is black, why the mother is not (sister of Jamal) or why the kid is not (father is the brother of Jamal) ?

Go fuck yourselves

Masturbating is better anyway.


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His left? Your left? Or mine? This is getting confusing

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I'll break it down for you, op is a faggot and secondly "uncle"

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I listened to my ex get fucked by her new black bf and was aroused and saddened

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nice :)

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I want to play with her bellybutton

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>hermonie? black magic is forbidden

Fuck you OP

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Tenda fucking kill yourself already

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Bella is so beautiful

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My wife fucked her first black guy yesterday. She said it wasn’t any different then any other dick and she still prefers white dick

This is a lie and you know it

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Nope. He was decently sized but, this may be a surprise to you since you’ve never had sex, but sex just so happens to be sex regardless of skin color. Don’t get me wrong we were expecting more but it was just sex

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>I want to be the one on the left.
I'm sure you are and you haven't realized it yet.

I literally told op to kill himself you fucking inbred retard

I wish I could sweetly kiss them each on the cheek. So pretty!

australians tho

Lmao you let your wife fuck a nigger!

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Then get married, post your address, and let me fuck you’re wife.

Kys faggot

Love your black sisters

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your wife will probably do the same thing behind your back lmao

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