Feeding time

Feeding time

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Sage, kys .. etc etc

Come on. I KNOW you love this dog O3O

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grow up

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No. Grow down XD

see a shrink, geez

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Wait. Wait. Grow to the left XD

my left or yours?

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Wait... you just fucked my brain right now...

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Do you... do you hate me?

What makes you think that?

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I don't know. I just... i have no friends in real life, or in Cred Forums. And... that makes me Really sad Ú~Ù

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Ill be your chan friend.

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Aaaaaw. Thanks, that's so cute of you OwO

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There's just one catch. If you wanna hang with us there's one thinf you gotta do. Make a folder called "logs" and save shit dot jpg to it and then well basipally you've been channed ;)

*runs knife along middle of palm*
*hands knife to you*
Lets shake on it, Chan blood friend brother-sister.

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Oh... ok... i do it OwO

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Kek wtf is this meme

I was channed before chan. Not kidding, Windows 95' had a log.txt in a folder named logs.

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Log posting was pre computer and used to be done on paper.

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its the cure for the cancer

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its the dream we all share

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It's not a meme, it's a movement.

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>It's not a meme
So true

And there's only 7 ITT with some anti, so it's the usual 4-5 suspects

>squattin tarantino

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It truly is the hope for tomorrow...

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