Kik thread

Kik thread

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Big white cock here.
Will bang your non-white girl’s brains out.
>you and her must be 18+
>she must be non-white
Kik: nicholascatz


25 m uk

Looking for new beast vids, anything with big tits, to discuss sunny biker tits and how we’d abuse her

Kpm_777 bwc bull, would love to chat with women too

KingGyal - Trading pics, vids, and links.

Send to receive.

Sammypoke 21 male bi with 7 inch cock to show off

Trading pornvidz
No scat/no pizza
No other rules

Also doing BM

Kik yourown10

Post me where I want

Kik mr.niceguy5656 for vid trade

Cuck looking to be humiliated with degradation threats ... only looking for real aggressive scary bulls - I have a whole folder of my ex gf and love share
Kik: sissybtchsub

Try to make me cum
Im into girl, surprise me
Kik : monostoy

Love sharing sluts I know

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Looking to do some trib/wwyd
Message me at: anony1101

You’re going to answer my message bitch?

Pm if you want me to expose and show off your girl to someone who knows her. It’s hot I promise


Teens, taboo and similar, no limits except scat and gore

Start with a pic or a video

Bored at work
Try and make me go jo in the break room
Kik: anonnoname27

Looking to trade gfs / wife

kik: msp348

trading vids and pics

kik Gundsgats

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27 m bi from Germany

Looking for Dickpics, kink talk, wwyd / cucking / lockscreen / caption of any people you know and care about (If you have nudes of them, I dont care how)

Kik is BenRileySun

Stilll trading vidz
No scat no pizza
No other limits
Also doinh BM if you want
Kik yourown10

Hairy. Bbw. Slampigs. Ex wife

Part Japanese

Looking for cock tributes of girls I know. Mostly clothed, but cute faces. Any cocks welcome

Looking for someone to roleplay with

Send me girls to jerk off to
Kik: ehwalnkp


Want you to jerk to her, give her a trib

send me your dick pic to rub one out

three zero six nine eight eight two five two six

Need tributes on my sister. Kik ohsn4ps

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Hey, wanna fuck your daughter, sister, cousin? Text me asdfloling

Hello there

Lets talk about Incest or Beast


Latina nerd with huge tits
Post wins here

Looking for degenerate bulls with large cocks. Don’t like nice guys... want to share wife and make you cum . KIK kinky78728

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Send me porn and bet a nude you can’t shock me

Looking for a sugardaddy

hi I'm a sick pervert that loves talking about his sickness. ask me anything



send me brown sluts


I want some pizza. Anonthr


Show me your wife gf ex mom and friends nudes for wwyd rates trade or trib

Kik Johnsont214

Send me you or family members I can jerk to. Can do wwyd.

Also trading some taboo.


Kik takeherholes sharing my 20 year old Jewish quarter asian gf

Hard and horny. Trade some hentai babes lol. Kik: googleyeyes55

lets degrade them


Send me teens or obedient subs and I’ll share my sub.

Rolling and horny.
Looking to chat about sharing kink / will give an honest rate of your gf / wife
18+ only
kik - GonkG


Send me your BBWs/milfs/ latinas/black chicks/ Indian chicks/older women/ anything good

Sharing wins from my exs

Kik is user_Underground

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Looking for wives, gf, ex’s, milfs for stroking. Can do wwyd.


Looking for fucked up, prefer rape/sexual violence

Kik DL33445 for cock tributes. Bonus if you share with the target.
Or share ass and leggings pics

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Share my wife with your friends/group chats and show me their reaction.


Trading gf pics, message me to trade for my curvy slutty whore
Kik: Hanstoned

Cucks and couples can watch me suck my own cock


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BestInTheWorld1028. Look for some nice tits. Can trade a few of my gf and her step sis


No limits chat, send whatever and let's discuss

Bwc looking for worship


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10in BULL here
send me ur wife/GF pics
kik: somebig11

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Looking for someone who can cock, cum, or piss tribute a friend of mine
Kik: elaychmiikasa

Kik: DribTrib
Looking for porn, oc prefered

Not my kik but @caracaradara try and get nudes and post here, I haven’t had any luck

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Let her know what you think about her nudes. The more degrading the better!
Kik saeschi94

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Big thick dicked daddy looking for holes to abuse. Love ladies, traps and sissies.


Bull here send me your wife or girlfriends pics message me on Kik at winawins

alexandrecabanel23 -- interested in BM, gotta be careful, but got some really solid stuff

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Anyone interested in talking me off the ledge lol

23 f Nottingham UK

Kik toothoot8888 looking for people to wwyd / tribute this teen slag

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Looking to trade pics of my wife for pics of you wife or g/f. She is a slampiggy (pic related). Kik is flyboymike86.

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kik rato006 for trade girls, incest, exs, tributes of girls i know or general perverted talk

asian girl


needing someone to trib my chubby gf

Kik me anon02789 24 m mass. Down to see Girls you know and share ones I know too. Also wondering if anyone can help me see the pics off a girls onlyfans account and this girls insta

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lmk if u wanna kik

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Kik is: anono325
22 M NC
Into just about anything. Horny af before work looking for people to talk to, trade pics with, roleplay. Anything


Interested? Kik bendohhj

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Looking someone to trib my gf

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Lets chat about milfs we know


Alborne6 into anything hmu

kik: huhory

Can get into snapchats



No limits trading

Ill do anything

Hacking snaps for free all day!
Kik: bdhdjssbjssihdjsksks

6’4” White Dom.

No judgement, No limits.


22 m europe
I like to masturbate watching other gf's nudes
Pls hmu with ur girl, i'm tired of pornsite

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29 bi male who wants to see a lot of cocks today. Hit me up.

Kik me your slut for a rate/wwyd burner1002


Degrade my sister

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dddgort send whatever I’ll match

30 yo muscolar n tatooed italian guy
looking for a sub girl who wants obbey to daddy

Kik vergaples

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25 m
Eu - ch

Kik MilwaukeeHard and let’s chat about local bitches

M/22/Central Europe

I'm a dom, looking for all you Girls/Traps/Femboys and other feminine types.

Kik - yuppitsaname

kik versew23
browse and stroke to my friends instagrams on videos

36m Married teacher/coach... so damn horny. Give me something good to jerk off to? I like a nice girl next door, even a little on the chubby side.


30 trans mtf sub btm. Love big cocks other trans femboy and women. Send me pics! Lets trade

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Send your chicks or ask for mine. I’ll trade too

Horny beta with a whore sis
Turn her into your cumdump and spread her whether i like it or not
Kik anom8910


Mrzer04202 bi Dom top looking for twinks and CDs.. skinny shaved with small cocks to the front of the line.

Im a cock hungry submissive cuck, show me yours and force me to worship it while I share my gf and stroke my little dick

30 M USA Top/Dom
send me anything
Interested in girls, femboys, traps, milfs, ETC.
I like to show off my cock as well
kik: jakejake4500


I want to jerk and cum to your family members. Also trading taboo.


No lims trading

help me cum


Annapan30 is my kik. Lol

That username doesn't exist

Not found


Will share hidden cam pics of wife.

Hacking snapchats cheap just need name and number

Kik jamescanterby

Kik: SissyBimboAthena
Sissy who is happy to just chat, talk about bimbos and if you want to feminise me...... Well who am I to say no x

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Looking for tribs. Message me.

Kik: mjonesxx55

Cuck here looking for a bull to humiliate me and expose my wife my kik is umg2015

Kik transanna30
30 trans mtf love big cocks, femboys and females. Send me pixs. Lets trade!

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Show me your wife gf ex mom and friends nudes for wwyd rates trade or trib

Kik Johnsont214


trading vids
send a vid and i qill respond

Notgay00 ,horny bi boy ;3 i like beast too, wanna be yours

joeblow19823 ontario canada trades

25m kik: jamestjamest
high af looking for fem/sissy/trap/ anyone who wants to see my dick

She's 15

Let me share my ex and girls I know with you. Also love to see girls you know too. Kik me anon02789

Trading Vids


23 y/o sissy who loves to be dominated and degraded

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She's fake as fuck is what she is. Dude larping you

Willing to loyalty test, message or send their own nudes to girls u know to see their reaction, wwyd, nude swap looking for cucks possible meet ups, fems, taboo shit, anything goes really

Personal trainer from England
Hottest girl I’ve ever seen in person

Here are a gallery of nudes and her being a general slut

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Send PAWGS for wwyd. 18+

Kik: neverbeenhorny


show me your cock and if it's bigger than mine I'll show you pics of my ex-gf while thinking about you fucking her, I'll probably eat my own cum imaging it's yours. I like being bullied so be mean to me or I might not respond, and if you don't want your cock worshipped don't bother because I feel like being a submissive cuck faggot. I only have tit pics of my ex, no ass or pussy, sorry.

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Danny321jones bi curious

22 fl girl


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Send my what you’ve saved of my girl

Kik veinman93

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Want to jerk to your hot teen ex, got a hard cock I been blue balling all last week to use

That or stolen pics you have or if you share pics among your friends group of sluts I wanna hear about it

Kik Mr.niceguy5656 cucks or traders

Looking for guys to cock or cum my girl.ill send them to her and post her reactions. Shes loves it

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Heres my kik if anyones interested. Shes thicc and very cute too

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No limits, send whatever and let's discuss

kik me some blondes

Cuck sharing sister non nude. Humiliate me

Kik: throwaway3399

Moar + how did you score that qtie ? also why you take supplements ?


Kik me your gf, ex or whatever and ill rate them and review them haha

Younger is better and bonus point for young petite Asians haha

trap with a rape fetish hmu to trade, share your girlfriend, sister, creepshots, or incest

Need someone to spread a girls nudes

antriske is my kik

Trade teens/Snapchat OC


Mega trades

Gimmefoodplz69 kik
I will do loyalty tests and also try to get nudes froms girls u know


Shoot me whatever, people being dicks and sending dicks will be blocked, appreciate girls and nice asses.

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Send me fap material into most. Straight/gay/trans all fine. Might do captions if requested but send fap material for the trouble.
Kik sowalard

30 yo bwc bull in FL
Hit me up if you want me to loyalty test your wife/gf or send her my kik: plumbs

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Tennessee trades?

Kik; syndicate_hyde for more of my 18 y/o GF, brutal degrading, roasting, insulting, wwyd etc encouraged, anything goes, racism, sexism, no limits

Attached: a6896c99-4d14-4756-81e7-9faef30cf2ef.png (541x960, 502K)


Send me your wives, daughters, moms, or aunts to jerk it to (preferably nude) Also trading some OC and other stuff. Send em bros!

18F looking for hentai basically, I like it gross (pee, monster, rape, tons of cum etc etc) I'll answer your blessings with some hentai back

Attached: IMG-20180728-WA0011.jpg (800x618, 91K)

Kik Jhontrib, send gf/friends/ wife's etc nudes or videos, I'll set her as my background


kik: Rating_Bot

I'll rate your girls

Let me expose your girls for you like dianna here.
Kik dnick1223

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trade porn of w/e, just wanna jerk.
wives/exs/gf/cocks/fat girls/twinks/traps/idgaf


What else you got of her?

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Taboo trades

Stil going

Kik Teenexposers

Expose and BM the sluts u want wins from


Lesbian into feet bbws and scat

Lots why

Make me cum to weird fucked up stuff lilcum7


Trade megas

I wanna see your daughter. Niece. Little sister.


Trading candid oc upskirts & nudes of girls I know kik:extratronics

Kik: queendumbcum

Nothing is off limits. Send the most taboo you’ve got. Plenty to share.

Huge cock here! let's talk dirty as I show off

Kik: jensbwc

Send me milfs - edgardladrian

male 21
kik at frafosa
horny and bored, will talk about or show anything

Still fucking going so get your rates in now

TikTok Girls Gone WILD


Need to get invites or pay system

i am looking for a specific no limits photoset. if you have it (and can prove it) I'll share lots.

kik loveperversion
wickr iamdisgusting

Damn haha well behaved girl

Attached: C82F1584-1EC3-40B0-AEAF-E8A090EB5F1C.jpg (750x1334, 76K)

Willing to give an honest rating of your wives/gf's body.


Uhhfck10 , oc trade, feet, sleeping girls, family members

Kik illnessjay if u can snaphack

Looking for people who could get into a Snap account.


No limits trade, megas


make me cum with stuff you like. kik el.grecco

stole friend's nudes jaydeee1999

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You misunderstand the purpose of these threads.


check out disscord.!gg /3PaRkq

Sharing my bbw wife with big tits. Anon123wife


No limits, send whatever and lets discuss

Jerking off with my neighbors stolen panties. No limits at all. Kik blore12

anyone wanna bm?
drop kik



Into everything and everyone.

F 22 only replying to monster cocks. Start with a pic.
kik janecamp98

Attached: 99999999999.jpg (1280x962, 162K)

Uhhfck10 jerk with me to feet and shit

Bbw and 8" male looking to sell vids and pics
Requests always available

KIK nawwtycouple
Snapchat nawwtycouple

Looking for a BBC

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into ddlg, degrading, public, and other weird stuff

aanche @kik

Germany or UK ?

Hot trading. No limits on my side. Kik is blore12, also have a wickr if you message me I can give you

Kik paaaulz

Still looking for video trades, I've got a collection of several hundred and I live sharing but you have to send too.

If you're hung or have a hot girl friend I'll send you it all to help you get off.

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my wickr is nightterrorz01

22 f lauragornik

My gfs kik



Hit me up if you want your girls tribbed,wwyd, or shared

Trading sets of teens I like to share for teens you like to share

Still around

Bored. Send me anything to fap to.
Kik cotolettaalvapore

Looking to fap to sexy teens. Will send vids of me stroking my fat cock if you want. thatssonash

Looking for usernames of young male teens you know.

if you know Katya hit me up


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1 inch cock if anyone wants to see. Kik Minjeater

not ya gf and yall spooked her..

doing BBC tributes

kik me annon212

Attached: 1579308384908.jpg (662x960, 202K)

Try to get wins from sydneysoccer14

Attached: IMG_7321.jpg (720x960, 84K)


Sharing slampig wife pics if any wants to trade

Tell me how you'd use and abuse my wife. Bonus if you've got one to show me. iamrusty69

Attached: 20161212_195654-2268x3024.jpg (2268x3024, 850K)

kik coleslaw17

Got vids and pics of teens and amateur stuff to trade, into teens, twinks, trans, loli, shota, pegging, anything really. C.G_2002

Attached: 845d0a76-189b-4d1e-bc71-36f0c160db1f.png (960x500, 199K)

r0ginh00d have all varieties to trade.

nice try fbi

Die, nigger scum

Anyone doing detailed rates?

Not found?

Morilmunch11 dom/switch can cuck u or do wwyd. Or the other way around. Also if IL can talk meet ups. Been swinging for years

Add jhonnydpp

Cuck here looking for a bull to humiliate me and expose my wife my kik is umg2015

Cuck sharing sister non nude. Humiliate me

Kik: throwaway3399

Add jhonnydpp send me anything

Degrade sluts I know and chat about them

Attached: 95BC57C1-9259-4876-B74B-9FB8015688CC.jpg (1024x1821, 144K)

I love sharing my gf's feet for others to jerk off to and talk dirty about them. And I love seeing others share those pics around further.

The more you're into feet the better!


Attached: 20170729_193521 - Copy.jpg (1330x1576, 346K)

Robzombi70 - Looking for someone to send my dick to. Preferably femanon but anyone will do. i aint fussy

If the pics are good, anon14863

Same user. As bull I'm really not gentle. Take that into consideration if you're sharing your girl

Looking to trade gf pics, showing off my curvy gf’s nudes

Looking to trade gf pics, showing off my curvy gf’s nudes
Kik: Hanstoned

Couple here looking for other couples kik kate105105

Big Fat Tits Latina from Chicago.
If anybody interested contact his cuck who likes her exposure @ kik as megustan.chichonas

Attached: IMG_1277-.jpg (651x724, 177K)


send me incest or teens, preferably both

Bigfoot790 cheese. That’s all

Attached: F60EDE89-DB8B-418B-8134-F749E916A886.jpg (901x1600, 195K)

male 24
into hot people and taboo kinks

I've recently been getting off to porn when I reimagine the scene in a cuck context.

>>Friend fucking your girlfriend because you're just not giving her enough dick and he's just trying to help (usually POV)
>>Roommate fucks her whenever you aren't home, especially in the morning (works best with shower scenes or girl-initiated plots)
>>Dad wants to make sure his son's girlfriend is doing him right so he takes a turn with her (any old man younger woman scene)
>>Betting your girlfriend to do some ludicrous act and she does it happily (gloryhole or deepthroating or gangbang)

Those are just some examples but I do this with like every scene I watch. It makes it so exhilarating especially since my girlfriend is so hot and could get away with it.

Does anyone else do this? Do you watch scenes from an alpha perspective?

Pic is my GF.

Kik is longlostlegend91

Please please don't fucking message me and just ask for pics of Jen. If we mesh, I'll give you some. I really just wanna talk about this and see where it goes

Attached: 2017-05-22_21-29-25-539.jpg (1242x2208, 1.17M)

add enigmanoise for more

Attached: 1EA42EB1-45A2-4762-901F-61011D1E235D.jpg (769x1024, 50K)

Haven't stroked in a week. Anyone got anything good?
Kik: poopybutt321

Sadiewww she cheats on her bf and is slutty, make fun of how ugly her boyfriend is, she likes that.

FL couple in our 30s looking for friends privatecpl1

I like showing off my cock

young teens and lolis are appreciated

M 22 trying to cum
Share me your girls or porn


Send me your sluts

Attached: 79DA35C8-E032-48CC-B271-EB5D1E8934A5.jpg (670x670, 77K)

Newfag here. Explain kik


Love showing off my small cock



travisw144 for more

Attached: 0A589A35-1EE5-4F56-A0D8-3731EC78B393.jpg (1242x2208, 208K)

Send girls taking mirror selfies


I want oc girls nude


Like to discuss and share pervy and taboo. Also have some personal incest stories from when I was young if you're interested.

19 M
Looking to see traps, trannies, pussy pretty much whatever, got a hard on and will send pics
In the military if you care


Anyone want to cum trib gf?

Attached: Screenshot_20200224-222416_Gallery.jpg (1080x2220, 862K)

Looking for pics of girls and their dogs. Knot picky at all.

Kik: Davmolly

Cuck for sister looking to be humilliated with degradation and exposure threats... Only looking for real aggressive scary bulls..
Kik XChangeSam

Posting on request: humiliating the tiny tit white slut and the tiny cock cuck I own as a bull. 26yo couple, nice jobs, she is unaware he shares.

His kik is jjohnson10105, tell him what you think.

Attached: IMG-20200224-WA0017.jpg (1092x698, 100K)


Not your gf she’s just a webwhore

Share voyeur

Attached: 71CC6AFE-C5D1-43BE-9D12-58C5E3574AD1.jpg (828x801, 172K)

Bored, jerking off. Don't have much to trade, but send whatever, anything goes. Kik: Sanesyxx

Still accepting milf's and whatever else you wanna share edgardladrian

Post kik if you want to see a blonde white girl



Quién e México?

Unaware he shares the sluts posed pics with me.

Attached: Screenshot_20200224-234137_Photos.jpg (1080x2340, 854K)

Small cock bi tinycocc on kik

Attached: _20200210_053013.jpg (2726x2368, 951K)



10in BULL
send me ur wife nudes

Attached: somebig11.jpg (1221x1280, 82K)

Can share a few gf s feet if interested.

Bbc size queen
Kik : tilda25cbr2

Attached: E34841D3-8759-4095-8257-E618EA7AA51E.jpg (720x960, 91K)

What’s your kik? Can’t scan

Send me your slut
White bull

Wickr: Knockerlicker

I am bored and lonely, surprise me


send some tight lil teens

Help me cum
Wickr damandan29

Attached: 82f3ccc1-ae9b-434d-bfbc-93f16ddb8a4b.png (960x719, 320K)

Attached: 45c160f6-ad97-4ae5-83c3-41d9fe94976f.png (720x960, 708K)

Attached: c07ef92f-4652-4e1c-b218-d651bbfb4f97.png (720x960, 461K)

Let’s trade pics of ours wives. Talk dirty about them. And share them.

Kik: JamesL295

Cucks send me your bitch.


Will send anything you want to anyone you want



No limits trading


bit of a bitch but she hot so good luck. total slut if you can get her to open up

Couple looking another couple for swap pics and sexting

Kik: jrk2700

>19 M
>Looking to see traps, trannies, pussy pretty much whatever, got a hard on and will send pics
>In the military if you care

19 M
Looking for traps, small girls, pretty much anything
Hard rn and up to show my cock
I'm in the military if that matters to you
Kik: Tommyloong

Kik: Dudecummer looking for a reason to cum

Attached: D29E5CCC-6530-4DAD-9658-9FA189055009.jpg (1080x1920, 337K)


Kik noggeregott will legit trade anything.
Bonus if you could trib my sis

Attached: 3afc1c55-6a15-4f15-842c-23776e7f0c87.png (640x960, 276K)


22 f

I'm honestly morbidly curious and not sure why I'm posting this.


send pics of unaware sleeping girls