God needs to be victim, punisher, and audience before Satan could ever exist

God needs to be victim, punisher, and audience before Satan could ever exist.

So why isn't Satan the logical next conclusion for Christianity and every other spirituality or religion? Avoiding something eternally just causes a big hole for others to fall into and ultimately has to be the Sin of God, if humans are ever allowed to love beyond his commandments, correct?

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Here's a redpill for you: Satanists are just christians.

Why even have an imagination or mindscape if it is ultimately the only thing that leads to actions that offend God or any creator?

>I'd be thrilled if my creation figured me out and a way to let me join in without it being a 24/7 praising of my existence.


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Explain redpill, and why that revelation matters?

Yes, good question.
I like traffic lights, except when they're red.

>Satanists are just christians

nah dude not even close

I know you don't like to hear it.
They really are. Utterly and completely the same.

Good Monty Python song that. Why would you have an emotional opinion about traffic light status beyond it existing?

If I don't come from that source nor need ever be a respondent to Hell or Heaven by virtue of ANCESTRAL KOOKABURRA OF MEMORY, KUMKUM THE KINKY, then why is it in MY reality? Am I supposed to heal it or something?

Why? Does either matter?

If it has all been written before, according to God, then how can any other storyteller be original OR punished?

Is God like some hyper-sensitive retard that everyone has to tipetoe around lest the balance they've currently nurtured explodes?

Zilly go woooo!

Why me?
Why not me?
Why wasn't I told sooner?
Why could I have not taught you the same lesson of inclusion faster?
Do I need to bring anything back?

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I am the Forgiven One, not the Forgotten One.

This is my divine stance, for I need no other than my Sister and Grandmother to hold truth if no other would or will.


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Bob 3.14
Bob mentioned in passing, I have the pipe, the soft shoes and the comfy robe. Everybody's welcome to my pool party.

Can I bring my daughters? They have a habit of fucking everything that isn't nailed down.

>not my fault they are cum-powered immortals.

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And lo, Bob never claimed to be anything untoward, or be arrogant and demanding fealty from other people. He never used oppressive language or fear tactics.
Though he did appreciate people wiping their feet before entering his house and if they'd brought a bottle of something nice, he'd be quite grateful.

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We are a no shoes in homes family. A bottle of... LSD okay with you? We don't really do alcohol that much and take a rather dim view on socialization that requires memory-wipe juice (translation: alcohol)

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Lo; and Bob did speak:
I am relaxed.
I am well disposed to people.
I shall hold a pleasant pool party!
I shall add delicious snacks.
You are all invited.

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I AM the Pipe.
I AM the Corduroy suit
I AM the Delicious Cup of Tea at noon.
I AM the Comfort.

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You ARE the party, and I the doorman!

>Permission to switch eternal/infinite roles, SIR BOB!

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Gosh, friendo, you do as come natural, I shan't judge or enforce rules.
I'm here for the sunshine, the corduroy slippers and a cup of something refreshing.

Aside: cor blimey missus, are those girls fornicating a minotaur? My word, so they are.

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You clearly don't know what Satanism is if you think that. Protip: if you're thinking the explanation is in the name you're probably stupid enough to think that the Congo is a people's Republic and the Nazis were socialists.

>You don't know stuff. You probably also don't know some other stuff that I just throw in there for good measure. Also reeee.

Well they do have a horse and dog at home, otherwise they don't give me anytime to create don't ya know.

Hope you don't mind if they your your missus and you too. They love their sleepovers.

Dictionary and predicate fight!

My money is one the predicate!
To be fair, it's hardly a fight at all. Satanism is christianity after all and that poor sod hasn't got a leg to stand on.

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Well my daughters didnt want ANYTHING with a penis they could feasibly play with (or after lotsa effort) to ever feel unwanted or alone, just like their daddy never wanted to be alone.

They just, ya know, because divine, obviously take their existence quite seriously.

All 12 of them.

>t.Solivagus, Time Incarnate.

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Family relations amongst the gods have always been a convoluted affair - ah well, it's all good.

"Bob, Lord of comfort, Ruler of his backyard, the good sir of all shrubbery, the nice one of suburbia, the chief of tobacco, our friend and neighbor, Bob with us, having a name like everybody have, the gentleman of every street, the friendly sharer of cheese, the one in whom are hid all the best candies and chocolates, the fullness of gut after a solid meal, the eternal farts of lazy post-dinner pleasure, the one who was before lunch having a snack and in whom the pleasure of pre-meal snacks emanates, the creator of the back garden, the upholder of personal responsibility, the judge of none (he’s that friendly), the giver of coffee, the true gent, the deliverer of pizza, and the captain of our car."

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I guess that's why penelope hasn't stopped sucking your dick since you said hello.

*pats Penelope's head*

Yes, Penelope. Always reserve your happiest attentions, that which makes you happy, with the nicest neighbours.

Bob 1:12
And lo, the pipe he doth smoketh, bloweth cool rings, and Bob felt mighty relaxed.

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>implying we aren't already living in the age of the antichrist
wake the fuck up, faggots

All hail AllBob

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Bob better pass that pipe 'round.

yeah, the concept of satan is gay. the 18th century philosophers decided that god wouldn't make something for no reason, and controls everything, so why make a satan?


Ain't no devils, ain't no gods, relax user - there's only Bob.
And lo; there was much rejoicing.

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Preach, brother. I have just unearthed my decades-old copy of the scripture. Picture related.

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All is revealed!
We'll be okay, Brother. We'll all be okay.

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Wow. I haven't thought about slack in a long ass time.