Men are afraid of independent, strong women. Sorry if this offends you but not sorry

Men are afraid of independent, strong women. Sorry if this offends you but not sorry.

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Why would men be afraid of strong independent women?

cuz it threatens the patriarchy and their control over women as nothing but objects

Why should that scare me?

No? I could not care

cuz it is in mens nature to be subordinate to women

Um no

It’s not Opposite Day LOL

Penis and timestamp

so you said it is then


uh, yes it is dear. Re-read Genesis since your toxic cis like to hold unto the bible almost more than your pathetic button-cocks.

Been hitting the old crack pipe this morning have you?

No sorry, I don't think that's scary. I mean, independent women are great because then you don't have to worry about their welfare. They take care of themselves. But I do not see why I should be scared. It seems to me it would be in my best interest to involve myself with independent women.

Ways you can help once involved:
1- Listen to her. I mean really listen.
2- Dont hound her just because she has a lot of guy friends and doesnt come home over 24hrs. You DONT own her.
3- Dont make her choose or else you might as well start packing.
4- Support her on EVERYTHING she does or wants to do. Stop being selfish and disgusting.

Doesn't sound like something I would be interested in. Seems to be set up for abuse. I'll stick with people who reason differently, thanks.

Like op said. youre scared lil bitch

Nah, that's a false dichotomy. I'm just not interested. Sort of how I'm not interested in bowling, but I'm not afraid of it.

dont see why this should scare me in any way. Let wamyn run the world

Bad bait is obvious bad bait. Move along.

im scared of women in general
they are by design to social for me. everything they do they have to do in a group or else.
not gonna open up to another one just so she can discuss me like a case with her clique

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Why tf are you people even answering to a clear low effort bait like this

Sage and gtfo

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>the mild bait that could be construed as a real opinion

>the hypercuck bait that makes every last shred of hope for an actual thread impossible

kids learn from this. if you wanna bait you gottta take it down a notch. Be believable but still dense

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Women are objects


You're not wired to have a physical and emotional relationship with a bowlingball. So you can be neutral to them. But you are wired to have physical and emotional relationships with women, so their behavior is something that triggers a response in you, whether you like it or not. Denying that is a sign of fear.

The real problem is once a woman is strong and independent her ego becomes so inflated that she acts like a self entitled twat. Like wow congratulations your doing what men have been doing for years (slow claps)

lol you're so fucking sexist

Tits or gtfo

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also, kids learn from this. After awhile, its all bait and youre a stupid faggot for trying.

Thanks for sharing. Will keep in mind.

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>Everything Im afraid of is bait

It's not on the same level as what men have always done. The patriarchy is men trying to control their environment by turning everything into property. Independent women don't have a matriarchy that tries to do something similar. All they do is deny the old patriarchy.

The strong independent women I know have either cheated on someone, divorced someone for no fucking reason, or accused someone of rape because they wanted out of the relationship

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Stop victim blaming. Try letting us in on what the men involved did or how their behavior resulted in her actions.

If only if only the woodpecker cried

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I'd be down for this provided the woman did the same exact fucking things without exception.

That said, I can't fucking stand dogs & my current ex has one (that annoys the everlovin' fuck out of me). Early in our relationship, I ended up moving in with her because reasons. Not much later, after an incident I had w/ the dog where we tried to compromise so as to achieve some semblance of harmony, she made a statement that eventually came back to haunt her.

"The dog was here first & she is family. If it comes down to you or the dog, it was nice knowin' ya.

Now that I'm making a decent living, I'm saving up. Few months ago, with what she said in 2015 in mind, I told her "we can go apt-hunting & all that and it's gonna be great. But the thing is, you know how I feel about the dog. And I'm sorry, but any place I live in that has my name on the lease, money from the labor I perform is used to pay said lease and my household goods furnish said place, that place will be a canine-free environment. So you & your kid are welcome, but the dog is not. Sorry. Can we brainstorm some friends who might be willing to take her in?"

This was met by her throwing a box of Kleenex at me followed by a shriek of "GET THE FUCK OUT! NOW!" And of course, her narrative is that I broke up with her over the dog, emphasizing how stupid such a thing is.

Problem is, she has never (until recently) appreciated just how much anxiety that fucking dog causes me (to be fair, it's 20% caused by the dog & 80% caused by how the two of them coddle the dog). Now she understands, and I haven't been asked to take the dog out to shit in months (still saving for new place).

But tfw I recall to her how the conversation actually went, that it was all prefaced by "we'll be together, I just will not live with the dog anymore" and her reaction to that is what caused our breakup, hence SHE broke up with ME over the dog.


Men are not afraid of strong independent women, lol. You’re deluding yourself if you truly believe that? Ever heard of a man complaining to his friends that his gf/wife is too clingy, he needs more alone time, space, etc? Men want women to be independent and strong. It just so happens that when women are first introduced to this exciting, “liberating” idea of feminism (notably 3rd wave, modern-day feminism) they turn into total self-absorbed dickheads that no man wants to put up with. That’s all it is. Women delude themselves by getting power-drunk on feminism and then try to find every excuse they can as to why men are shit, all the while completely ignoring their own toxic behaviors. It’s okay though, more and more women are realizing that feminism is a bullshit philosophy and they’re starting to abandon it. Because they know that most people who call themselves “feminists” are just pretty garbage human beings. Sorry, if that offends you.

If your girl has tons of guy friends and doesnt come home for a whole day plz plz plz anons run so fast

>I hide my fear behind a lot of words

And you seem to be at a loss for them. Great response.

More like can't be bothered being stressed by retarded women in addition to all the other stresses bestowed upon me.

Women belong on a leash.

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Imagine being so insecure that you feel the need to respond to your own post like that.

Not afraid, not offended. Kindly fuck off.

>2- Dont hound her just because she has a lot of guy friends and doesnt come home over 24hrs. You DONT own her.

Nigger if my boyfriend OR girlfriend tried this shit that would be the end of that relationship. Nice bait, faggot.

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found the degenerate

You would be offend because you are afraid.

Why would you label all women as objects seems a little cruel

>It's her fault, dr. Phil

It doesn't offend me. You guys work now. I'll stay home and clean and raise the kids. Have a good day at work honey!
You'll get that raise today, I just know it! Work hard, remember, you have several little mouths depending on you to survive!

Only men can be feminists.
Women are just egoists.

>you have several little mouths depending on you to survive!
yes, yours is one, now get on your knees and put it to work

stop using faggot language thanks