Late Night Asian thread

Late Night Asian thread

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looks stanky

>Hello i'ma trumpman firgin.

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looks stanky so im a trumper? the absolute state of this shit hole...

Imagine being this much of a virgin

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Wow what a sight.

Any more?

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Would cum

Is that like when English call Pakis Asians?

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Nikita dragun, half asian half latina retard

So she's not an Albanian.

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I imagine asians to smell of fish for some reason

Not at all, they don't smell like anything, no BO.

except koreans smell like moth balls because they eat a lot of kimchi, and phillipinos smell like indians, and chinese smell like hamsters, the list goes on they do smell just like everyone else does sorry if your nose is broken

Hmm, well I can smell girls just fine but no Asian I've been with smelled like anything. Others however...

probably time to start leaving the house occasionally bro

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Is that isis? Got any more rare pics not from
Her insta?

If you dislike asians so much and are so critical of them, why the fuck do you get on the thread. Leave nigger

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Traditionally, a lot of Asians used naphthalene because of high humidity. Thus the mothball smell.

inb4 you double down and prove you are

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Briefly worth acknowledging the hotness of the hot chick in Iron Fist

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she was in GOT too

I don't even know who actually even has a shower curtain anymore. And the bathtub grout needs some serious mold attention.

Cum on her face. Come onher face. Cum on her face!

love it, more of her?

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i just they stink like the rest of us dumb fuck


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got more?

total melbourne slut

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Whoa, that little gril in the back, WTF

Oh, wow, YOUR school also has a Butt Inspector !

But didn't he warn you to never tell anyone ?

Is this Julia uncensored?