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all your money that you don't have. When is rent due again?

Even if Bernie shot a person in broad daylight, I'd still vote for him.

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What money?

someone hire an assassin to come kill me

I made $2 million a year and in 3,000 years i'm going to have as much money as Bloomberg so FUCK OFF BERNIE

i made is mistake in my math, its going to take 30,000 years before i am worth as much as bloomberg

im depressed now, there's no way im going to live more than 5000 years

Weak bait is weak. Kys.

Let me tell you a little secret: Your post is a retarded lie and low-tier propaganda, but even if he WAS going to do that, we'd vote for him anyway. The goal is singular and imperative: END THE ENEMY Trump. We are ERASING this false administration of criminals, grifters and retards at ALL COSTS.

I don't care if the DNC runs a potted plant. We will vote for that potted plant even if we have to drag our dick through two miles of glass to do it.


This is what red state retards actually believe

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ok kid youve had your tendies now its off to bed young man

The neonazi Trumpanzees are the tendie-eaters, retard. You're mixing your meme themes.

I'm 33. How about you, faggot?

im 69 son

beats the alternative

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found a nigger

nope your just projecting

now who's being the child? What a loser you are. Are you sad we're ending Trump and throwing him in prison without your "civil war" ever having happened? Poor baby.

keep seething about the right bitch boy

try harder Ivan

Which one are you

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drink the blood of virgins and you'll live to be 30000, I'll guarantee it!

im the negro fukkin your mom

You have zero self respect.

i do and i like to have fun

I don't make enough money for bernie to take
he's going to take a fuckton of a lot of money from rich folk tho
and I'm glad he wants to give it to black people, they deserve a break, it's been a rough 500 years or so for them

SEEEEEEETH SETTTTTTHE SEEEEEEEEEEEEETHE how do you monkeys make up the new words and why do they keep appearing one after the other and gain popularity among your shit for brain youth?

Ugh, you one them nasty graverobbin niggers.

hey man bones need love too


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Currently your President is giving all your money to billionaires. At least if he gives all the money to niggers it will drop the crime rates by a huge margain. Also, if billionaires have less money to hoar it means the money in your pocket will be worth more. So even though your argument is fucking retarded and racist, it would still improve your country. Thats how fucked up America is right now.

All this stuff seems pretty good op. I'm surprised how ethical and honest the old guy bernie has been. Listened to him on jre and he was dropping bombs. He's a leader and a badass.

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>trump is a facist and gives all your money to russia/ israel

user, They tu try this in France...
Taxes never reach the amont needed to do all the social.

giving free shit to niggers wont do to a thing to decrease their crime it might increase since the niggers have stuff to steal from each other

>give money to niggers
>end crime rate

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>Bernie Sanders is a fake Socialist who has learned that attacking the wealthy with elementary rhetoric and promising free stuff willy-nilly can get you power.

fixd. yw.

I can't even imagine! He is going to tax income over 10,000,000.00! Clutch my pearls, how will I survive? He wants people to have basic healthcare, good schools, roads, net neutrality and he like "renewable energy"! I want my tax dollars to go to trump golf motels, corporations and foreign aid for Saudi Arabia.

KKK has no business posting here. Have some dignity and GTFO.

Of course it will faggot. I really don't understand why hillbillys like yourself are so supportive of giving tax breaks to people who already have too much money.

Making promises you can't keep vs having an agenda.

Are you familiar with words?

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Looks like a white guy
I'm more pale
Liberals really do hate whites
Liberals really are run by satanic Jews
This settled it for me

didnt trump do huge tax break in 2018. sounds like trump gives money back..

Imagine historical tax rates from when the country was great!

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Mexico IS the wall now. I say thats more than promised there.

So you will vote for an enemy of the United States just to get rid of the most successful America first President in the last 40 years? You are right he is your enemy, because you are an enemy of America.

He is doing great for having no plan.

niggers killed jebus

And when he runs out of "rich" people to steal from, and comes for your little bit you spent years accumulating?

Exactly. Which is why illegal immigration to the US has increased under Trump.

I think you might be a little out of touch, a vast majority of americans 5 figures saved up, much less enough to be worth "coming for"

aw man i bet the kkk would have a ball of a time hanging out with me
but niggers nig from other niggers. also taxation is theft

yeah, I'm really tired of being really prosperous

a vast majority of americans don't even have* 5 figures saved up, mb

>the most successful America first President in the last 40 years?

How? You have stats for that?

Democratic socialism is not the Krampus dragging people off to a cave. It is reasonable policy to eliminate exploitation. Framing it any other way is dramatic and harmful to your own discourse. It makes you sound unrealistic and crazy.

Right now this is what you have:

What's the trump solution to stop this? Or is the republican position that it's good? Because Sanders has a well proven and effective plan to deal with these kinds of issues and you sound like you're saying the sky is going to fall when it's already fallen.

But that is how socialism works, they must constantly look for more people to rob so that they can keep the "free" stuff flowing.

great. post more about how cool you are, reproachable disgrace.

I have 7 just in my retirement accounts, I have equity in 2 houses.

ok? but that's not Bernie's platform so you want him to defend things that he himself doesn't believe in?

>taxation is theft
It's funny how the people that spout that shit are usually unemplyed. Taxation is necessary for a society, but the problem is that people aren't paying their fair share so the burden gets passed down to the people who cannot afford it. If taxes in America were currently done the same way they were done in the 50s then there would be more than enough money for free education and healthcare for everyone twice over.

>time to talk about me!
every time

Any kind of socialism is just a step on the road to communism or collapse. Learn to history.

>time to talk about me!
every time

He ain't the only one.

lol you're a dramatic faggot. answer the question or fuck off with your made up 'truisms'

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congrats on being a part of the 1%, you'd probably pay a little more in taxes under bernie's tax plan, like 5-7% more than what you currently pay, assuming you aren't taking advantage of all the loopholes and shit.

keep sucking on the tit of the government shit wont get better

That is exactly what he believes in. I love how by adding Democratic to socialist has blinded all you morons to what his agenda is.

>every one of us lives in a body that will fail
>but we need to spend trillions of dollars playing god and injecting faggots with preservatives instead of promoting eugenics

It's all so tiresome.

You sure?

Just sayin...

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Why does he need a plan to stop people from keeping their own money?

Anyone who has to inform the audience that he is king isn't truly king

But the bread lines! They'll be beautiful!

I'm pretty sure you have no concept of how much money a billion dollars actually is.
nobody needs a billion dollars.
everybody who has a billion dollars got it by exploiting the less fortunate
bernie (and the greater progressive movement in general) isn't trying to create a hard cap on wealth, he's just trying to bring the country's economy back to the golden era between WW2 and Reagan when the rich got taxed like hell and the middle class thrived.

It’s there time to have a piece of the pie

its not exploiting when you get payed

it's exploiting when a person can work full time and still not afford to exist

thats when you get a better job

You can say you think it's good that people suffer under for profit healthcare.

You're not a human and deserve no benefit from others' efforts to improve living conditions.

To the woods with you.

That's what he wants to do. Take someone else's money and give to ppl who dont deserve it

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But the middle class wasn't thriving when Regan took office. There were no jobs and the communist in the unions were just killing more jobs. If you penalize the job producers, nobody thrives. I would rather they keep their money and I be able to have a job and keep mine.

jobs are finite and people have been conditioned that hating their job is normal and that they should just suck it up and try harder, not to mention a vast majority of the jobs that actually pay a living wage require skills that cost money to be learned, which creates a bit of a vicious cycle

If we'd been promoting healthy lifestyles and singular sexual partners and spiritual wellness, all of which is fucking free to do, as opposed to liposuction and sex reassignment and welfare, there would've been a lot more money to help people, like kids who got hit by cars.

Instead, that "kid who got hit by a car" money was used up by Nigqueesha after she ate too many hot wings and had to get a triple bypass on government money.

When employees of the largest company in the country are all on welfare you start to wonder at what point should they either pay a decent wage or pay taxes to cover the costs of their exploitation. There are plenty of non exploitative companies they're fine. They pay wages and won't be affected because they have sensible receipts AND ALREADY PAY FAIR WAGES

So you think nobody should pay taxes? How do roads get built/upkeep. What about parks, police, army, government officials? What is your proposal for that? Fucking edgelord loser has probably never even payed a fucking cent of tax in your life because you are unemployable.

except the job producers are the middle class
if nobody can afford to buy shit, that means there's no demand
no demand, no sales
no sales, no income
no income, no jobs

Then you need a different job. Maybe try building your skills.

>Mexico literally is the wall. Mexico is stopping the illegal immigrants.
>Immigration down
>Economy booming
>More minorities working
>Avoiding wars
>Exposed the fake news
>Destroyed the MSM
>Causing the DNC to self destruct
Haha 4 more years of TDS for all you leftist faggots.

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Little timmy has a terminal disease for which there is a cure unfortunately Timmy's mother doesn't have health insurance to cover the 1mil so timmy mom gose to the socialized Medicare office. the the man in the office says sorry Timmy's life isnt worth 1mil dollars.

Long story short just because going to the doctor is """free""" to you dosnt me it isnt costing some one else. So how about trying to control individuals you call for the government to call for standardized prices of medical treatment?

this isn't just about me, it's about the entire american working class
"get a different job" is significantly easier said than done, especially if you start talking about the type of jobs that actually pay a living wage

its called private entities fuck wit cause the government cant do shit right anyway

If the company owners can't make a profit, they close the business, so no jobs and no consumers.

Promoting healthy lifestyles is not free. Kaiser spends 15 billion per year on preventative care. You have a juvenile understanding of health care systems and you should either take measures to educate yourself or never have an opinion about them again.

>avoiding wars
Says the retard that was too stupid to start a war with Iran despite trying multiple times

exactly, and it's impossible to make a profit if none of the people who would normally buy your shit can afford to buy your shit

Illegal immigration is vastly increased under Trump. Also he employs illegals. Don't want illegals, go after employers.

trickle down ecomonics does not work
Fuck off back to the 80s

why are you quoting me, agreeing with me, and then telling me to fuck off

trying to read that hot pile of shit, and all the grammatical issues with it, makes me realize we might need better socialized education before anything else

This is not what happens and the latter thing is part of Sander's platform. Listen to him on jre. You already agree with him but your brain is poisoned by the retard bubble.

lol, okay bud
commercials are as expensive as the nation's welfare system
wow holy shit

all i got to say is millionaire. who uses first class and private jets.

Wrong. If there is demand it will be met by anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit. If you have to close then you're not managing your supply chain right and probably taking too much off the top.

I have worked everything from food service to construction and warehouse. I have never had a problem living on what I made. But I also don't have to have a fancy car, the latest video game or designer clothes. If you have a full time job and can't make ends meet, you need to look at your priorities.

I feel like THAT is low tier bait. I support Bernie and that makes me cringe. The goal is not to end trump, trump was a joke that got out of hand because people were pissed off at both parties deliberate incompetence.....we want to end both parties as they are, not trump.

how old are you

You also can't make a profit if taxes are so high that you can't afford to sell the products for enough to cover the cost.

Difference between a millionaire and a billionaire? About a billion dollars. Do you think we should tax people with a million in total assets at high rates? That's not a problematic amount of wealth in 2020. 10,000 times that though and weeeeeeeelll. You're into exploitative behavior by corporations and that's what the discussion is about.

How about you educate on the type of things taxes pay for. Just look it up. Then imagine having to pay for every single one of those things if private entities took them over. Just imagine having to pay $30 just to use the roads to drive to the store to buy tendies and mountain dew. Or getting a call from the fire dept saying that someone offered them more money to put out THEIR fire first so you'll just have to wait. Sounds like a fucking utopia mate.

I don't know where you get your information, but it is patently wrong. There has been an 80% decrease in illegal immigration under Trump. That is the excuse they are using for why we don't need the wall.

There are plenty of people living in areas who have full-time work who don't buy ridiculous unnecessary shit that live on the border of poverty trying to pay for rent/children/bills/food etc.

Your experience is not universal because you've worked a few different jobs and your situation worked out OK. The reason Bernie parrots the same statistics like a retarded broken record is because they're statistics, and you can't argue with that.

Your wrong.

If Trump gets president hes going to give all your money to big corporations and himself.

I mean that's objectively true, but taxes in the US have never been "so high" that corporations couldn't "afford" to sell the products for enough to cover the cost...and the highest tax rate has been as high as 93%.
so obviously you can't just be like "fuck you, giv e me 80% of every dollar you make", but you can absolutely tax that much on dollars over a certain, reasonable amount, like say $10 million or so

my side

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Actually there's been a 180% increase in illegal immigration under Trump.

At least you idiots aren't hiding the fact that these programs are a fairy tale. That chart is fucking hilarious

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If you raise taxes, that is just passed on to the consumer until the price is too high and nobody buys the product. If you think you are going to cut the "rich" people's profits with taxes, you are delusional.

imagine only one entity per service lol there just couldnt be any competition for my money also how would paying just to use a road work do i put the money in a coin machine and itll allow me to drive on it no one could regulate that you my friend are a fuck head

The illusion of a jawline is identical to a jawline says the trumper from the land of the illusion of success.

This is what Bernie has: |
This is what a billionaire has: ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
Kinda retarded to compare them kek


So many triggered cucks about to lose their precious Donald

This is not how it works. It's how you believe it works, but it's not how it works. What is inelasticity of demand?

You are literally cutting rich people's profit with wealth tax and income taxes. That is what they do. Look at functioning economies like Euro countries and see the wealth inequality is far better along with outcomes, happiness, life expectancy, education, quality of care, infrastructure, literally everything except military bloat.

I have a thousand dollar rusty Kia I sleep in. I am basically a millionaire.

Ok now do Bernie and bloomberg lol. Then do Bernie and bezos.

As soon as everyone found out that Sanders was a millionaire, all of a sudden millionaires were ok. It was billionaires that are the problem. fucking kek

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okay and when was the last time you worked a job that paid within 50% or so of the minimum wage at the time?

Bernie l

Bloomberg ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
that for more than 30 posts

The minimum wage was the same then as it is now lul

Your parody has failed in being too aligned with the serious opinions of the people you're trying to mock.

I too am saddened by this.

okay but when
this shit has changed in the last 20 years dawg

That is why all the businessmen move to the US. So they don't pay those high taxes. And if you look a European economies, they are on the brink of failure. That is why you have riots in France and elsewhere, because they are either having to raise everybody's taxes or cut back on the "free" shit.

Do you think Bernie Sanders has a problem with paying the taxes he's proposing? Definitely not. Seems like a hero if he's willing to hit himself in the pocket for the greater good.

Just noble ethical Bernie being cool and good again

>This is what Bernie has: |
>Bernie l
I don't understand. I thought no one should have "|"? Why doesn't he donate his fair share to the IRS?

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What money ?

lol no

did he really say that?

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He's trying to enact legislation that will do exactly that. If you want that you should vote for him because that's the only way it will happen. :)

How many people in the last four years have became billionaires and how many have became millionaires? How many cannot even reach a 10.000$ net worth because of social and economical disadvantage? How many are literally unable to ascend socially because they are doomed by the background they are born in?
That was a 1:1000 comparison. Bloomberg wouldn't even fit in a Cred Forums reply since the maximum of characters available is 2000 lmao

15 years or so. Because I worked my way up, instead of settling for the minimum.

Nice one Ivan

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please tell me what government is paying for this lmao. americans cant even get their own insurance that they are paying to cover their shitty medical care let alone the government

I know nobody would regulate it you fucking mongoloid. That is why no private entity would ever take over such a thankless and non-profit job as road maintenance. That is why you need taxes. FOr all the bullshit that needs to be done that can't be monetised. Please just stop posting mate, you are making yourself sound very very silly.

>Seems like a hero if he's willing to hit himself in the pocket
Do you seriously believe this? Do you seriously believe he has a snowball's chance in hell that every rich liberal Hollywood elitist will suddenly start hating their money?

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Lol no. You only know about businessmen in the US because you live there. Can you name a French billionaire? No? Do you think it's because there aren't any?

I'm pretty sure he quote-donates-unquote more than us

Fucking woke ass king

funny how he keeps winning the popular vote. doesn't seem to have much of an impact what the elite think anymore

>If you want that you should vote for him because that's the only way it will happen
So what you're saying is that people should pay "their fair share" only if he wins? That's not only extortion, it shows just how fucking retarded his ideas are.

I really wish I had the patience to learn more about how you did it, what advantages you had, etc, but I need to wake up in

Yes. If you're a multi-millionaire, he's going to take a large amount of your money. I barely make enough to get by and I lose 20% of it to taxes and what not. Fuck rich people.

>popular vote
Are you really so young that you don't understand how crooked politics are? Are you too young to remember 4 years ago?

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>rich liberal Hollywood elitist
Truly the only people who matter lol

Just remember, folks; all these "democrats" promising you free shit, by taxing "rich" folks, are themselves part of the Super-Rich that they are threatening to tax. Do you seriously believe they plan on taxing themselves?

and the government will contract a shitty company to mantain the road and it will take years to even repave a single street because the company they contract to will dilly dally all fucking month before doing shit

>For every person who makes it big, there are tens, if not hundreds of millions more, who work just as hard, if not harder, and never do.
Are you saying the "american dream" is bullshit fed by the US in order to make their people love capitalism and make them uneducated apes who thinks communism and socialism is the same? You can't do this!

Danny DeVito is supporting Bernie, let's see how many others join in lmao

>Truly the only people who matter
You think 2 or 3 million of you have the same political voice as 20 or 30 famous multimillionaires? You're not from around here are you?


>Danny DeVito
Fucking kek.


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Uhhhh I'm saying it should be a law. If you think people should pay more taxes than they're legally required to, that's an interesting point of view I guess?

We each have two sandwiches. I think we should each put one away for later. I say let's both put one away for later. You say no you just put one away, I'll eat both of mine now and half of yours later.

That policy is good for you but bad for me.

Now instead we each put a sandwich away for later. We both eat now, and tomorrow, and I'm not exhausted from eating only half a sandwich so you don't complain about doing all the work.

Do you remember 2016? It was literally showed to us that no one cares about the political views of hollywood people, retard lol.
You either are a minor or you are a retard with no memory

Pinault and Arnault are the two most famous. And neither of them have their business in France, so they don't pay most of those taxes. The same thing happened in Greece and Spain. That is why they had to be bailed out and implement austerity programs to cut back social services.

dude they're still sticking to pete winning iowa, they don't give a fuck what you say or how high you can count
no refunds

lol you don't know what empathy even means let alone having ever been on the same room with it

you're an animal and should be thrown to the dogs

Hey, so I don't follow politics but like if bernie is gonna give us all good jobs for a fair wage then uh who's gonna do the bad jobs?


immigrants, because whites are too good for them
except whites are the worst
except we need them to pay taxes
but not too much because then they'll get mad about lack of representation

KKK posting time!

I'll put it to you another way:

Bernie Sanders: "No one should have that much wealth. People in the 1% should pay their fair share."

>Bernie Sanders wealth puts him squarely in the 1%

Why doesn't he pay his fair share now regardless of whether he wins or loses? No one should have that much wealth, right? If he doesn't become president, do you think he will then pay his "fair share?" Why not?

Reality. Sorry

The bad jobs will also pay a fair wage so probably the same people who do them now?

Okay. Now if the bad jobs and the good jobs pay the same Uhhh why would anyone wanna do the bad jobs.

He will pay his fair share. He desperately wants to. If you want Bernie Sanders to pay the taxes he's proposing the only thing you can do is vote for him and support his policy.

They won't pay the same, but assuming they do, because the demand exists for taco bell clerks in buttfuck, tennessee but the demand does not exist for sky scraper architects. You can't really be that dumb.

>He will pay his fair share. He desperately wants to
There is literally nothing stopping him from doing so right now and leading by example.
>If you want Bernie Sanders to pay the taxes he's proposing the only thing you can do is vote for him and support his policy
No need to. He can donate what he deems is his "fair share" to the IRS at this very moment but he won't, do you want to know why?

Attached: 1581616532073.jpg (960x640, 115K)

Everyone remember when Bernie said "Everyone will get to be ice cream tasters!" Nah me neither.

Those are the houses you guys are losing your shit over? That's what a millionaire looks like in the US? You guys are fucked. XD

Ok now you lead by example and stop paying taxes/collecting those sweet disability checks, k?

This cool guy took an entry-level course in sociology!

You Professor was wrong kid.

Attached: 1308960292007.jpg (525x649, 68K)

If you want Sanders to pay the taxes he's proposing, there's only one way to make it happen and that's to support higher progressive taxation. You can tell trump to do it if you want. It's not really about Sanders.

>That's what a millionaire looks like in the US?

Attached: 48954653.jpg (700x421, 77K)

and that's a good thing. didn't jesus say to give all your money to minorities and the gay? why Christians don't respect their own beliefs?

Attached: CdfI3mbUEAA6MBE.jpg (600x338, 36K)

>If you want Sanders to pay the taxes he's proposing, there's only one way to make it happen
Jesus fucking Christ. Are you seriously this fucking stupid? There isn't only one fucking way you dumb shit, he can pay right now. Learn to comprehend not just read.

Attached: 1276366424939.jpg (350x401, 33K)

Considering the opposition this is actually not that bad

Great comeback because you have no way to refute what I said. But whatever

Attached: 465413.jpg (750x668, 44K)

Hi, Bernie Bro since 2016, lurker here on the website since maybe 2013. The reality is Bernie has the grassroots support no one else in the dem party does. Everyone knows establishment dems will turn out BC TrUmP bAd but Bernie is smart enough to mobilize the disenfranchised minorities and push youth vote in a way that could turn the presidential campagn on its head. Im not being an asshole or trolling i genuinely think you guys are underestimating Sanders capabilities much like the DNC did to Trump in 2016

He controlled both the house, the Senate, and the supreme court. What opposition lol

Wtf is that photo

Attached: 20200224_084824.jpg (1080x940, 165K)

I don't underestimate the stupidity of the USA population, you however give Bernie too much credit. He's just a basic jew.

Stop taking advantage of things paid for by taxes and show us all how it's done. Quit being such a hypocrite. Build your own roads. You can do this right now there is nothing stopping you.

Attached: 15-times-we-made-this-harder-than-it-should-have--2-31034-1414185357-6_dblbig.jpg (625x415, 51K)

Do you not understand how US government works? He had Republican opposition retard.

KKK/Wahhabist fuck off


When? When he gave billionaires a trillion dollars tax break or was it something else?

This again fails to answer my question of why Bernie won't pay his fair share right now. Nice deflection though

Attached: 4185498.jpg (960x949, 61K)

Yeah it's a dumb argument huh lol


why won't you build your own roads right now? the answer is the same. because that is retarded and not how things work.

Look man im not going to argue with you about your diluted view about race superiority. I think that Sanders speaks to the genuine concerns of a lot of different people who fear for their ability to achieve at a rate similar to previous generations. Its ridiculous to deny that college is much more expensive today than it was back in the sixties and seventies compared to the average salary of teenagers going into college. Or that healthcare is ridiculously expensive in america compared to other industrialized nations. I understand the appeal of trump because people wanted an outsider but Donny isnt an outsider by choice its because he was too stupid to ever be invited into washington willingly

I find it funny how the Bernie hate dies down after 6pm MSK

So we're gonna improve the economy by reducing the ability of the wealthiest upper strata to stockpile wealth and freeze their assets thereby keeping more of our wealth in active use instead of letting it die in the pockets of a few roch families?


Yes that would do it.

don't let them call you a faggot or shake you friend

you are good

Yeah keep going with that narrative faggot. You must be poor as fuck because I'm far from a millionaire and I paid the least amount of taxes in 10 years of working.

Doesn't negate the fact that I'm right about the opposition. Stay mad inside your bubble kid.

Thinking building roads equates to donating money. You people are more retarded than I could have ever imagined.

>Why won't Bernie pay his fair share right now?

Attached: z1iss.jpg (666x500, 93K)

faggot that touches himself constantly detected

I could say the same thing about Bernie Sanders plan. But I'm not going to bother because you're a limited understanding of economics would just make my explanation in vain.


>cannot answer simple question
you're showing signs of SDS

explain to me how an economy in which the top one percent of individuals receive 55% of all new wealth generated works for the average person? stock market is up? great! You know how many americans actually own a significant portion of stock? Ten percent own the equivalent of over 900,000 dollars worth and only 1/2 of all retirement age americans own over 100,000 dollars worth. this just proves the distribution of wealth doesnt help create a sustainable middle class. the rich continue to get richer and the poor continue to suffer more in america and the people are sick of it.

Imagine worrying about what other people make and not using that energy to better yourself. Stop coveting what others have and go out and fucking get it yourself.

Attached: 1445591674452.jpg (476x414, 24K)

its awesome that you think the sugar rush of tax breaks for the richest among us is a good thing, but it doesnt translate into actual benefits for the vast majority of us. Its been shown that with all of the tax breaks that Trump has instituted the Median salary in America has continued to stagnate over the last two years since its been instituted. Shit mate the average salary when adjusted for inflation hasnt moved since FUCKING REAGAN. Sanders could be a modern day FDR and its time to respect that your ideology didnt work and were trying something proven to have pulled america out of the great depression. Social policies that benefit the masses and support the common mans ability to achieve and uplift those aorund him.

This is the same shit they said to justify slavery congratulations lol.

Stop worrying about what other people think and log off, ideological hypocrite.

Imagine being a shill for billionaires.

this is the exact type of one second response i expect from a trump supporter, completely ignore all facts stated and shout and whine from the yacht about unfairness while the rest of us have to declare bankruptcy from pneumonia





Attached: 145482321541.jpg (635x414, 15K)

Look at this fucking uncomfortable truth fam. ACTUAL purchasing power is fully stagnant.

Attached: 05leonhardt-graphic-1533322880011-videoSixteenByNineJumbo1600.png (1022x576, 59K)

>when ur btfo
>caps lock
>repeat char
every time

>while the rest of us have to declare bankruptcy
Why? Because Elon Musk made another billion dollars? What an asshole for fucking you over like that. I'm going to pull my yacht up next to his and tell him off for you.

lol please ignore me fucking you in the ass you worry about you why are you worrying about other people's dicks, faggot

Attached: 528960.jpg (900x738, 127K)

This is actually really reassuring to hear this kind of cognitive thinking coming from this website of all places. I really think we can change the political system for the better so we all have a better shot of achieving more.

now thats just lazy

It's not wrong. The crying is palpable

when youre so insecure you send pictures from the premium snapchats you pay for anonymously to prove to some random on the internet youve seen a naked woman before. Jesus christ can people on this site get anymore pathetic?

Totally. The old ones here are smart and willing to hammer policy all day every day. Solidarity fam. Hypocrisy is a dead scene and ethics are the opposite of cringe aka they litty.

Socialism will destroy America, I live in Canada and make 34$ an hour, me and my co workers are barely getting by. We work our asses off in a sawmill while our government tries to destroy our industry and turn us into welfare recipients.
Living in this country is a fucking nightmare and the harder you work the worse it gets.
I have to pay 200$+ a month for car insurance to the government for a truck that's worth 5000$ to the government because we aren't even allowed to have private auto insurance here.
I had 3 beers after hockey and drove home, completely fine , I got pulled over and blew 0.06 blood alcohol level and now my license is suspended for 3 months and I have to pay over 3000$ to get my license back. The system is gamed here to make as many people reliant on the government as possible with the endgame being a country full of mindless consumers who cant do anything without the help of their government, its absolutely disgusting and I cant wait to escape.

These pics are for Bernie supporters only. Please ignore them.

Attached: 37d4afe8cb56cb467d5e966a5d02a90e.jpg (1080x1349, 213K)

>I break laws and drive drunk and lie

yeah you should be in prison be happy you have your freedom

Why would anyone want to try so hard to be a skyscraper fixer if they could just work at mcdonalds and live a solid life

funny because your gopnik is showing

Again do not look at these pics of 100% Bernie girls unless you plan to vote for him in the primary or general.

Attached: 157759500998509.jpg (1125x1453, 459K)

33% tax rate, I literally pay over 1200$ in tax alone, then 15% tax on everything I buy with money that was already taxed. 48% fucking tax just fuck my shit up fam

Please pretend you didn't see this unless you like Bernie a lot ok?

Attached: 7f044ac9990fe52ec9cfe0055fcde38aa1a17f93c27eedaf2c60bc6dae27d2ea.jpg (1080x1080, 104K)

i dont care who these women who get paid money to have their photos taken support? or what kind of weird conspiracy youre suggesting. Sanders already has my vote, i early voted last week, and ill vote for him again in november

You are terminally lazy and depressed if you can't answer this question.

Do people confuse minimum wage with maximum wage?

thank you jesus

Oh then obviously they're for you. :L

Attached: AF9D006CFA6C41DBB971CDDE31536127.jpg (1620x2160, 490K)

bless you, strange man thats posting hot bernie babes

the limit is 0.08 for blood alcohol level , 0.06 is not even close to drunk. They are probably going to force me to pay thousands more to a have a fucking blowbox installed in my car. I will literally have to blow into this fucking device that will measure my blood alcohol level just to start my car like I am some kind of alcoholic. Im literally living in some kind of authoritarian dystopian nightmare and it sucks balls.

Maybe something juicier for us high test berners.

Attached: IMG_20190807_020138.png (530x818, 559K)

>Why would anyone want to try so hard to be a skyscraper fixer if they could just work at mcdonalds and live a solid life
Because when they do, they cry that they can't buy 'better' shit than what they can safely afford which leads them to candidates like Bernie Sanders and his asinine ideology.

Oh, I know! Because people like to work super hard for no extra reward?

Using an ad hominem to make your point, then being pro-violence. Jews really are disgusting.

Maybe don't drink and drive. Just a thought. Kill yourself instead before you hurt innocent people. You're learning he wrong lesson here autismo. Also stop posting your life story nobody cares.


That's probably a veteran who Obama forgot about.

You're lazy and depressed.

KKK/Sharia gtfo

Namaste. An alt bern ative girl for u.

Attached: 1571089100483.jpg (4000x2667, 1.04M)

I mean, not having the same goals out of life that you do doesnt make someone depressed or lazy, but you'll say that because its supposed to hurt my fee fees. The goal is a living wage. Some people don't want more then to just live out their days with their significant other. I hope you're okay for what it's worth.

lol this anons taste is girls is *chef kissing fingers*

here's one for you be being so based

Attached: f89907c1.jpg (1366x2048, 388K)

source for all these girls?

I thought that was Ethan Kline at first.

spoken like someone with 0 life experience

im not " posting my life story " Im providing you examples as to why socialism and that old faggot you are going to fail to elect are garbage.
You've probably never had a real job in your life and you're calling me autismo? Laughable

he's too busy stumbling through a boring monotone podcast

Exactly. That's why as a republican I fully support privatizing the military. There's no reason Erik Prince couldn't just run the entire us military, intelligence services , and policing for pennies on the dollar. His businesses like blackwater or academi were tremendous successes, so why should my tax dollars keep going to the largest socialist organization on the planet?

Also why am I being forced to pay or subsidize for your policemen, firemen, sewage & water, power production & utility upkeep? Why don't you all just buy your own roads and stop sucking from the government teat?

I myself live in a mud and stick hut that I built and paid for myself and have zero need for any human interaction for any reason whatsoever.

Attached: drømp.jpg (800x536, 324K)

And that owns. You can pick to be in a small community and can't get exploited by multinational corps extracting cash from your area. Living wage is good as fuck.

assume assume attack bc you dont like someones response, seems like the typical trump supporter to me

I've never been much of a drunk driver
Sort that out before you want to have an argument about ethics.

Attached: 4aap9dvhwym31.jpg (776x804, 101K)

Re read pls

It took til halfway through the second paragraph before I realized this was satire XD You're getting good user.

I wonder how much that Ukraine fuckup was worth it for Trump now that Biden is a nonrunner


Maybe if they had a better life they would stop robbing whities.

Im supposed to like a response where someone assumes that I have or am going to hurt people? Then tells me to kill myself? Give your head a shake bud you're making yourself look like an absolute clown

Also, to answer your question, yes some people confuse the two however that isn't me. C:

Yeah a living wage. It should be at the very minimum 15 dollars an hour right now and should at least keep some pace with the market.

Attached: gdp-per-capita-real-median-wage-and-corporate-tax-rate-1979q1-to-2017q2.png (584x425, 94K)

you guys are fucking hilarious man, how much of a nutless man child do you have to be to think thats some form of insult?

And zoomed out

Attached: Real-US-GDP-per-capita-1870-2006.png (703x476, 32K)

charity =/= taxes

Charity is what dumb people do to feel better about themselves. It is a fee that pay for unearned self esteem without making a real difference. You make a bigger difference from buying a cheeseburger for a homeless guy than all of you tax deductible contributions combined.

Taxes are what you do to make a real difference. Because taxes are regular and reliable and since the cost is spread among more people, you have a larger purse to work from with less hit to any individual.

Attached: trumpp.jpg (443x411, 90K)

you made the active choice to drive a vehicle impaired and then whined like a bitch when it caused repercussions. If you cant think ahead enough to pay for a 12 dollar uber you dont deserve a license retard

>78% of americans live paycheck to paychec
>lets make that 100%

An insult? It's fucking shameful to publically admit you had your license suspended for drunk driving. It's not an insult it's the sad truth. Stop drinking and driving before you kill someone's family.

Have some dignity holy fuck, trash.

Right , so correct me if I'm wrong but if I work at McDonald's I should be able to eat everyday and pay my bills at the very least correct?

is this his true form? and this is true, it's common knowledge.

Hahah yeah weve got uber in the middle of the forest bud , I wasn't complaining about the ticket I was complaining about the ridiculous cost associated with it. The bottom line is that socialism doesn't give a fuck about you, its a tool to allow a collective body to have complete control over your life.

YES HOLY SHIT YES THATS WHAT WERE SAYING when FDR instituted a federal minimum wage it was MEANT as a means for an individual to have a decent life and raise a family. He said so in his stump speeches

i have five thousand figures up your moms asshole faggot. i cant wait for donald trump to win again and start up some liberal concentration camps.

Nope. I just have this personal policy of not being a twat.

Obviously. You should not be on poor assistance programs if you work 35 per week barring extenuating circumstances. :)

Food service is hard work. Much harder than my job.

hahahah god damn you are so fucking naive it hurts, you're either underage or the biggest neckbeard of all time or both hahah

Maybe don't drink and drive and you won't pay drunk driving penalties. Just a thought.
>What am I supposed to do lulul?!?

I understand your feeling of hopelessness in a situation that requires expensive finances to take care of. Do i believe someone should be able to pay their way out of trouble? no. Sanders is pushing for an end to cash bail, so that judges are forced to look at more cases and consider the ethics and morals of ones actions alongside a track record instead of having someone with an extra ten thousand dollars laying around get away scott free.

Hey trump supporters come pick up your Canadian cousin or back him up cause he's drunk and headed for the pickup again.

Says the jewish bot, sowing disagreement, in true historical style!

I do what I want, have you ever had a fucking drink in your life? Do you honestly believe that 3 beers would impair your ability to drive to the point of becoming dangerous? If so then you are probably lacking braincells to begin with hahah


My point after asking all of this is that you are apart of a larger group that is actually halting the progression of humankind as a whole and I am kindly asking you to stop before you dig in even deeper. My family will need help generations down the line.

>I do what I want
>I complain about the obvious consequences of doing what I want
>You are the retard

Could you explain why wages keep up with the market again? Then explain why the market exists at all? Because that part makes me laugh til I shit my pants.

I still make like 4 grand a month after tax so im not scared of their gay little fines its just retarded and a piss off and shouldnt happen. its some george orwell 1984 shit. I got way more than ten thousand dollars lying around bud ive been doing this shit for awhile

>jewish bot
does the bot argue with its wife over the thermostat and having her sister come to visit for the holidays? Maybe complain about the two ply toilet paper at work


its not the consequence itself its the fact that the consequences are dictatee byu a bunch of money hungry faggots who call them selves socialists and say they care about me but all the want to do is assrape all my money away and give it to heroin addicts and to their own pockets

no one cares how much money you make, you seemed like you wanted an honest response to a perceived injustice you experienced so i tried to explain the side that i believed in

Fucking lold

Attached: CubswlaWcAAupSe.jpg (1200x598, 104K)

hahah i actually laughed out loud at that

You're lucky they social democrats in Canada and dem soc in the US cause if they were communists you'd be getting the bang bang in the chest buddy.

>say they care about me
Nobody ever said that.

Won't tell u how to live but don't my dude, he's way more angry inside. Remember he has to live with himself everyday.

if you made 50,000 dollars in the US in 2019 you would pay 500 dollars to social programs and 4000 to corporate subsidies. Youre angry at the wrong people

look at this hogwash lolol
how do you wind up this retarded and still blame it on other people

no you're actually trying to prey on someone who you think is in a desperate situation so you can push your gay little agenda on them the same way religious people do when a young persons family member dies , you make me physically ill

I'm moderatin thus argument and ur losing

Haha seethe more libtard!
I love that there's a window AC unit in the condo, Bernie must be a secret billionaire if he can afford one of those.

Look bud im sorry that you feel like were trying to brainwash you but this website is at the very least supportive of free speech. Dont like it, stop replying. I have no desire to FORCE an ideology upon ANYONE, im using facts to explain why i believe the things i believe.

Also u gotta tell him what sentence or phrase he used to "prey" on u

yeah not a chance actually

I'm an alcoholic who drinks in a redneck bar every day, and you are an asshole.

Assrape all my money away
Ass rape me every day
Socialists won't let me drink and driiiiiive
But I will as long as I'm aliiiiiive

shout - (TWO YEARS!)

this is a really weird thing for you to have thought, said to yourself and decided was a good thing to post on to the internet.

Those cabins only look extremely damp and not preposterously mildewed I bet he burns thousand dollar bills in the fireplace.

Read thread lol

if you can tell me difference between communism and socialism in two minutes ill eat my fucking shoe

I can do that in one sentence but I actually know and it's ultimately a very very simple but critical distinction. :) As I'm sure you're aware.

They don't. I was fuckin with him.

whatever ya fuckin weirdo

I am him. Wages have been stagnant since the 80s. You're absolutely correct. It's fuckin bad.