Need advice Cred Forumsros

need advice Cred Forumsros

i am 19 years old
i went out with a girl for 3 years
we went on a 2 month split
i still love her, told her i wanna get back with her
she says the same, but tells me shes had sex with another person and that shes sorry, etc

i get we werent together, but how can she claim to still love me when shes fucked another man?

thanks for any feedback. dont be afraid to call me a retard

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>2 month
Dude that is a lot of cocks...

Hey dude, you're not a retard, that's just how women function.

You're both young. She probably didn't know she'd regret it until afterwards. Happens all the time. Had you been my age (39) it'd be more iffy. Women my age should know where their limits are. Women your age make a lot of mistakes.

it was 1 guy, she is not a whore but I made her believe I didnt love her anymore (I pretty much told her shit to that effect)

yeah, she massively regrets it now and told me she would never have done it if she knew I still loved her. cheers man

take her back and I guarantee she will cheat. she is shit testing you

I've done what she's done, when I was 20 or so. Slept with some skank when me and GF was having a break. Felt like shit because of it. I never did get over it though, and relationship pretty much broke because of it. The only question is: do you trust her, do you believe her? And I don't mean this particular instant. But rather: is she the sort of person who keeps promises? Is loyalty in general important to her? Is truth important to her? Because her general ethics is what you should go on, not this specific event. Also, Cred Forums is sort of iffy to ask. There's a lot of incel shit going on on this site, not to mention all the PUA bullshit about alphas and whatnot.

Be careful what advice you buy, but be patient with those who supply it.

my dude it sucks now but it is going to suck more every time you lay down with her and you are thinking about her sucking off the other guy -- if it is just one guy -- cant believe em dude

she would never cheat, she is not that kind of person. keep in mind you are only getting a negative view of her from this thread

I absolutely do trust her and she has a good moral character. the reason im getting back with her is because I still love her and she still loves me, and I know her well enough to know shes someone I'd want to start a family with

not really, I don't dwell on shit like that, sex is meaningless outside of a relationship

I just felt like she moved on too fast I guess

I’m in the exact same situation bro.

Went out for 4 years, I broke up with her and I’ve fucked 8 girls since (she doesn’t know) but has told me she’s had sexual with two guys... we’ve been broken up for 4 months now and are starting to see each other again... but after hearing she’s been fucked by other guys I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to be a cuck but I miss her heaps and was depressed without her....

Then you've answered your own question. All this thread will do now is make you feel doubt and worry.

Yep, I get this. Don’t even wanna have sex with her now cause I just look at her and imagine her getting fucked by the other guys.... I think it’s done for

Had similar shit pulled on me, user. Don't fucking take her back, he's just going to view you as weak willed from then on and fuck with other dudes behind your back

She's just testing the waters and seeing if she can get away with it. Women are fucking ruthless animals.

You’re very young. Just be single.

I get that but I love this individual.

also for everyone saying shes going to cheat, this girl is not like that, she deeply loves me and thought that I was doing the same shit after we split, to be fair I did give her the impression I hated her

>she thought you didn't love her any more
>fucked one guy

my nigga have you never heard of a rebound? ffs quit being a fucking pussy; if she thinks you're the best who gives a fuck what else is out there?

you right, as I said dont be afraid to call me a retard because more likely than not I am

lol cuck

Just move on, she was riding the cock train without any guilt and is manipulating you to still be with her.

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This is probably the wisest advice you'll get on this website. Just absorb that then stop looking at the replies.

You're not a retard, women are just whores.

A solid minority isn't and wouldn't do that.

Honestly I don't know what she expected by telling you. Just fuck another girl to feel even.

wow what did you expect retard

So basically you’re but hurt the break worked out for her and not for you and the reason you want to get back together is no one else will dare you and now you’re in a panic because you realize she has options and you don’t.

Thats what happens when you go on a break retard. Imagine a little while away from you and she already had another cock in her mouth

>she would never cheat
Do you think anybody that ever gets cheated on from somebody thinks “you know this person might go and cheat on me’?
You found yourself an absolute whore who can’t go two months away from a cock. She is getting side cock on the regular my man, and she wants you back to buy shit for her, and so she can tell herself she is respectable being in a relationship even though she is gargling cock on the side


You miss her because she is gone but if it was meant to be or whatever and you two are a good match, why would you make her think you hate her on purpose? You are ignoring all the red flags and issues with your relationship because you’re lonely without her. Been there. If you take her back those issues will happen again and on top of that, making this thread proves you have another issue with her banging some other dude. It will crash, and you will feel worse than you do now. For a three month relationship two months separated isn’t that long, of course you feel lonely and miss her. It will pass though. I’d keep your course and work on yourself and try to land someone without all your previous partners issues

Kick that bitch out of your life and move on. You're young and still have a lot to live


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>I'm still finding myself
She's gonna cheat on you if you stay with her

Ask her if she thought of your anxiety while she gobbled his cock and he demanded she make eye contact whilst doing so

>fuck bitches, get money

Move on.

Ur a dumb shit, you wanted some change and now you got it.

If she tells you it was one cock, it was more than one, hoe or not. Its your own fault, breaks never work. Either man up and break it or be ready to fix your own mistakes.

If a girl wants a "break", "split" etc it's always for the same reason - there's another guy she wants to fuck or try a relationship with, but she wants to keep you on a string in case it doesn't work out.
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> single
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