What the fuck is the deal with athlete's foot?

What the fuck is the deal with athlete's foot?

They either tell you it's no big deal or that it's going to fucking infect your entire body.

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Get some clotrimazole cream and rub it on there

Buy defense soap. It's like $8 a bar but totally worth it

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Treat and keep clean = no big deal.
Don't treat and don't keep clean = big deal

Apply logic.

Lysol spray and salt water took care of mine in 3 days

Stop going to public gyms and fucking dudes up the ass. The showers there are full of fungus

Wear sandals. Without socks u neckbeard

I enjoy scratching mine. Pull out a giant chunk of skin is so satisfying. Fun to chew on too

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If you really want to get rid of it use bleach, Rub it on with a toothbrush.

It'll hurt but it'll work.

Seems reasonable

its honestly no big deal but can lead to other issues, like jock itch. If not treated... recommend some o t c creams you can find at any store these days . grocery, pharmacy, even some hardware stores Carry it. apply recommended dose in direction with gloves on so you don't spread it to other sections to the body , and change sock's twice a day...

No joking - the easiest way to deal with it is regular old toothpaste.

Toothpaste sucks up moisture. Makes the skin very dry. Fungus can't survive there. Leave it on overnight.

Wash your feet two or three times a day....wear a clean pair of socks every day.....and always wear shower shoes in public showers

What is it about your childhood that makes your feet so sweaty?
Sweaty feet= anxiety

Well, actually...
Hot shoes/feet = sweaty feet.

When I was in the military they would give us vagisil for the athletes foot. It has the same active anti fungal as the foot creams but a higher concentration. Good luck user.

soak your feet in bleach

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Wash your feet is Betadine every day twice a day

Fun fact: athlete's foot, jock itch & ringworm are the same exact thing, the only difference is where on the body it's located.

Tinea pedis: athlete's foot
Tinea cruris: jock itch
Tinea corpus: ringworm

Yes, even though it has the word "worm" in it, ringworm is not actually a worm, it's a fungus. Now go home & wash, ya smelly prick.

Supposing your ringworm were to spread and join up with your athlete's foot. Would that give you superpowers?

Pee on your feet in the shower
Ultimate infallible free cure

Not kidding it really works

Can confirm

>What the fuck is the deal with athlete's foot?
That's not athlete's foot, that's I'm a disgusting piece of shit and don't wash

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>Pee on your feet in the shower
>Ultimate infallible free cure
This, I regularly do this and have been fungus free for 15 years.

Fuck yes

Fungus free specifically on your feet