To the user who said "there is no humor today, only hate with a laugh track" just the other day...

To the user who said "there is no humor today, only hate with a laugh track" just the other day, your words have stuck with me and I am trying to be a less hateful person. I realized there was no actual joke being told, it was just an argument with lots of "lmao"s.

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Forgot to say I am still going to call niggers niggers

You start well, sensibly - one sense a budding maturity... but then...
You pull back, still wanting the approval of the lowest dregs of Cred Forums - so you say something unpleasant and ugly, hoping to be accepted still, by the grottier elements of Cred Forumstardism.

Could have been good, but you lost your way almost intantly.

Hating niggers happened naturally at around age 12 because I live in Canada, it has nothing to do with Cred Forums approval. The original post is about blatant bullying which I will be putting an end to, but racism will remain until niggers decide to act like human beings

Hollow justification doesn't make racism acceptable. You're not ready for maturity.
But best of luck, perhaps you're starting to grow up.

ayyy lmao's

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Op almost became self aware and then slipped back into his regular programming. One day he may become human

If he formed his opinion on experienced behaviour rather than race, is it really racism?

Growth is painful, change is frightening.
He's trying at least, he's making the motions.

Culture and our tribal nature aren't ubiquitous yardsticks.
Step back and observe what people become when treated in certain ways. Any people, any culture.

What's in the bucket? I will say cow vaginas

So you said some shot yoy thought was profound, and now you're samefagging it to get attention.

>I don't actually have an argument so I just irrationally attack senselessly

Gee, if only I was seeking your fucking acceptance

>I've clearly failed so I best say something snarky so it seems like I come up on top

I can literally smell your acne

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Why would I even be arguing?
I make the claim that you are OP, and you.made this thread to jerk off your ego
This may surprise you, but everything doesn't have to be an argument

>I'm totally out of anything resembling an argument now

Not OP.
Your assumptions bring you shame and show people how you think, and by extension, how you'd act.

You're the only one trying to argue you clown

Actually is OP
lame pretentious lonely intellectual OP
you're a joke

I was never arguing retard

13 yet 50

>I was never in this conversation! H-honest!
>I think you're dead clever despite being wrong about your identity - I'm a joke to me.
>I was losing the argument!

Mmm so may angry (you)'s - all for me.

I never thought I would be alive to see the day when OP wasn't the biggest faggot in a thread

>I'm OP

I am OP you dumb nigger, that is not me. I have literally only made these 3 posts

Except nobody is angry and you have been made fun of and keep responding like a schizophrenic
This is not normal behaviour user

Interesting that the poster count increased when you posted that.
You forgot to switch devices for the first 2 posts didn't you?

Mmmm, another (you) for me.
Keep them coming.

You're so generous.
Dumber than a bag of hammers, but generous.

It's interedting how you are literally retarded

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Start thread on phone, samefag with pc
Now OP can bump his own thread

>everybody I talk to is the same person

With this logic, you are OP. Do you see how retarded that is?

You're asking a retard if he's aware of his own retardedness?

Well at least you are now

lol kek lmao u am the dumb rofl cos u the samefag that samefagged kek kek lulz rofl lmao