So here is the situation

So here is the situation.
I live in an apartment.
I've got a crazy neighbour, violent kind of a guy, menacing all the time, big dude.
He's got a wife, as delusional as him.

Yesterday at 4 pm got my door knocked by him, when I opened it he tried to get in, threatening to kill me if I didn't stop making noise, I asked him to GTFO, and he shut my door violently.

He has complained before because of sex noises coming from my apartment in the middle of the night, I understand that, but this just crossed the line.

I called the cops on him, because his violent reaction was totally Injustificated , I was watching a youtube video aparently " too loudly", cops calmed him down and then left.

Now the dude stares at me in a menacing way when I'm in my balcony.

What do you guys suggest me to do?

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Illegal intimidation
You can charge him for this behaviour
Is he white?
Is yes a Jew (lawyer) would do anything to help you make him homeless

Just move who cares.

I am charging him for sure, he is white.
Nah my lawyer isn't jewish.

Moon him

not gonna move I've been living here for 10 years

I highly doubt that would work

literally stab/shoot (if amerimutt) him the next time he forces his way into your home

I've only got a pellet co2 pistol and a machete.
but you know I don't want to wait for the next time he comes, I want him moving out, how could I make him go away ?

Stop antagonizing your neighbours,
You think you've got some godammed right to invade his space with your noises in the middle of the night - which must have been keeping them awake or they would have been unaware of it.

But if he dares to just LOOK in your direction you immediately infer that he:
> "stares at (you) in a menacing way"
Get real, people have eyes so that they can see things like:
who the fuck is making all that noise - is it that retard that keeps masturbating so noisily ...(between 02:30 and 04:30 in the a.m.)
... that his bed creaks, squeaks & rattles like a metalwork fabrication plant working all out to meet an urgent deadline for the supply of novelty glockenspiels, tubular bells and wind-chimes for some Chinese Festival.

Stop looking for a passive aggressive pussy ass way out and confront him like a man to put an end to it. Tell him face to face that you want to either talk with him like a man about the problems he has with you to see what compromises can be made, or fight, the choice is his. Then you will have solved your problem the right way.

yep, this is the way to go for sure.
Just not so sure about my fighting capabilities just yet, I've been only going to krav maga just for a month.
so yeah i'm looking for a pussy ass way to solve it.

Fighting is the mongoloids way out. Try to talk first like a normal human

I tried that yesterday when he knocked on my door but he kept on shouting and threatening me.
You just can't talk with people like that.
I'ts a fight to live situation kind of, because it's just a matter of time until I cross him on my building, and if he says or mutters something then I'll have to act.
Being honest I know the chances of losing the fight are high. But you never know...

Bees. Lots of bees. In his fridge.

Piss on him to establish dominance.

Sounds like it's time to move

Get cameras. Or Ring if you're lazy and you want to feed Amazon's AI. Make plans to move, and if he tries to do anything else call the cops immediately. Don't negotiate.

Watch Home Alone 1 and 2 for ideas, but blowtorch to the head normally works

Fire an angry swarm of bees from your nipples to attack him and his family.
It’s the only logical choice.

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When you are at the balcony, and he's staring at you, remove your pants and proceed to bend down your head to your groin. Gently move your head to your dick and slowly give yourself a blow job, all the while when he's watching. This will make him feel intimidated and your autustic neighbour will realize he is handling an alpha male. Case solved.

And pics of the neigbour wife, if you have it.

Funniest comment I have read all day kek

There’s a lot of good ideas here.
And they could be applied in many day to day situations.

Oh b0i

Fuck his wife. Take pictures. Post on Cred Forums

Fuck him, any take his wife’s pictures.

Just ignore him

If he knocks again. Quickly whip out your phone and secretly put on voice recorder app. Don't antagonise him but stand your ground. Chances are he'll say something incriminating. Press charges

>He has complained before because of sex noises coming from my apartment

Why are you watching porn at such a high volume?

Buy a gun and show it to him.
Shit IS going to escalate if the moron thinks you´re a pussy - assholes like him only understand one language.
Oh, and you seriously better consider hitting a GYM for more biceps - muscle arms are a great talisman against Bullies in any age.

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