Dealer flaked me the last two times I was out. How hard can growing weed be?

Dealer flaked me the last two times I was out. How hard can growing weed be?

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I’m in a legal state where I can grow outside, I’ve heard that’s easier too

I've found that growing hydroponically is easier than soil for me but my current grow is in soil as I'm learning to expand

i wish i never had to deal with em

depends on if your doing it for hobby, personal use, or a business

It’s very easy and nice to do the only thing is the time consumption if you are impatient it can be a pain.

I wish I was like you. Go get a seed or two and just plant them and leave them by august/September you will have a 8/10 foot tall plant.

Really easy tbh. Read a book.

Ive been doing backyard summer grows for 14yrs now. If youre going that route is easy as fuck. Lots of sunlight during morning/afternoon hours , fertilizer for veg stage, fertilizer for flowering stage and hose water. The only problems i ever had outdoors were bud rot in a few smal spots due to cooler September/October nights and morning dew, but certain strains can solve that problem from even being an issue. And then thieves. But now that its legal nationwide up here in Canada i cant see why thieves wouldnt just grow their own now too.

Indoors you need to be much more anal about everything. But your product will be superior. I dont even like getting super stoned anymore, i just enjoy a few relaxing puffs then i butt it out for a few hours. Im perfectly happy growing a few pounds of %15-%20 thc strains. I dont enjoy the new superpowered %30thc stuff nowadays anyway.

It's called weed because it grows fucking anywhere, so easy even Op could grow it

i feel ya

You know, you can buy CBD/CBG Flower online and shit gets delivered to your house, right?

Dumped my dealer because I can buy more online, cheaper.

Yup. My uncle grew this past summer for the 2nd time ever, i had 2 in his yard as well as a backup incase the ones in my own yard got stolen. Mine were planted straight into the ground where a lot of moisture is maintained so i didnt need to water them every other day or so like his, which were in plastic pots above ground.

Now the amount of times i would stop by to prune my bushes and i seen him neglecting his plants was absurd. Like piping hot August days with cicadas screaming up in the trees and my uncle was too lazy or forgetful to water his, and i see them looking dead and wilted as fuck. Looking like a 4ft tall stem with shabby green death hanging straight down. This happened like 6 times throughout the summer where i seen him being an idiot and i would have to water his to try and save them.

Point is, like user said, its called weed because like weeds they are surprisingly resilient. The day after i watered his wilted death plants there were standing tall and proud, branches stretched out with dark green leaves and looking sexy as fuck.

TL:DR super easy. MJ is extremely resilient.

>How hard can growing weed be?
Not hard, but growing nice weed does take more practice and skill.

>But now that its legal nationwide up here in Canada
Nope. Not legal in Quebec, the french boomer fucks.

Biggest issue here with outdoor grows is the wildlife. Have to keep fencing around the plants or rabbits, ground hogs and deer have a feast.

> I dont enjoy the new superpowered %30thc stuff nowadays anyway
Totally. I smoke a little everyday but it doesn't take much to get me really high.

I've also been growing outdoor for years. Easy as pie. Ensure good soil and ferts and the right amount of water (in fact, I'm lazy about ferts, I'll give a couple doses of fish emulsion during growing and then just water.)

Because I smoke such a little I plant a couple seeds every couple months, weed out any males, and as they're growing I cut back shitty branches and if they start growing too big I'll sometimes even cut them in half. I really can't be assed to have to take care of and process 7ft monsters. I find trimming/cutting back while growing also decreases the chance of mold. Easier to take care of small plants.

Easy but hard to conceal the smell

Not really hard

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It's fucking easy. They call it weed for a reason.

It’s not a weed, a weed is a plant that grows and thrives with no interaction in its environment

Using a tent and a large carbon filter atm, hoping the smell won't get too unmanageable
4 weeks into flowering atm

I live in a place with legalized weed and the fact that it's still illegal some places when I can go up the street and buy the strongest, best shit is so amusing to me.

Weed is so boring anyway, give me a good Oxy 30 or some coke any day.

It's a saying, dude. Growing cannabis is as easy as growing weeds.

Growing quality bud is another game.

>But now that its legal nationwide up here in Canada
Unless you're in MB or QC, fuck those provinces I guess eh? Southwestern ON here, where you at bud?

He's asking how to grow not how to start a business

If you want to be inconspicuous grow in a cupboard and use blended light fluoros. Crop in 2 weeks. No heat, no ridiculuos power usage

This is my first run, and has left a lot to be desired.
That said, its not that hard to learn, and I've picked up a ton of tricks along the way, its definitely a learning experience.
I expect my 2nd grow to yield way more as I get the nutrients better and employ stressing techniques.

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Yeah me as well. I actually hardly fertilize at all unless i see light yellowing, i'll give them a small dose of nitrogen. The mold was in the main cola. Just a lot of raint days mixed with cold nights. It is what it is....only lost a half ounce or so. I tried topping mine a few times but now i just bend em over 90* once the stem is tall enough to take it. Then with a heavy rock or chunk of patio stone ill tie it to the stem so it stays bent over. This way all branches can grow as tops along with the main cola. Basically turning them from "christmas tree shaped" to "6ft wide round bushes".

I usually pull 8-11oz on my best ones. Mind you thats all natural, no bloom ferts for flowering.

having to deal with a dealer is the worse

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>I dont enjoy the new superpowered %30thc stuff nowadays anyway
>Totally. I smoke a little everyday but it doesn't take much to get me really high

This is me now, except it's a few times a month or a couple times a week if I'm with a friend. Doesn't take much, which is nice.

Growweedeasy is a shit sight

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Also I have a shit ton of seeds in my freezer, but the last few grows ive gotten clones from a friend/lisenced medical grower to try out new strains hes had on the go. Last summer i did LemonHaze and BlueDream. Not bad but im not much of a Sativa guy. Plus they had like 12 weeks flowering time and that takes me dangerously close to frost season here where im at. I prefer Indicas, but wanted to try out the LemonHaze.

I'd have to say my favorite ive grown so far outdoors was a Blueberry Indica. Never tasted anything so god damned mouth wateringly delicious since.

Same as you, on the lake.

get your medical card faggot

With the right equipment and knowhow is easy. Weed's basically like yeah weeds, if you don't make huge mistakes, it'll grow basically by itself.

Okay bro

It's a start, douchebag. What you got? I didn't think so.

Those still have quite a few weeks to go, dont get down on yourself. The last 3 weeks of flowering they will pack on some girth and density. But yes, its a learning hobby. Even the best of the best still learn new techniques and tricks with every grow. Strain genetics matter a lot in how it turns out.

Thanks for the encouragement, hope they do beef up a bit!
But yes I made many mistakes along the way, including fucking up the nutrients.
Its all good, I am patient and will improve a bit each time

Yes but don't listen to fags on Cred Forums with chink leds and general hydro nutes

worked for me dude
simple info grew me four plants
got 6.5 ounces which will last me over a year

Except in the frozen wastes of canada, the legal dispensaries online and in shop. are 2x more expensive than any dealer around

>are 2x more expensive than any dealer around
Not if you buy from a Mail Order Marijuana website.
Its not 100% legal, more like the gray market, but its fucking cheap, cheaper than my dealers ever were, and top quality bud.

UK what do I do?

Grow your own. Honestly most of the cops and politicians are pro-pot. It's only a matter of time before it's legal. I would only grow a couple though, just in case your neighbors are shits.

Dont bother arguing with kids like him. I see them in all these grow threads going on about how no one has weed as good as theirs and everything YOU know is wrong, and he knows about everything.

We were 15 years old once too. Just ignore the know it all braggarts.

Yup im in Ontario and have a friend who has been ordering half pounds from some medicinal grower in BC for like 5 years now straight through CanadaPost lol

Yeah that is the beauty of it, doesn't go over any borders, so the likelihood of it getting seized is way way less

Changed my weed game before growing.
True, dunno why people have to shit on others.
How many others are from ON here? This is sweet!

This, but watch out, its oNLy fOr pLeBbiT fAgGoTs

Thats true, but 6.5 ounces from 4 plants is an alarmingly low yield

Lol less than 2oz a plant. If you can't grow a half pound in a 5gal idk wtf you're doing

Yes but he got more than enough for himself which was his goal. May have been a small stealth grow too.
IMO as long as youre happy with it,its all good.

not bad considering i planted the seeds and only watered them a couple times a week

i imagine if i had put some effort into them but i dont need that much like i said that is a years worth of pot.. probably more

that looks terribly under developed and would give me a headache

>that is a years worth of pot.. probably more
God damn, I think I smoke too much lol
That would last me MAYBE 2 months, tops

Holy fuck, yeah man I can't imagine smoking that much.. even as a teenager.

6.5 ounces would last me 5 years probably.

I should really take a T break.
I smoke big ass joints rn, part of the problem too.
No way I could go through as much if I used a pipe or something, I just hate the taste.

Have you tried a vaporizer? Shit is super efficient, once you get used to it you will find it takes less to get you high, your weed will last longer and can use the AVB to make edibles.

Yeah I really need to make the switch over.
I bought a vape with the oil cartridges and it gets me high as fuck, but it just makes me cough like a madman every time.
I'll get used to it, just hard to give up the habit of smoking joints.
I already quit cigs though, this one should be easier.

Lol you’re dumb look into nebula

Yeah, carts fuck me up too - I quit smoking cigarettes back in '05, good on you. Best of luck user, a T break will go a long way and hope you stretch that weed out. 8)

Join a grow forum, there are always helpful to new growers.
Soil is probably the easiest way. Make sure you start with good seeds, and don't harvest too early or dry it too fast.

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