Becca here gets really drunk and fucked up at a festival...

Becca here gets really drunk and fucked up at a festival, she asks you for help back to her tent because she needs to pass out and sleep, you can tell from her slurring her words she is wasted. WWYD?

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Let her slur all over my dick


tell her to fuck off and find someone else to play her drunk rape fantasy game

catch aids again

Becca gonna get preggo

Front view if anyone is wondering

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I'll pass, thank you.

Damn nice face and lips to bust my load on

I'd help her back to her tent and leave her alone afterwards, because I'm not a sack of shit

Something about this looks shopped.

Also duck lips.

Id steal the bitches shit wouldnt fuck, probably has STD's and shit.

No you wouldn't, faggot

don't project your pathetic lack of manhood onto others, just to make yourself feel better.

Becca is getting pumped full of my cum along with anyone else that pays me 20 bucks to fuck her. "Is this my tent?" she asks as I shove her into my rape van. "It's better than your tent" I tell her. And off we go. I'd keep her drugged up and have headphones for her to listen to Skrillex or whatever gay ass terrible music she's into. Buy her some Starbucks and avocado toast and pimp her out for the rest of her days.

Not shopped, she just likes her make up a bit too much. And that silly duck face

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Walk her to hert tent and ignore any tries to get my attention sexually and put her to bed safely so that she'd respect me more the next day and then further my friendship to her so that one day she'll start loving me.

The only thing to do: Make her eat all the eggs.

You'd touch her up because you're a creep who wants to sound hard

Cadbury mini eggs

She 100% fucks niggers.

>why are you doing this?

Lurk more.

You dressing her up in slutty outfits or just keeping her naked?

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I want her to choke on my thick cock and have her mascara run down her face.

I would likely decline, as I am more interested in the music I came to hear than I am in helping a thot with poor decision making skills.

Also, in matters of rape I am a planner, not an opportunist.

I may be a creep for being on Cred Forums, but I wouldn't touch her up. That doesn't make me sound hard ... that makes me sound like a person who isn't a loser. One of us wants others to feel that he is some sort of internet amoral tough guy, but it isn't me.

She'll be wearing my cum, piss, and spit for the most part. Sexy outfits cost money. I guess I could take her ID and got to her shitty apartment she pays too much for and get her her whore wear from the closet. But idgaf what she wears. She's not going to be going outside anymore any way.


Fuckin another chick at a festival, obviously.

No you bell end. You're trying to sound superior on here. Stop lying you pervert

She does have some pretty whorish clothes...they might not last long though if people are paying to use her I doubt they will be gentle

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And you wonder why you're an incel...

Yeah. They'll have to pay extra for ripping her slut attire off her.

I'm far from an incel. Believe it or not, women have rape fantasies. Don't believe me? Go onto to Fetlife and see for yourself. It's called "consensual non-consent" and it can be a lot of fun. Sounds like an incel like you wouldn't know anything about that tho.

Any other extras they can go for?

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That's cute. I get my information about women and their fantasies from women. Go dream about what a boob feels like somewhere else.

Everything comes at a price user. Punching her/leaving her bruised and marked up costs extra. Don't want my goods being damaged without compensation. Anal is extra, so is bareback. You name it and I'll put a price on it, then have at her. She can't say no to anything cause it's not her decision to make in the first place.

Cool story user. You must be knee deep in pussy. That's why you're on here trying to argue with someone on a WWYD thread right? Fuck off faggot.

take her back, undress her and take pics and vids of me having fun with her.
I note down her social and write a message to her with an anonymous contact email, and a few nudes of her. Telling her to contact me or i will release her stuff.
Then i go all ruben on her ass.

You gonna cry? You're gonna cry aren't you? Go ahead, you'll feel better after. It's ok.

Bowl of eggs.


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Bowl of bowels

That's a face begging for some black eyes. Post more of this worthless cunt OP.

Are you just going to beat her or abuse her in other ways?

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I'm the user with the rape can. She's gonna get plenty of abuse in all it's forms OP. Let's see more of her ass. Got nudes? I know this whore has them...


Not the Becca I thought but I'm ok with that

I would be at least equally drunk, so I'd probably try and help her, lose her somewhere in the sea of tents because I got distractes and the give up and either go back to the party or throw up in a bush and lose consciousness somewhere hopefully in the vicinity of my own tent.

You shouldnt have corrected yourself.
The "Rape Can" sounded much much more terrifying. lol

Kek. Yeah I'm starting to realize that now.