Would you marry a black girl?

Would you marry a black girl?

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Black girls> don’t @ me beta fags -p

Urge to breed rising.

Depends, can she cook?

no, miscegenation is a crime against our ancestors

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Only if she was hot and didn't have nappy hair.

Fuck she looks like a bearly adult rasta version of that icarly-girl. Who's she, where do I met her and does she suck dick?


I would marry Lupita in respectable suburban mom mode.

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And before you mention it, I know thats not was was on the sign, so she's hopefully not full of shit, like the guy who shopped the image.

That girl is white.

Marry? No. Raep? Yes.

Nah 99% of black girls are ugly but there’s like 3 in this whole world I would distroy

No, but she is our future daughters in looks.

If she looked like that

are you blind or retarded ?

Not one with hair like that, it looks there would be a wasp nest and cockroaches in that doo.

Is that a wig on that thing?
I've seen more attractive looking poodles.

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no, they're gross. their pussies look like actual roast beef and their hair looks like scouring pads. they look very simian

yes they are naturally better lovers and better at child rearing when given the proper tools which they can have access to with a real husband not an ooga booga drug dealing nigger

>bernie socialist supporter detected


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No, niggers are nasty.


Not surprised. Go be jewish somewhere else.

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>no, miscegenation is a crime against our ancestors

Your ancestors were trash and so are you.

Would fuck, maybe have kids, but marry? NAW mate. Who wants to deal with the worst scumbags in the history of females existing? Black women are the trashiest pieces of shit in this world when it comes to women. They're all entitled to the max. If they came with a different attitude and weren't one hundred percent going to cheat on you and divorce rape you, I could see a case for marrying a black chick.

As it stands, I feel so bad for black men who think they're the ones doing the fucking, but really these women are pumping and dumping these knowledge lacking young men and ruining their lives.

is it EVER anything other than a fucking wig or a weave when you see a black woman?

the scour pad pussy pubes are fucking gross.

both of those niglets cheated on their white man. Just so you know.

If she's cute and nerdy sure why not

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Seething black boy.

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Only if she had no family and only non-black friends.

If she doesn't have chimp outs I would

I'm black. This girl is mixed. Some of you whites make it obvious you've never been around blacks irl. And to answer your question, I tried. The number 1 problem with quality blacks dating is we can't find each other



>My white ancestors never had babies outside the race
Ok buddy, live your delusional life

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i would

Fuck? Yes. Marry? Maybe. Have kids? No.

would you marry your dog?


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And the number 2 problem is entitlement. A lot of them feel entitled or owed something from years past. I’m black and I’m not owed or entitled to anything. I work hard for what I have like most of the people here and it’s hard to find a black woman who thinks the same

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I fucking hate blacks
I hate white traitors more

If she looked like that girl you posted sure I would. She’s hot

hey i'm black, i've got no issue with you hating us, i'm just curious why you do?

>getting married

no, im not retareded