Did my wisdom teeth removal fucked up my jawline?

Did my wisdom teeth removal fucked up my jawline?
I had extraction of my right lower wisdom teeth 4 days ago and since then my jawline look much less square and defined.
Is it just me being paranoid?

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Hope you are right.
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I had perfect teeth before I had my wisdom teeth taken out. now I have big gaps between my front lower teeth

Who cares.
You can still fix that.
A fucked up jaw is unfixable

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Possibly just irritation still making your face a little inflamed. I wouldn't worry. Can bring it back out again with losing a little water weight. Cut back on salt and sugar for a few days.

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It can be everything from a crooked bite due to your muscles adjusting to inflammation and swelling. You can't judge anything after 4 days, it can take up to 3-4 months to fully heal properly if you are unlucky.

>4 days ago
ur saying your jaw bone and muscles reshaped in 4 days?
over time it makes a difference, my mom has had many teeth removed and her jaw in old pics looks wider and fuller.

you made this thread asking for opinions. Stop being a sensitive pussy. Your jawline is objectively less defined than before

Hope my case is not as your mother's one

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she had like 6 teeth removed on her lower jaw (the most outer ones) and it was like 20 years ago.


You think it might get better?

Hope you are right, bro

OMG OP your dentist done fucked up. you might as well laser your beard and start taking estrogen now.


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You don't bite as hard so your yawline is less visible. After about 3weeks everything is back to normal

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Let's hope

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