A German family have moved into our neighborhood. Any idea how get rid of those misfits?

A German family have moved into our neighborhood. Any idea how get rid of those misfits?

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They will go back as soon as they see how shitty your country is.

No german is mad enough to live in the USA under trump.

why should we quit social security, heathcare und Democracy without dump liars just to go to the country with daily mass shootings?

Just talk to them and present yourself the best way you can. They will probably consider living somewhere else.

Their English is probably better than yours.

I guess you are a mutt?

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>Democracy without dump liars
Hey we have the AfD, they might not be in power but they are stupid liars in politics.

Why should anyone try to get rip off the HERRENRASSE? If you are lucky, they will let you participate at a BBQ, but you will probably never leave your basemet to contact them directly. Also, why should they tread your brown ass with any bit of kindness?

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mabey kys

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If you're trying to get rid of people because of their nationality, it's probably you who's the misfit.
But if you really want them gone, just let them see your nazi personality and they'll be gone faster than you can say Oberweserdampfschifffahrtsgesellschaftskapitänskajütentürschlüsselanhänger. (Yeah that an actual german word)

Anschluss ans Reich.

Just be yourself. They don‘t like jews.

True germany get really uncomfortable in presence of nazis.
Everything because of the most famous german, who was actually from austria.
We don't even say "his" name anymore, he's like voldemort. If we say his name, he knows where we are.
And I'm not talking about arnold shwarzenegger by the way, I mean the other terminator.

Also das sollte definitiv jetzt ein Spinnenmannfaden werden.
Ich weiß nicht was der Themenersteller für ein Problem hat.

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Send them picrelated pamflets with legends like:
>es liebah dah Deoutszcheland
>kill dah judens
>dah szchokolade führah rules
>oonga boonga das monkey busssssinessss

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germans mad


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Bonus pic
>der bar-mitzvah is dah wundebar-niggsvah kek kek kek

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You can't trick me...

Stefan Raab

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Germans are cool fag
probably better then you Argentinian gypsies scum

Du weißt schon falls du ihr Wahlprogramm gelesen hast dass sie nicht nur Ausländer hassen sondern auch Mittel- und Unterschicht in den Arsch ficken?

They'll send you in the gas sooner or later OP. Weil du ein Untermensch bist verdienst du nichts anderes.

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Nein das weiß er sicher nicht. Denn das wäre zuviel von einem AFD Wähler verlangt.

Kek heil

^^ stimmt