Would you let this girl from my gym bully you?

Would you let this girl from my gym bully you?

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well if she started dragging me about I wouldn't call the police

Only after i sex her

She bullies me on instagram. She loves it

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I want to know her sex life so bad

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I want her to sit on my face while her friend pegs my ass and jerks me off.

l want her to wrap her legs around me while l eat her pussy and force my face into her pussy while l lick it and eat her whole ass

I’d let her suck my balls through my dick hole

She can own and enslave any man.

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Imagine tasting her pussy

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Oh my god i want her to put a collar on me and pull me to her pussy

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I want her to peg me

I love women with large torsos so yes.

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I want her to beat my ass for posting her

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I want her to beat me up daily for being a loser, put a collar on me, and fuck my ass hard while calling me her little bitch

I'd be afraid she'd eat me not bully me.

She wouldnt fuck a loser. And thats fucking stupid just go get a guy to fuck you degenerate faggot

>Would you let this girl from my gym bully you?
I would just have to take my punishment like a man

big words

Is that what girls think when they see a buff guy? If so thats fucking hott

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I think some anons have a fetish for projecting their insecurities on others

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it's what I wish a big girl thinks when she sees me

She's so fucking sexy

Would you try to run if she kidnapped you to use as a sex slave?

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Who wants to see the messages she sends me?

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I wanna see everything you have related to her

>tfw no qt gym waifu

why would I do that?

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Please keep posting. She's hot as fuck and I will cum to her

So fucking hot


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She could easily own a house and have twink sex slaves that go to work, bring the money back to her, and then cook, clean, and get fucked by her.

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I want this so bad

Any info, or post all pics. I have to go but I'll be jerking to her this afternoon

Saggy ass tits

Bump if you want more pics. What kind of info?

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do you have nudes of her

Why is she so fat if she goes to the gym?

It’s natural to bulk up like that. If you want to be muscular and cut, you have to go on a program to reduce fat at the same time you are working out.

Personally, I like fat bulk on women.

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Would make this bully walk bow legged for a week after tearing that up....
Confront don’t walk away...