Monday morning Wisconsin thread. 608 in the house

Monday morning Wisconsin thread. 608 in the house.

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Still looking for more of ash on the right. 608

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Milwaukee bro’s that know her Kik me at MilwaukeeHard and let’s chat.

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And whoever posted this one I owe you

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Bump bump

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Cute. Let’s see with cum on her


608 reporting in!

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Nice slut.

Wish we had claire nudes

Bump for booty

Report in with some wins my dude

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alas this is a borrowed laptop but i approve of this content


Where’s all the wisco bros at


Mrs Torch!


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Bump for 414


wisconsin is the full of the worst fucking people imaginable

africa has better people than wisconsin, chinese people are better than people from wisconsin and they don't have souls

You FBI?

No. Friends.

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MKE. Hence the Kik name :P

Let's meet at Leon's for some icecream! You bring your Manila envelope and I'll bring mine!

Lol! Just Kik me whenever your ready to chat.

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What city in 608?

Fucking sexy

Don’t keep me waiting. Let’s chat about this whore

Join up yo


That means post more.

I'm scared what if I reveal to much and you find out who I am! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Or you end up being her and all my high school fantasies come to life

608 gang

looking for jen

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I don’t care who ya are.

Sold! I dont why, but your punctuation makes you sound very trustworthy

More of the right?


Victoria V. 608

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