Be me

>be me
>trying to get some practice dating and fucking in so I'll be better for a cool girl
>match with girls on Tinder
>always fuck up asking them if they want to hook up
Pic related is me bombing

How do I hookup on Tinder? What do the messages look like? Or should I lead girls on like I want to date just to have sex with them? (that seems kinda mean)

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>hey wya?
>alright send address
>no wtf i dont even know you
>were gunna get to know eachother in person
>yada yada some bs excuse of being at work or having school rn

Keep doing that until someone gives you her address, drive to her and rape her consensually in the backseat of your car and leave. Thats what i do on ig not tinder tho, not a big deal, girls love getting picked up

Does anyone have an answer that actually has sex?

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Wtf nigga i fuck a different bitch everyday lol these women are sluts i doubt you want a quality girl to marry in a populated cuty, its not gunna happen, women are fast now a days

Theyre gonna fake it in bed, may as well fake it to get them there.


Girls are like children, they want to be entertained and have fun, and they're not that smart. She uses an exclamation mark on every sentence, that should tell you all you need to know

Instantly know youre a nigger fucking niggress whores.

> What do the messages look like? “open sesame” , works 99% times

>Hooking with girls in 2020

Instead of asking what they’re looking for (putting the ball in their court to make a move) just say ‘I’ve had fun talking, would love to continue over a drink sometime, my number is xxxxxx’ and leave it at that. If they text you cool, if not, you’re done talking to someone who wouldn’t be down to meet up anyway.

-method is tried and true

Thanks dude. Then when you go on the date you kinda figure out what they are into?

So I just treat it like normal dating, and then when they try to be my gf I just kinda say I'm not interested in more?

Never had to use tinder, but I've heard that some folks are successful with brutal honesty in their opening message: "I'm not looking for anything serious, are you up for a hookup?"
This way you get either a yes or no response, maximum efficency

You’re doing the same beta faggot, if they text you cool cuz they never replied. The right answer is this is my number, call me tomorrow or your dog dies in its sleep tonight


If I don’t get it off hinge/tinder within 24 hours I usually just let it fizzle unless she is actually hot or interesting.

Usually it always will fizzle after meeting once or twice. Ghosting is easy

Do you invite them back to your place? I feel like they are going to know who I am pretty quick, so, do you end up with like psycho girls chasing you?

How many matches are you getting?

Don't ever invite a hookup to your place.

Who are you mesaging on IG?

I'm short but rich, travel a lot for work, and want to fuck some sluts when I'm away. What's my best angle? Tinder or IG? I Feel like IG because the thots who want money are there, but not sure how to identify/message them.

Where do you go?

I joined on Saturday, I've had three so far. Two stopped talking to me and this one that I fucked up kek.

Holy fuck if youre rich you already got them lol just buy them lol

Meh, how? I mean I've done the escort thing but prefer a non pro.

Honestly the best method I’ve tried is just try to hang out. Don’t mention sex or hookups or anything else. Just meet her in person. It’s way easier.

You need to be ready to only bro down sometimes. Like you might end up wasting a few hours socializing and being outside with a real person. If that happens and she doesn’t put out ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Just literally send "Wanna fuck" to every girl you connect with. It's only a matter of time until you succeed.



do not try to "get to know her" on the app

the main goal of the app is to get her # and get off of the app

chat BRIEFLY, short witty banter, then say something like "lets text instead?" she will send you her number

when you text, still keep it short, you CANNOT "get to know" someone via text, ONLY use text to establish rapport and set up a date

don't expect sex on the first date. use the first date as an "im not a psycho" test. girls just wanna make suer youre not a psycho. i don't even stress about kissing on the first date. I just make sure we have a good time.

then on the second date, i smash

this literally works 9/10 times except for the times things go really well and i end up smashing on the first date

fucking kek

I'm this guy: I travel a lot for work, dont' have a ton of time to "get to know." What's the best option? Tinder, out for drinks on day 1 or 2, and try to have a second date on day 3 or 4? Most of my trips are only 3-4 days.

This user has been using tinder correctly. Source I also do this. The goal of tinder is to get the fuck off tinder. You catch her attention hold it long enough to move to texting then give her your number if she texts you then you setup the date and that's it stop fucking talking to her until you see her. Then on the date you show her you aren't a fucking weirdo or a rapist etc and if you want to see her again you give her a kiss and end the date. If you dont want to see her again you mpve the date to your place or her place and see if shes down to smash then mission accomplished you go in home

Thanks my dudes. Screenshot taken.

What are the best type of places to take her for the "I'm not a psycho" date?

Dubs of truth. How long does this take? Can I accomplish this in a 3-4 day work trip?

Bitchez don't want to hear that you want something casual dumbass. You just gotta ask em out for coffee or some shit. They want to at least meet you in public first and make sure you're chill. Then after that if all goes well you can invite em back to your place or whatever. It's not rocket science.

kinda related but not really.
Just matched with a bomb 9/10
Everything went good she is into me and shit and there it fucking is dude.... she has a 15 month old daughter.
My hopes are shattered once again.
What do?

Bruh, single moms are awesome. They usually have money cause of welfare or child support and they LOVE getting dicked down. Go for it. I fuck single mother's all the time and never regret it.

yeah that was my conclusion too
Its just sad because she looks like the type I would totally stay together with.
The kid is a dealbreaker and it hit me in my fucking nuts like a train
I guess I will stay for as long as the fun lasts

Jesus christ, you don't have to marry her just to throw a couple loads in her!

A middle ground between somewhere you feel comfortable/yourself, and somewhere you share a mutual interest.

Ex: you are comfortable in restaurants cause the chatter is a white noise and you feel more relaxed(for examples sake) and you and your match both enjoy a good latte, take her out to coffee at a local brewery. If yall like a good hard drink take her to a bar etc.

but what if I wanted lol