Futa thread

futa thread

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h o t

if someone could translate i'd appreciate

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it would be cool if someone could translate

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artist's name is みつまたかなめ on pixiv

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Yo ho

OP 2 here, OP 1 or OP 3 present? Or anyone else from these other threads?

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oh shit is there more?

i'm the actual OP, its my first time OPing for one of those threads but i remember your thread pal

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Aha! Found ya, you must have saved this recently, I bet you were in one of our threads!
Aha, hello user. Did I hit, with the above ?
How's it going, did we talk in those threads?

Sorry, don't got none.

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bumping with some shit of the other threads

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Release the cattle!

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Futanari Farms

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we didn't talk but i remember two anons (wich one of them was you i suppose) having passionate discussions in previous threads (i was just lurking the other times)

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Keep your hands clear from the Futanaris, lest they impregnate your hands

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When I think about Futanari I don't see Shemales.. To me Futanari needs both Pussy and Dick.. balls are optional

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>(wich one of them was you i suppose)
Ah, probably me yeah. And the other one being OP 1. Though I also promised some love to OP 3.

>balls are optional
So very wrong!

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I mean I'd be ok without them there but I like them there.

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Ahhh, oki, that's better ^^

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Futanari are the apex ideal woman

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>balls are optional
without balls the vag looks like an open wound wich is instant turn off for me

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seek help

off not on, read better

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Agreed. The penis is such a beautiful thing. How could the most beautiful woman not posses one?

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seek help

Pregnant Futanaris

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Oh now that's something I don't have a folder for. Though I have these three pics in an oviposition folder.

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I keep various Futanari but the Captcha is annoying so I don't want to dump

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This dick looks like a weird hotdog twinkie hybrid.

Keeping it alive

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(checked and 404d)
Yeah captcha sucks balls. Infinity only has 1 captcha every 8 hours or so, plus mods and reporting spammers ofc. Shame it's not the same here.

Looks fine enough to me.

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outstanding thread and content

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Stick around for a while user, I hope to stay online and wait for OP 1 who should be coming in about 4 hours.
(I'm a newcomer tho, not the OP of this thread so I've only contributed a little to the content)

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Sexy balls.

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more pregnant futanari

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OP3 HERE HELLO!!!!!!!!!

Is OP1 here as well? owo

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Hey there OP 3 cutie ;3

Don't think so.

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Oh that's a shame. At least you're here though UWU ~

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Unf o///o

Yeah, indeed! OP 1 is supposed to come in about 3-4 hours I think.
(Just with you here though I'm already kinda hard)

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More of this

Of what, loli futas or?

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uwu~~~ I am already full on :3

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Purrrfect! As I said above >pic
(also those are shotas OP 3. Very sexy though!)

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That specific set or artist at least.

I already busted about 30 minutes ago.

Femme shotas are..... 0__0;;;

Futa on male is disgusting and you should feel bad.

I'm sorry user, don't have either.

>Femme shotas are..... 0__0;;;
Agreed, are absolutely lovely! Off-topic in this thread though.

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mmm you're right hehe~
gotta ramp it up ;3

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I am ;3 We can make a sexy femmy shota thread sometimes if you like.
Mommy will ramp it up. Up someone's rump.

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mmmmmm mommy~

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being bi sucks. girls won't understand me looking at futa porn, but I don't wanna go full fag and get aids

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I've just accepted my sexuality, as sexuality isn't linear whatsoever. Just throw out all societal conceptions of it. and just don't care what other people think, because they most likely aren't sure about their own sexuality either. ~op3 :3

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Would you like that OP3? Or do you have a different idea?

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Out of everything, at the top of my list, is having a futa mommy to share some fucking with~~~

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Imagine being stuffed like this~

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oh I do

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would die for it/10

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Mmmm alright!~ Who do you want to share OP3?

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mmm mommy pokegirls are my weakness,,,;;;

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Naughty ^^

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thick mommy meat uwu;;~

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An elf futa with a fat cock and huge tits, lovely~

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>full body condom

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mmm to have my ass pressed on those thighs and her tits on my chest ~~ ugh;;

I want to be consumed by every inch of her thick meat

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mm yes

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And to have her arms wrapped around your back, mm~

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is this what hell looks like?

God mmmmmmm. A godess' embrace
And that juicy cock to go along with it mm~

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>And that juicy cock to go along with it mm~
Where do you want to feel it user? Pressed between our bodies, or inside yours?~

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Any anons ever screenshare porn ?

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mmmm~ pressed between our bodies mm~~ yes

I've never done that o: Have you? What's it like, what do you do?

Mmmm~ In that case mommy will have to lower her hands and trail down your body, and hold you by the buttocks. To help you rub your body against hers, to help you hump it~

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Basically just a discord call and you share screens, just share what you both like, watch videos, share galleries etc that sort of thing

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Ohh I never tried doing that in DS. Though once I fapped with someone on voice chat while we both watched the same vid.

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most ppl cant or dont want to voice chat this is just the easiest to share porn other than posting which is meh

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Aha, well, "share" in real time only, not for saving.
Admittedly posting on here sucks, with the infinite captchas.

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the captchas kill me; and I dont know theres just something hot about feeling good at the same time as someone else

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holy shit I want to suck her and ask her to break my guts

>and I dont know theres just something hot about feeling good at the same time as someone else
Of course ^.^ I love stimulating others, making them feel good.

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Mmmm getting close to the end of a thread.

This is lovely, only she needs to have that gag removed so she can open wide and swallow her pride.

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auto footjobs are beautiful

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I like auto blowjobs better ^//^

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this league game sucks U_U

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Better to hang out here user...

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If you guys are fine with it, I'll make another thread.

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All aboard the new thread

(top to bottom left to right)
Anzu (Anzu) (name and it's pronunciation)
Normal: 6CM
Erect: 10CM
Top: mitsumata kaname poster girl(my girl) Introduction
>left box
Name: Anzu
Age:Eternal 18 year old
Height: 150cm
boobs: B Cup
Dick: 10CM (when erect)
Often shy and silent, However at times when she is happy her dick unconsciously reacts. She is not tsundere.
She worries about being shorter than most of the world's futanari girls and her small phimotic dick. She masturbates less than Yuzu (acording to her)

what's going on here?

>right box
Name: Yuzu
Age: Eternal 20 year old
height: 160cm
boobs: I cup
penis: 25cm (when erect)
Anzu's partner.
She loves that she has bigger boobs and a bigger dick than the cute, petite Anzu.
She loves lewd things and things that maker her feel good. At times she masturbates until there are no tissues left in the box.

Btw I translate doujinshi for commission please check out my fiverr


Is that a Vampirez fan art?


thread is dead user, come to the new one