Sexual secrets thread

Sexual secrets thread

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I fantasise about my niece

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I've been treating my "boyfriend" like a puppy-girl for two years. She's taken to training and treatment so well that her public behaviour has been noticed by a couple of her co-workers. She's not allowed to go anywhere without her collar and people have noticed.

I had anal sex with my 3yo stepsister.


>be me, be 12.
>see little loli stepsis in bed looking cute af
>snuggle up next to her, start caressing her.
>she moans and wriggles.
>I stick a suppository in her butt and she gasps and sighs
>she goes to the bathroom and I watch
>I go back to the bedroom with her and tell her to lie on the bed and face down.
>I pull her panties down and stick it in.
>I came in about 7 seconds and she gets super wet.
>she asks about why she's so wet down there
>just got off the sex offender registry after 15 years.

I've been cumming in my daughters food/drinks since she was 11. pic related

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My ex husband was a pedo who coached u14 girls sport and fucked half a dozen of his pupils while he was with me.

were you okay with it? did you know?

I knew but wasn't ok with it but it was quite an abusive relationship and at the time i felt compelled to stay with him.

I suck older married men even though I'm married myself.

I'm trying to convince my partner to have a threesome with her little sister (25yo).

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How’s that coming along?

I have a garbage bag fetish

How did you know?
What did he do with them?

i like sending pictures to 50+ year olds of my ass and dick

Not too bad. Just slow. I brought it up while we were fucking one day and she got super turned on by it, but felt guilty afterwards.
We talked about it later and she just doesn't want to ruin their relationship, but we fantasize about her together now :D

I wish you all the luck.

When I was 14 I used to jerk off to the sound of my step dad diddling my kid step sister in the next room. Now I’m ashamed.

ty. She is hopefully coming stateside this summer (fingers crossed without her BF). Might be golden opportunity.

story? details?


You should approach 'lil sis with the idea. Leave your gf out of it. If she freaks out then it's your fault. But if your gf is involved then it ruins things between the two of them, they have that between them as they grow old together for the next 60 years.

Not much to tell. Her mom died and then her dad and my mom started dating. They moved in with us and after a while I realized something was up. Her bedroom was next to mine and starting when she was about 10 I would hear him creep into her room at night.

I find the smile of people of middle eastern descent to be super ugly, but i don't want to tell anyone because that's just mean.

i'm dating a trans guy (I knew he was trans going into it) but pussy is kinda confusing and isn't as hot as i thought it was. and I feel really fucking bad because I actually love him so much but i really want to be dicked down, but i don't want to hurt him or even break up I just am such a fucking faggot and i want to sleep forever

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What's the problem with him wearing a strapon?

I mean not very interesting but I think about cheating on my gf quite a lot, would never do it though


Are you a male or female? And is the person you’re dating pre or post op? Is it a chick with a dick or a guy with a vag?

>close childhood friend
>have sleepovers often on the weekends
>sleep together in my twin bed whenever i hosted
>FF to 11
>have big butt from sports
>he starts jokingly smacking my ass in bed
>usually spank back but clearly like getting spanked more
>he notices, especially when i start facing my back toward him more in bed
>his spanking progresses into play-humping
>usually pretend to jokingly moan but really love it, sometimes initiate by scooting my back into him
>he starts getting hard during these bed sessions, hotdogging my ass through our thin boxers
>still spanking me too
>feeling his hard preteen cock sliding between my cheeks always got me hard
>sure he noticed when i'd start grinding into him
>one day he "accidentally" cums on himself while grinding me
>complains about his mess
>tell him to cum on my boxers next time he "accidentally" does
>gives him leeway to start humping me naked whenever he's close
>play sessions always end in him cumming and wiping himself on my boxers
>the heat of his cum radiating through my boxers is enough to make me leak
>one day, ask him to cum inside my boxers instead to contain the mess better
>he takes this as future permission to stick his hard cock in my boxers and hotdog my bare ass
>my hole would tingle and often twitch when his head pressed against it
>couldn't ever resist jerking myself off at this point
>he always cums between my cheeks before spanking me once more, never wants me to finish
>but his hot cum coating my butt always kept me satisfied enough
>went on for a while before we became aware of how gay it was and never mentioned it since
>still friends and plan on moving into an apt together soon
>he has no clue that i'm secretly bi now and plan to become his cumdump again

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Not that Cred Forumstard, but the way it's supposed to work is the word after trans is the target gender. So trans males naturally have vaginas, trans females naturally have dicks.

My mother sucked my dick regularly for about 8 years.

Why'd she stop?

She wasn't into 9 year olds.

I went away to college.

And so you should be user

How long ago. How old are you and step sis now?

any pics of you with a cock up your ass?

I'm ftm with a big crush on a gay friend of mine, no idea if he's into ftms though, but I think about fucking him a lot.

Secret because I have a wife. She's said in theory she's cool with open relationship stuff but neither of us have done it before, and because the guys a mutual friend I feel like it'd be shitty to ask or pursue. Or a massive hassle. Plus I suck at flirting. Tempted to catfish him on Grindr to see if he's open to ftms.

I should probably just keep it to fantasies.

Calm down, fucker! You just wasted a perfectly good opportunity to educate the ignorant and instead you come across like a twat.

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Not yet! I'm still a virgin (;

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I like womens shaved armpits.

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Can't do an ftm who's deep into their transition. They're a full on man at that point and I'm not turned on by that. A year or less on testosterone, tomboy-ish stage, and it may work out, depending on how much feminine traits they still possess.



In what way do i appear twat-like? I'm not offended here, i'm totally bewildered.

my boyfriend is sexually and physically abusive, but I stay with him because my self-loathing makes me think I deserve it. I intentionally annoy him and set him off so I can feel like it's my fault.

Your preface with Cred ForumsTARD. What does the 'tard' part of that reference to?

Retard. Oh. You're offended by use of retard. Well, i'm sorry, but i don't want to lose that word. If you're offended by it, i'm sorry but i'm not going to stop doing it. Especially not ON Cred Forums. What are you even doing on Cred Forums if you offended by Cred Forumstards - what everybody has been calling everybody on here for forever?

You need help, and fast! Especially if you're relatively young, there's still hope to salvage your life. Otherwise, your life will be a black void, completely wasted away while you wait to eventually die.

Recorded a sextape with my gf on her 18th birthday. Stupid me posted it to reddit, and she found out. Never let me record again, even though I want to. >Feelsbadman

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ddi she fuck you good?

once caught my niece on a nanny camera using my wifes sex toys when she was over babysitting.

link to the tape

Hey, calm down, Mr. "I'm not offended here..", go ahead and use it for all I care. I just made the comment that your comment earlier was a bit snippy but I chose to twat. Now I'm thinking cunty, kek. Anyway, go ahead, my fellow Cred Forumstard, and have fun!

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I don't understand how you see it as snippy. Wait a minute. Do you think Cred Forumstard is like an insult? Do you think i said, "Not that asshole, but..."? Because that's not what that word means. In the context of the greater world, Cred Forumstard is an insult, but on here it just means "some regular Cred Forums user".

What was your relationship like while you were doing all of this? Who would initiate and how? What did you talk about during the bj?

She initiated it when I was 13. She and my dad had zero sex life and I was sort of a surrogate I guess. Our relationship was extremely close (still is). I wouldn't say much during it, but she would tell me how delicious I was and that I was her precious boy. My dad couldn't climb stairs so there was no risk. She would even do it when he was home downstairs. I loved it and so did she.

Please give us more details about when/how it started, what it was like, what she looked like, etc.


He openly had sex with a few in our house. It was his way of proving to me he could do whatever the fuck he wanted

She started it. She was extremely horny because my dad couldn't perform. She was still pretty young and very pretty. I was a surrogate for my dad I guess. But we never fucked.

girl i used to talk to online and i both had rape fantasies. We used to talk a lot about it. I went and raped her one time, planning to tell her it was me. She didn't fight or anything and was just really quiet. It weirded me out so i didn't tell her. We kept talking for a couple of years after and she never mentioned it at all.

I have sex with my brother because he's a fucking loser and i feel sorry for him. Im probably the only girl he won't have to pay for

Is it plain vanilla sex or do you get kinky with him? Do tell.

Don't see that term much used around here. But I'll consider myself educated. Thanks, user! Carry on.

My husband has a 13 year old son from a previous marriage who is absolutely hypersexual. I wank and suck him off a few times a week.

I only use /b when shitting

How much for a video?

Does he cum yet? Do you eat it?

Nothing too kinky. No weird shit, just the usual. He likes to act out what he sees in porn.

do you remember the first time in detail?

Do you let him fuck your ass? That's what most porn is now.

He's started cumming properly recently.and yeah i do.

Found out I have a foot fetish when my wife starting rubbing her toes along my dick while I was eating her out, and being called a cuck almost made me cum

He likes to do that yeah. But he's pretty big so I'm not so keen

You are a great sister. Wish I had one like you.

I just had the thought, "What is with all of you silly perverts?" because i had momentarily forgotten that i was in a silly pervert thread.

This has to be a guy larping.

I used to show porn to my 6yo cousin when I was a teen. We also masturbated each other.

Shhhhh. Let people believe it. It's more fun that way.

I let three guys do whatever they wanted to me in their college dorm once. I acted like I didn't like it but it was honestly the best night of my life.

>i feel sorry for him
doubtful that's the only thing you get out of this

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I want to be in a deep sexual relationship with my cousin.

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No you don't. So much bullshit on this thread. This is the 13 yr old kid posting this shit, right?

I do, yes. It built up for a long time before she actually put it in her mouth. She would come into my room every night to say goodnight and talk. Started with rubs and massages, then hugs, progressed to her hand brushing agains my dick (which got immediately hard), finally stroking it outside my under wear, then inside my underwear, then finally taking it out and kissing the head. After that, she sucked me good about once a week on average for years.

Who cares? If any of us had actual lives, we wouldn't be here.

No big secret but im bi and have never told anyone

Come on god damn it. Trust me here. I know how to enjoy Cred Forums long term. You've got to let yourself embrace the absurdity. Pretend to believe. It ruins the fun when you call bullshit on everything - even if you're right.

Relax and your butthole will be fine. After 10 times, it won't even hurt.

You do realise this is a secrets thread? It's not shit people are likely to discuss at the dinner table..

Have you thought about starting it up again? Would you want to have sex with her?

What did she get out of it? Did you ever do anything to her?

I cal b's onU

I jerked off on my female cousins face for about a week, every night, while she was sleeping. Stayed with us for a bit during one summer. Super horny, couldn’t help it, after a few days of thinking about trying to fool around with her I just went into the room she was staying in and did it. I’d clean her up as best I could when I was done, each time wishing I’d taken it further and woke her up or something, kinda glad I didn’t now.

No, it will never happen again. She's pretty old now and I live far away. But I think it will always be my best sex memory. Not many guys can say their mother sucked their dick numerous times.

I never touched her and she never took any clothes off. I do know that she would masturbate in her room afterwards. Fucking was never even discussed. I think she just loved me a lot and loved sucking and cum. She sure seemed to.

Yeah i get sex too but i mainly feel sorry for him. Girls have been bitches to him

That's cool but the dude I have a crush on is hard gay, so I doubt your opinion is relevant to the situation.

He's known me since pre transition but always been cool about it, I'm many years into my transition and pass constantly so

>Girls have been bitches to him
Would you elaborate? How did this start between you?

I wear girls panties and regularly give blowjob to one of my dad's coworker.
My dad has no idea I'm gay or that he's bi, nor aware that I secretly meet up with him.

He hate my dad as much as I do so he's probably just using me as a way to mess with him.

I like this. How old are you? How old is he? How big is his cock? Are you good at sucking it?

We went to the same school and there was a bunch of fucking witches who were horrible to him. He was bordering on suicidal about how he'd never have female contact. That night i had a couple of vodkas and sucked him off. It went on from there.

He very likely knows and is aware of what your intentions are. There's no way he doesn't think of it also. If he felt weird about it he never would have agreed to move in with you.

When you say he boned his peers, do you mean some of the u14 girls he coached? Is he on a registry now?

did she give you her address? how far did you have to travel to do it

I knew where she went to school. It was about a 4 hour drive away.

Friends (3 of them) and me, fucked my step daughter and her friend on superbowl sunday

On Saturday my GF brought her 14 year old cousin over for one reason. The cousin had lamented having not lost her virginity yet and she didn't like the guys at her school. My GF offered me up, noting that at least it would be with someone who cares about her and wouldn't treat her bad in any way. After some convincing, I agreed.

Originally it was just going to be a few hours yesterday. But my GF picked her up on Saturday telling her mom they were going to Disneyland until late. On the way back here, my GF stopped with her and got her some cute underwear to wear, and got her a Plan B. The cousin text me from my GFs phone to tell me she was getting horny and didn't want to wait, which was simultaneously a turn on and made me a little nervous.

They got here, my GF handed her cousin off and told us to have fun. We went upstairs to the master bedroom. Once I saw the cousin and her wry smile, I got immediately turned on. We had a quick talk. Started making out, she was wearing a cute little dress. I laid her on the bed, pulled the dress up and went down on her. We both undressed and I mounted her little body. Went slow, kissed her as I fucked her. About halfway through she told me she loved me. Finally I came inside her. We lingered and kissed a little more, then I let her cuddle. After a little bit we had dinner delivered. Ended up fucking two more times that night. It was amazing, can't wait to do it again.

So did you follow her home from school or what

When I was younger, about 10 or so, I'd convince girls I was friends with to strip for me. Idk why to this day, because I didn't really understand sex or even feel aroused, I guess it was just curiosity.

Very much on the register. Yes they were girls he was coaching

Not entirely true I come here when I poop

Pics or it didn't happen

Im 23, he's 54.
Over twice me age and twice my size, he still train a lot.
His cock is close to 2 inches circumference and he got a fucking nice set of balls.

I can't throat him yet. Doesn't seems like a priority for him anyway. From what he's telling me I am doing a good job :)
He mostly enjoy having me between his legs, sometimes I'm just asked to kiss and lick while he's watching tv,etc...

I'm not getting anything in return but he's a masculine god to me and I love how illicit this relationship is.

pics and I get arrested

>After some convincing, I agreed.
Had you not said that, it may have been possibly believable. Nice larp tho.

diameter. 2 inches diameter, silly me

Yes, I understand how exciting the taboo factor can be. Does he cum in your mouth? Do you swallow?

Honestly it did take convincing. My girlfriend posed the idea to me and I honestly felt like this was a bad idea. But her take on it was that at least with me she knew I wouldn't do anything bad. That was the piece where I needed convincing. Her cousin is actually really attractive for her age, in a purely physical sense I would rail that little thing for days. But I wanted to make sure I was actually doing the right thing, y'know?

Post nude

How old are you?

I usually jerk off behind my cousin when she uses my laptop to browse facebook. Never did she know I've cummed at her back multiple times.

>Yeah i get sex too
Have you shown him how to make you cum?

I'm 25, GF is 23.

show us your tits

My mother's boyfriend molested me starting when I was very young and raped me by the time I was 11.

By the time I was 12 they were letting others rape me for drugs/money.

Here are some questions I've answered before but I am happy to answer more

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You really want to see a hairy bloke with a vagina?

Of course I swallow his cum when he ask me to.
That or he cums on me or my panties/clothes to "mark what is his".

Im not a big fan of cum taste but taking it is gratifying.

You sound like a very good boy.

I'm a 23 year old man that loves catfishing men in chatrooms, been doing it for a couple of years and thinking about how many men I've made cum is arousing

I had to help bathe my 11yo niece and it was honestly pretty fun

my mom blowed a friend of mine when I was young. Nobody knows I watched that shit and I bet they did even more together which I havent seen.

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Yes I am ;)

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yeah, we used to talk about her way home from classes and how it would happen. I went and watched her a couple of times before i did it.

Is that all that happened?

I've tried. Might help him in the future. He's clumsy but i do sometimes orgasm

>some years ago be me, 32, divorced
>froyo was a thing, android phones were uprising
>daughter turned 13 in december, came after xmas to stay with me for about 6 months
>active girlscout, doesn't like "bitches and fuckgirls", thinks bieber is worse garbage than miley
>try to be dad at first but she is glued to her cell phone 24/7
>first month we just co-existed, the only conversation we had was when she caught me smoking weed
>ok with it, thinks it's better than alcohol, answered with a fat grin when asked how she would know
>throw myself at work project, increase drug intake to keep up
>constantly seeing jailbait in underwear starts to get to me
>eventually come across a package called dsploit
>sniffing, man in the middle attacks, and redirecting web browsers on same wifi
>tell myself it's only a quick test if it works, check her browsing habits, but nothing of real interest
>mostly normal porn on tumblr, no videos, some literotica (fan fiction...)
>mess with redirecting for a bit, it works but she isn't phased by it
>one evening during porn time coked up thoughts start creeping
>check on kiddo, still up and also looking at porn right now, niiiiiice
>decide to spoof some variety into her world
>artsy stuff with fancy editing, focus on penis worship and blowjobs
>it works, she stays in the theme for a good while, then stops using her cell
>do more lines and fap myself raw that night looking at the choices she remained longest on

>next day start the app as soon as she said goodnight
>first thing she's searching for is porn
>watch her for a while, then start redirecting again
>dominant older men, submissive younger girls, pet girls
>she seems to like what she sees, I fap to her favorite findings
>over the next few days increase amount of depravity in her results
>daddy daughter, incest
>keep feeding her, keep fapping
>goes on for a while, maybe 3 months
>one night im laying in bed watching her activity, but not much going on
>hear footsteps
>she knocks, comes in, and says shes needs to talk, looks guilty/ashamed
>pat the bed next to me, she sits down, facing me, but never looks at me
>keeps quiet when i ask whats wrong, after a bit of prodding she blurts out

>"do fathers and daughters really do... you know... it??"

>every drop of blood in my body rushes into my penis at that moment
>"uh... yes... some do, if they feel a special love for each other"
>nods, i can see her looking straight at the bulge in my pants
>"is that why you always say im your special girl?"
>"oh sweetie, that's not... i mean..."
>she gives me a quick kiss on the cheek
>"no its ok, i want to be your special girl dad"
>look at each other for a full minute
>hug, and kiss her on the forehead
>after a while she starts asking questions
>if i watch porn
>if i masturbate to porn as well
yes when it feels good
>if it takes long
no, but sometimes i want it to feel good for a while so i take it slow
>questions become more and more direct
>can i see, why is its head almost purple and not pink like in the movies, can i touch it, ewww it feels weird, will you show me how you do it
>after about 20 minutes shes giving me her first blowjob, trying hard to emulate what she saw online
>smiles everytime i compliment and praise her, eventually pull her up and onto my lap
>i slide all the way in, she gasps as her hymen breaks, but starts to move her hips right away
>grunt and tell her how good she is, shes must be a natural
>she moans and starts to ride me hard
>creampied her, she stayed on top of me until i got hard again
>took my time that round, changed positions, second creampie doggy style

>ice cream for breakfast the next morning.

I wish you lived near me. I'd ask you to suck me too.

Not a sexual secret, just a general secret i know about..Anyone ever wonder what the artist LIMBO looks like without a mask? I have a picture of her face, will reveal if interest, picture is related her with a mask ofc

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He had pizza.

No i was estranged from my family and unemployed. Was volunteering at the time. Now i look back and it seems a stupid situation

So you were cooking his dinner while he was balls deep in sporty tween girls upstairs? Sounds like an alpha tbh

Yeah, I didn't go out of my way to molest her or anything like that but was awesome getting to touch her entire naked body and she was really cool about it

Living the dream

I fantasize about getting drugged up on lsd and ecstacy then participating in a gangbang where the guys have full control over what they do to me. This will probably never happen because my partner would never approve, but a femanon can fantasize

My wife had a fucked up family and so tons of sex stories from her childhood. She thinks Im being supportive by listening to her tell me but Im mostly just getting off by it

What did she do as a kid?

start small, take some good E and have your partner and a friend have their way

He is against drugs and doesn't want to share me. I've done lsd though, planned on trying e

>The cousin had lamented having not lost her virginity yet
If real, you lived in a really fucked up world, buddy.

Tits or GTFO.

I wish I had guy friends on my snapchat to talk to and share pics. Married 48 year old life gets boring. Never been gay but me and my friends used to suck each other in middle and high school. I was the best at it they said.

>be me 19 having a gf
>text with a female friend 15
>just messing around decide to go for mcdonalds
>end up fingering her and doing rape play

full story?

bummer, he's missing out big time
rolling toys are fun for hours

Did you really have to ask? Also, what’d you get at McDonald’s?

This is really fucked up, im sorry this happened to you, how are you now?

Not only LARP, but bad LARP.

One time I fucked this girl and it was pretty wild. Never saw her again.

Nice dubs. More stories and pics she's a sexy little thing?


damn he was having fun lol. how much time did he get?

me too, would fuck

Give a story faggot

about to cum to her

All things considered, I am doing good.

I have been out of that house/environment for 12 years and have been completely clean for over 4 years.

I love going out in public while having a toy inside me. It’s incredibly erotic to be around people while playing by yourself. The feeling of being naughty and the risk of being caught is exhilarating.

I have a sissy fetish since I was 12. Got quite a lot of stuff stashed in my wardrobe, but still living at home. I dress up when I can and nearly got caught by my father a lot of time.
Not gay in boy mode but fantazising about getting fucked, so I let a dry hump me and choke me on day while feminized.
I was quite hot but I freaked out and we stopped, but I'm still tempted to give in and go all the way to try at least once (too much nerves for now).

(not me on the pick btw but I look quite good too)

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I used to put a remote controlled vibrating butt plug in my girlfriend, then take her out to a bar and give he a "shock" when she least expected it. Good times.

Hot. How old

I've showered with a 9yo girl quite a few times, nothing physical but she is excellent eye candy

How old are you? I'll bet she stares at your penis.

Nice! I’ve done similar with an Ex as well. Bars are the best! No one can hear the hum while on max setting! Lol!

How big were you

And the sex after we got home was very intense. We both love anal.



of moet ik zelfs zeggen; GODVERRRDOMME GEIL BIE DE CIA ONNIE?!111111111

I shared pictures of my gf on here for years, eventually someone saw her who knew her. Ruined everything. I managed to lie my way out of losing her, but it's been ass sense. I still beat off furiously to knowing that she's exposed like that

7", above average girth.

What toys do you use?

You’re going to jail buddy

Pic please?

Give us the story of how u witnessed it

That’s fucking hot! How do you both incorporate you live for anal in sex? Pegging and such?

Lower 20s. She has 3 brothers so she's seen dicks before but she does look still

I mean we both love anal sex in the sense of me fucking her in the ass. Not vice versa.

Vibes, insertable eggs, vibrating panties, butt plugs, small dildos, and large ones if I’ve prepared myself / am horny enough.

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Lmao! Sorry misunderstood that bit.

Where do you go? How large?

Yes it is pretty nice :3

I used to "date" a mentally challenged girl that was 20 years younger than me

Yeah, I don't think so.

> Be me in late 30s...
> GF I live with but poly/open
> Trolling various dating sights because why not
> Women my age are too easy and desperate
> Tend to lose interest in them before even making plans around GF to meet up
> Up pops 19yo nigress in dating app
> Matches, start talking
> Into older guys so let's meet
> Meet, make small talk
> Super cute
> Doesn't mind me getting touch
> Escalates quickly, go find somewhere somewhat more private
> 4 hours later fingering her in semi-public
> sits on my lap starts grinding while kissing me
> pull cock out between our bodies for her to rub it
> use her jacket to cover her ass and slip tights off her ass
> proceed to bareback and creampie her in dark corner of lounge
> put clothes back on to leave
> cum leaking out makes huge stain on light gray tights
> take her to the subway for her cum stained ride home
> block her on dating app and kik in case preggo

First grindr date we went to a frat party (both in uni) i remember i was having a blast excused myself to the bathroom and saw a huge like so i went to the back and pissed by the kitchen window. Saw my date inside put some power from a capsule in a cup and pour a drink. Made my way back inside to meet him. He tried to roofie me. I may be gay, but im still a man and have the strength of one. I beat the shit out of him on our walk back to our dorm. Left him leaking on an alley way. Hope he got raped by the homeless. Never heard from him again.

I am lucky enough not to have to fantasize. My ex wife's niece still visits often since my divorce. She lives in the neighborhood and let me tell you, divorce was the best move I ever made. We have a lot of fun together.

I hope he knows! Would make it much easier to get him to pound me into his bitch (:

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Are you worried about her saying "I love you"? Cuz this was just to pop her cherry to get it over with, right? Girls that young can become obsessed with their"first" and if she's actually in love and you're with her cousin, won't that cause issues?

you said can't wait to do it again... How often an occurrence will this be?

Sometimes after I pick my nose I shove the boogers up my ass or down my cock hole

I wanna get fucked by a bbc, I want to go all out on it. The only thing is I’m not attracted to men whatsoever, I only like cock, so there’s my dilemma


My wife was diagnosed with a genetic/neurological condition that is similar to MS, but not MS.

In essence, if she is not careful/off her medicine her body fully paralyzes. Arms, legs, speech, everything.

It took us almost two years to realize what it was/why it was happening.

The first year was scary and nerve wracking.

The second year I realized that a paralyzed wife couldn't say no. I went from dreading those times when she was paralyzed to absolutely loving them.

>be me 19
>have a gf
>being bored at afternoon
>texting random friends
>texting a friend,who just turned 15
>we talk about everything
>just as nature is, we talk bout sexual stuff
>we talk bout our kinks (we already talked about it before)
>she tells me she likes rape play
>i tell her i would like to do that with her
>she says no you have a gf
>i described what i would do with her and i wanna own her
fast forward a few days
>we been texting again
>tell her I am up for mc donalds
>"you wanna join"
>"yeah sure why not"
>i drive to her pick her up
>"let´s go through drive in, don´t want anyone to see us" "yeah sure why not"
>i grab a bic mac, she takes fries with ranch sauce
>driving around looking for parking space
>reminding of a forest nearby
>"you mind if I take you there?" "nah it´s okay"

Around town. Clothes shopping, groceries shopping, restaurants, bars, clubs, salon, or just for a nice walk in the park. Largest is 18 inch double headed black dildo.

Use niggatine

I had sex with a 12 year old boy when i was 17, best friends little brother. Found out he was gay and took a shot, he loved it and begged for more the next day.

I'd pound that rn myself. Hell, time to fire up grindr and get some ass...

F or M?
F hot af
M gay af



when i finish, i think about dead bodies. i dont know why and it won't stop.

Get a Big black dildo. Go crazy on it.


>we drive into the forest
btw it is 9pm
>she laughts says its kinda creepy
>"shall I park elsewhere?" "we can eat here, it´s fine"
>turn off car
>we eat and talk about our lifes
>i finished eating first, cleaned hands, started petting her inner thighs
>her voices starts shaking a bit, no resistance
>continue to massage her inner thighs harder and go up slowly
>"stop it user, you have a gf"
>"yeah you are right"
>my hands quickly go up and choke her
>she moans and says "No you have a gf, thats wrong"
>i go under her shirt - no bras
>i grab them and massage them
>she moans and doesn´t say anything
>left hand choking, right hand kinda groping her boobs
>I pull up her shirt now, exposed tits huge for her age
>she moans and breathes harder
>choking her now and go down with my hands into her pants
>slowly rubbing over her pantys
>sliding into her pussy
>she moans and i choke her
>we kiss and she pushes her tounge in me
>stop kissing "okay to far user"
>i start gliding into her pussy
>two finger in her, thumb is rubbing her
>she screams in lust

fries with ranch.

> be me
>friend lives basically across the street so he is constantly over at our house
>mom is single because dad left for milk and cigarettes
>I was upstairs looking out the window
>see mom and him walking through our garden behind the garage
>I thought he was helping her with some shit or something
>after a while they come back
>fast forward after we played some playstation
>he says he is going home, say goodbye
>I look out the window again
>mfw he is going with my mom behind the garage again
>I quietly walk through the basement inside the garage looking for them
>holy fucking shitballs
>Nearly walked in on them doing it because I wanted to go outside and in last second got a glimpse through the window (they were outside, I was still inside)
>I never felt such a rush of adrenalin going through my body
>basically he was standing up with his cock out while holding my moms head and manhandling her pretty rough for his age
>The thing that really did it for me was the realization that my mother while being the "alpha" in my life was servicing a young guy smaller than her.
>He really owned her at that moment and she sucked every drop of his boycum like a vacuum cleaner

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You go shopping with an 18 inch dildo inside you? Fucking bs

That's my only concern. The cousin and I spoke about that before we did anything. I explained that we can do this thing and that while there's a familial love there, it's not going to be a long term romantic thing. It was more about me building her up too. I want her to know that while we did this, I want her to find someone she can truly love on her own.

Yesterday after we finished, the three of us sat down and discussed it. GF explained it can be a thing for a while, but not forever. Which I agree with. I don't want it getting in the way of our relationship. My GF and I talked about it last night after she took her cousin home and we both feel okay. We've had threesomes before. We're confident and secure in our relationship. She said she's okay with us continuing this for a bit. But she did tell her cousin on the way home apparently that this is a temporary thing and she's happy to share for a time. But that time will be limited.

I want to be a cute femboy, i really wish i was born female to wear cute outfits

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Nigger what the fuck

>i slowly get faster and harder
>she spreads her legs
>and breathing faster
>I whisper into her ear
>"you like what your daddy is doing"
>she can only nod and her whole body is under tension
>now three fingers go into that puffy tight pussy
>she is screaming in lust and i finger fuck her like a chase
>her whole body shakes after about 30 sec after the first orgasm and she hugs my arm
>we slowly adjust our clothes i clean my fingers and i start the motor and we drive back to her
>"this will be our little secret okay"
>"yes of course daddy"

You sick freak

I have plenty, just wanna feel the real thing. Gloryholes sound ideal but I also wanna get fucked proper

too crazy?

Never claimed I went shopping with an 18 inch dildo inside me moron! That’s just the biggest toy I have. I’ve only ever gone out with it inside me once. Down my elevator (had 2 construction workers and a family of 3 in it) went to the lobby to get my mail, spoke to my doorman, and came back up, all with the 18 incher inside me. It was incredibly fucking hot, but a bit uncomfortable. Rubbed one out in my apartment and took the monster out.

yeh pls


Thats fucking hot. Tits plz

Yes, you newfag, you just got spoonfed when you should have lurked for two years before opening your uninitiated mouth and posting here.

At work user. Can’t.

At the gym I like checking out other guys, knowing that they probably don't know I'm checking them out

>be me a few years ago
>just turned 21
>go to lame party
>meet 8/10 qt 3.14
>both decide party is lame
>leave together
>tells me shes dtf
>walk to nearby park
>its late, no kids
>hop on swing
>she hops on me
>get to grinding
>grab her tits
>she wants to get naked
>hop off swing
>get on bench
>she takes off shirt and bra
>arms and head fold back behind her
>ribcage opens up
>no internal organs
>just teeth
>lots and lots of teeth
>creature rears back ready to devour me in one bite
>grab my right thumb with my left hand
>jerk it counterclockwise
>right hand pops out and folds down
>plasma cannon in right arm primes
>extend right arm as ribcage jaws wrap around me


>squeeze right fist with a millisecond to spare
>feels weird when detached
>muffled thump as plasma blast escapes
>hole in her back the size of a trashcan lid
>her corpse falls
>plasma cannon primes again
>likely playing dead
>aim for neural core in pelvis
>scan for life signs with retinal implant
>left eye burns but im used to it
>register kill with mom
>switch to long range
>scan for randos and lookyloos
>nobody saw a thing
>power down plasma cannon
>reattach hand
>wriggle fingers around to ensure proper alignment
>bend right pinky back to pop it open
>retrieve immolation pellet from socket
>close finger back up
>ow again
>wriggle fingers again
>all is hunky dory
>drop immolation pellet on corpse
>walk away as it burns
>head home to mom to restock and recharge
>another one off the streets


Can confirm, saw it all. Trust me, it’s real.

you damn lookyloo

>ir"first" and if she's actually in l

You must've been out of range of my scans. I'm sure you got it all on video. :-/

I have a couple of buddies who suck me off a few times a week. The one has a roommate and last time I stopped over they both took turns. It was fucking great.

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It started and developed really slowly. When she paralyzes, she stays that way about about 12-24 hours.

Her speech comes back first, then hands, and last legs.

Not surprisingly, when this happens I have to do everything for her. Bathroom, bathe, etc.

The first time I had her in the shower chair and just said something like "Hey, I am going to get off real quick since we are in the shower already" and basically just jacked off and shot my load across her chest.

Later that night though it got me thinking about how I could do anything I wanted. I undressed her and fucked her. When she regained movement and stuff, she said she didn't really mind, especially since she didn't have sensation.

So the next time I put her on her stomach and did the one thing she never lets me do, fuck her ass.

Since then anytime she paralyzes, I do more and more to her, especially stuff she would never let me normally do.

A lot of this she hates.

Good greentext. Keeping this one

So you basically have a real life sex doll?

I've visited over 100 glory holes over the last 6 years. Some girls but almost all guys. Never caught anything, got some insane head and plan to keep it up

I've never used a sex doll, but yea I guess that is a pretty good comparison.

I've (23m) been dating an older gay couple (50s) for a few years. I see them 2-3 times a week. Feels pretty good overall.

Dont get carried away now, she doesnt have sensation nor can she say anything do anything meaning if you end up actually hurting her she wont be able to relay that message.

Am I a terrible person for loving the fact hundreds of students are blowing loads to her? That she is fuckmeat for them?

I first fucked some one at 9 and i was considered late by my school's stands

I like to jerk off while guys piss on me. Then I suck their cock. OMG it's awesome

i'm in an extremely vanilla relationship sex wise, when i made it very clear at the beginning that i'm not vanilla at all and wanted to explore sexually. At the time we met, my partner was cool with it. Now he won't even let sex toys into the bedroom because he's "too old fashioned"

Sounds like you need a new man

I have sex in the missionary position for the purpose of procreation

Her speech is usually back when I do stuff and I don't go overly crazy.

Well lubed anal, some mouth/throat fucking, and my favorite. Blindfolding her and then taking pics/videos/facetiming people.

Growing had a friend with a hot mom. She really liked to play up the teasing aspects to his embarrasment. He went to go live with his dad in another state. Me and a couple of friends ended up fucking his mom. Took all our virginities when we were 14/15.

A few years ago my husband lost his job.

I worked at a 7-Eleven at the time and in addition to picking up extra shifts, I sold nudes and eventually gave sexual favors to a coworker for cash.

Husband never found out.

Work at a video game retailer and today I bought a video game system from someone with some hard core homemade porn on it. She wasn't nothing special, but the intimacy of it was super fucking hot. If I wasn't with my coworker I would have copied it. But I already felt like a creep browsing through it while she was standing there.

>My wife was diagnosed with a genetic/neurological condition that is similar to MS, but not MS.
>In essence, if she is not careful/off her medicine her body fully paralyzes. Arms, legs, speech, everything.
Riiiight user. Mind telling us the name of the disease? I mean, if your wife has it and you care for'd know exactly what it is i'm sure.

oh really, my older sister blowed three of my friends at the same time. Sadly I didnt see anything

>be me
>caused by my dad diddling me through ages 9-13
>im a whore

It is called periodic paralysis. It is genetic in nature but presents with neurological symptoms very similar to MS.

The disease messes with the body's ability to properly maintain its Potassium.

In our case, the potassium level plummets which is what causes the paralysis to set in.

Very hot. Any older men? Details please

Great story and a great ass
Spread cheeks?

Yeah. He'd rather play world of warcraft every chance he gets.

M or F? Stories?

Friday night I was at the club with my boy’s and I ended up dancing with these two girls, at different times throughout the night. I’m trying to now fuck around with girls so much because I’m talking to someone but damn were they tempting. The first one was all out saying she wanted to fuck so badly and she said she felt my hard cock pressed up against her, she then proceeded to grab it. I was about to get a bj but I wanted to hang with my buds so I got her snap and told her we could fuck some other time. Later on I dance with this major qt we made out and grinded hard. She asked me if I have a dorm we can go back to. I don’t because I’m live with my current gf and my ex gf lmao. I made up some excuse about my roomates and I having issues, so she said I should snap her. The first one is slutty enough for me to be able to fuck her easy, but what about the other one. The qt is seriously so hot and I’d actually consider fucking her. What should my plan of action be? I wanna text her but idk how. Tinder is easier. I wait till next weekend and dance with her again? Or should I see her during the week, I really wanna bang her

You should fuck other people.

Not while we are still together. I'll do that when I leave.

Been fucking my cousin off an on since she was 12

Then leave. You're not doing him any favors by prolonging the relationship.

fucking dumbass

>wut does Cred Forumstard mean
lurk moar faggot

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I would fuck you user, you look cute af

Go the fuck back to plebbit this instant you retarded tranny. You don't belong here.

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shot a huge load in a bowl of chili and gave to my mother in law once.

November will be twenty years since I started dating my wife. We have three children. I’m in love with two other women. One I got to share my bed twice, but she wouldn’t let me fuck because of the kids. The other I had an affair with for a few months in 2017, but she got a real boyfriend. The two other women are best friends. My wife doesn’t know those facts, but she’s never been okay with me being friends with these girls but she does know I text with them both nearly every day and she doesn’t like it.

after only being with woman all my life, I met up with another guy and sucked his cock , we did a gay 69 and it was so hot I came within a couple of seconds, he jerked onto my my chest while I sucked his balls

Oh hello, newfriend. Fuck off, lurk more

did you just facial her or cover the tits/ass/pussy too? Worried about her noticing at all? Ever do anything else?

Even though I have a gf I love and want to take care of, I have a huge fetish for sissies and femboys. I want to have a couple of femboy friends I can visit late at night to just get high and pound all night when my girl is on her period, or when she's not down to fuck. I have a REALLY high sex drive lol met up with a fair number of one night stands but I want to find someone repeat

I've raped 4 unconscious women and gotten away with it

My sister and I are basically siblings with benefits. Casual sex all the time and tons of comfy cuddling.

bruh same. Except younger too. Fantasies about doing it with a friend too

Just message her and say you wanna hang out sometime and make sure your girls aren’t home, idk how you’d ask to fuck her at her place

being a whore is fine, think of it as being able make people happy

how did it happen? what would be the prerequisites for this kind of sibling relationship?


Interesting, go on...

You have my deepest empathy, and you genuinely seem to be on a good path in your current life. Good on you. Wishing you the best.


It’s super risky, I got lucky at least imo. Hot sister who was just a bit younger than I. Just casually start to bring up sex and porn, then start going further. Make jokes about how big your dick is. Start complementing her body. Then once you two get close enough that your hugs become too long and you can grope her ass and she won’t say anything about it, start making moves. Feel her thighs, grind against her, make sure she can feel your bulge. Then when she’s on the verge of breaking you can take her virginity and give her the best night she’s ever had.

We spent a ton of time together and so curiosity became a big thing. We discovered porn together, became more casual when talking about sexual stuff. Got comfortable when hanging out enough to feel her up, and she felt like she could feel my bulge. Then it escalated to masturbating, then grinding, then fucking.

How did you do it

did you both know that egyptian pharaohs used to marry their sisters.

please kill yourself

what if his stepsister doesn't want him to die?

I got my 53 year old boss pregnant after an office party.

jesus christ, was she hot?

Aspies creating aspies

How old are you pedo scum?

Not stunningly hot but not unattractive.

But should I ask? Should I acknowledge the fact we were gonna fuck?

I wish there were more gay stories in the secret threads. I like the stories.

I share an extensive collection of content with my close friend from a highly autistic woman that ranges from highly sexual to just straight up bizarre non-porn content, or what I believe to be a highly autistic woman anyway, and I have no idea what to do with it.

>lots of videos of her exploring her anal cavity
>has multiple 'albums' she has written and produced on bandcamp/soundlab
>fascinated with enemas, sonic the hedgehog, jesus,and the wiggles?

The comments she leaves on her own pages are always leaving me with more questions.
I'm almost afraid to share her content, I don't think you guys would be ready.

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>fascinated with enemas, sonic the hedgehog, jesus,and the wiggles

I am ready.

what did she look like?

Fuck off

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idk man, are you?
i really dont wanna sit on this forever though

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