Holy shit the Asian women memes are true. They are so much better than white women. All Asian women are thin...

Holy shit the Asian women memes are true. They are so much better than white women. All Asian women are thin, cute and quirky. They are the perfect woman. Western women eat shitty greasy fat food and they are all gross with terrible narcissistic personalities. Asian women are more traditional and have greater values on family values. They look after their men and children, white women are desperate to get rights to kill their children and fuck as many Chad men as they can and have no thoughts about their future.

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Ye but they look weird, make shitty noises and have no hips.
Im gonna stick with the jungle fever on this one.


Sure thing, incel.

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Jessica nice

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You are a bitch.

I dont live in a country infested by other races like america so I dont really know any other pussy besides white and sometimes black.

God damn it, burn it all

They are still women though, don't think you will get one if you're fat, short, weak and have a tiny dick.

I wanted to coom so bad when that lass was getting fingered on the couch lads.
Also when that dude was making out with the underage girl.

Why is korea so based?

Incel way of thinking, you can be all that and still get it. Rethink your life.

Come home white man

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t. Ricel

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>I don't live in a country infested with other races, I live in this here country infested with blacks
you are one mentally ill, retarded incel. And you don't know any pussy of any color.

Holy shit the Asian women memes are true. They are so much better than white women. All Asian women are thin, cute and quirky. They are the perfect woman. Western women eat shitty greasy fat food and they are all gross with terrible narcissistic personalities. Asian women are more traditional and have greater values on family values. They look after their men and children, white women are desperate to get rights to kill their children and fuck as many Chad men as they can and have no thoughts about their future.

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I told you the truth, Its either white chicks or sometimes black chicks, there is no in between.Only asians I ever see are the ones in the chinese stores or restaurants.
Also I only ever had 2 gf so I guess I shouldnt speak to much on the issue.

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OP's girl clearly doesn't look fake like this though

white women are finished

Non-white women ranked:

>Holy shit the Asian women memes are true. They are so much better than white women. All Asian women are thin, cute and quirky. They are the perfect woman. Western women eat shitty greasy fat food and they are all gross with terrible narcissistic personalities. Asian women are more traditional and have greater values on family values. They look after their men and children, white women are desperate to get rights to kill their children and fuck as many Chad men as they can and have no thoughts about their future.

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I've been married to an Asian woman (Japanese) for the past three years and i regret it every day.

those realistic examples aren't even bad

you fell for it you fucking weeb instead of going for a thai ladyboy

Bottom tomboy is a qt

bottom tomboy is lisa from blackpink before surgery

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>this stays up while black women thread gets pruned in 10 minutes
jan confirmed to be an "i like asian women starter pack" incel

Asian "men" are subhumans

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i am not a weeb, faggot

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>this thread is at least remotely about a movie thats currently relevant
>black women thread is low effort off-topic jew bait as always
>wonders why his nigger threads get deleted while this one is not

>tfw i get lumped in with all of this memery just because i think they look prettier
thats literally it
i like the way they look
cmon man

asien "men" are only good looking like girls with a cock and a cock up there assholes

>be me
>supposed to have this
>bitch never shows up
>break up with me the day after
I wish I was a fag. Women are all the same

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but the chin and eyes look the same, which are supposed to be the most common surgeries. Not even a nose job.

Whats supposed to be different?

coreans are pig disgusting

all she needed was a nosejob to be a perfect qt

just shut the fuck up already you fucking insect
all women are the same useless soulless creatures, except for your mother/grandmother due to parental instincts

This dude is way out of her league. What a fucking waste. Hope this is just a phase and he doesn't ruin his genes by breeding mentally handicapped hapas.

One thing I'll agree with, the porn is leagues ahead of most stuff in the West. JAV's are solid gold.

Don't take 4chins shitposting too seriously.

/r/ing the foot scene from parasite

you need to be at the very least a semi pedo with a rape fetish to find all those squeaks and squeals those disgusting nip women produce sexually appealing

He might be "out of her league" but have you ever been w/ an asian girl? They know how to take care of their men. especially sexually

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imagine being such an easy mark for a golddigger

You do realize they aren't the same person... right? right?

Japanese may be the hottest, but they are devoid of personality or souls. You fell for the trap indeed. I almost did too


Japaneae are great to date and fuck, terrible to have a serious relationship with. Source: have done both many times

Any experience with Filipina's? I'm dating one now. great sex and she is super submissive

OP you are correct, but one caveat, Asian women who have been thoroughly Americanized (born/raised/call their mom a bitch) are just as bad as the whites. I've also noticed white women in other countries are better than white American women.

It's simply a cultural fact. America has, for a number of reasons, produced a few generations of terrible women. It happens. Australia, as an another example, for a long time was producing generations of terrible men. I think they are less shit today, but I haven't been there in awhile and I'd take Aussie women's word on that.

In the meantime many Asian countries have been producing good women. I don't know about China. China kinda produces shitty people overall. But many other Asian countries have great women.

Meanwhile American women are actually getting worse in some ways. They have become progressively less chill every decade since the 80s, as well as entirely useless. The only positive I've seen is there was a huge androgyny dip in the 90s when it was unfashionable to be feminine, 100% of girls basically dressed and acted like men. But somehow there was a backlash in the late 2000s and women have embraced femininity again. Only problem is, they've weaponized that too, making masculinity out to be evil and demonizing every aspect of boys.

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They are great in bed yes. My problem was they want to pop out babies, many and quickly, and i dont want kids ever. If their family is still in the Philippines they will almost certainly try to move them here if you marry. Get comfotable with the idea of being close to her family if you get serious. But yea, they will keep you sexually satisfied for sure. They get a bad rap due to the green card chasers and gold diggers, but the real ones are geat

My current Japanese girl is great.
Together 4 years so far, while she works towards job success, kids and marriage is still goal number 1.

Might even indulge her, no white woman has made me consider that before.

He's right about the annoying noises thank make during sex. Also, they usually aren't very good in bed. All will but no skill

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I have a nap friens and she is down right mean to her hubby. She's knows it too but doesn't care. She was born and raised in japan so not really Americanized

I agree. There are a few problems with long term relationship with Japanese women. Especially if you're not a Japanese citizen. Every guy I've known who married a Japanese woman eventually divorced and they get 100% custody of any kids and you have to leave the country. If the woman is in not in Japan, there are still other issues. The whole Japanese culture seems to have a late stage malaise where they don't give a fuck about the future and let relationships fall apart. Also their cultural/religious upbringing isn't conducive to worrying about long term shit.

Filipinas are so good, for most of my life I kept telling myself I didn't want to end up with one because it would seem too convenient. Now I really wish I could. Filipina women are loyal as fuck. They have skills. They are good parents. They aren't as "fun", only really young will you find them clubbing. They also aren't super creative or adventurous. They are a culture that has embraced shooting for the middle. Be very successful in established industries that have long term outlooks, don't rock the boat. At 22 that sounds fucking boring, but at my age now I could really do for middle of the road.

Dated one briefly. Still asks me for $500 every now and then even though I always say no. Lol

Spot on assessment of the girl i'm with. I'm getting older and she seems like a great person to settle down with. It's been 6 months now and we haven't fought about anything. And I've never had a BJ like i've had with her.

Yes, the japanese women try super hard to find a husband, and then it's like bam, they change into a totally different woman who doesnt give a fuck about you. This is why hostess bars are everywhere in tokyo. Marriages are so bad that dudes will pay to TALK to a pretty girl.

>white wives spend their childhood getting their cunt slammed wide open
>”I needed to find myself”
>in what a pool of coom?
>once they realize they’ve made a mistake like every other girl they were trying to be different from by being the exact same they try to grab a dude and settle down
>the poor guy has to coom into a loose cunt until death or divorce at the most once a month
>demands your money to be their spending money
>will make stupid decisions with your money and expect you to be able to catch up
>eats like shit as soon as they think they’ve secured a relationship
>”I-It’s happy weight user!”
>not happy for me
>they stay obese and either don’t know how to cook or they know how to cook the most basic shit
>you have to lay in bed with them every night listening to their gargantuan snores and farts
>50/50 odds on who dies first, if you do then she’ll use your money to go on a vacation and fuck random men, doesn’t bury you


>Asian girls are raised traditionally as modernly possible, they know to avoid certain things
>they become corrupted as their idea of a perfect husband slowly shifts from a rich Asian doctor to a handsome white man through exposure
>they get thirsty
>she might make the mistake once or twice of letting a white guy in her before marriage and say “I’ve made a mistake” and then wait for the perfect guy
>good chance you’ll actually marry a virgin Asian girl as opposed to a white gaper
>she still wants to treat your money like her spending money, but she’s competent and can understand when to not ask
>she’ll clean and cook well for you
>either showers you in love/is forward or is too autistic to express herself and just wants to you hold her down and fill her up when ever you want
>her parents probly don’t like you but she’s willing to cut ties for you
>the cock-worship fetish starts to develop naturally and instinctively as time goes on
>you marry her happily and she probably will outlive you

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Married to a Taiwanese 6 years younger than me. Life is good.

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Prostitute obviously.

That's a high rate. I can go to any massage palor aorund here and get a handy for $50 from a qt asian

who care if your bussy has a dick. he his cute af, dont judge love lol.

The good ones are expensive. I know because I married one.

well not everyone can trully say: my boyfriend is cuter then your girlfriend.

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>user refuses to realize he accidentally hired an escort

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i had her

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i have been on this place. more like a film shooting town.

White guy here with 9/10 Korean gf. I'm also 9/10. Fit, own my own business, money, sports car, house, etc you get the idea. I've also dated Jap, Filipino, Viet, Chinese, etc

Are they better than most american women? Yes. But they aren't all waify submissive quirky girls you fantasize about. Here's a quick breakdown:

>They stay looking younger for longer, well into their 40's and sometimes even 50's. When they hit 60 they become asian raisin.
>They do stay thinner on average
>They do seem to take care of themselves more, on average (hygiene, clothing, make up, etc)
>They are usually a lot smarter and more educated (Masters degrees vs bachelors, etc) - also usually higher grades academically
>Come from more traditional homes so their values are more traditional
>Sex is usually pretty good, my girl has no limits

>They are still women. They make no sense, fiery when angry, and still exhibit "woman logic" if you want to call it that.
>Cultural differences can highlight the above examples even more so, and make communication extra frustrating and difficult
>Hot asian women are the #1 most statistically attractive women across all races: So you better get used to them being hit on 24/7 all day every day of your relationship for the rest of your life anywhere you go.
>Hot asian women also know they are in demand, so you will never get one unless you're rich, white, fit, or offer something of mega value (or some combo)
>Being in demand, even as a 8/10 white dude, you're more likely to get a 5 or 6/10 asian chick because they have greater pick than you do. If you want a girl on your level, you'll need money, status, white, fit, etc. The whole package.
>Asian women like money. All of them. Be prepared to spend more.
>While sex is great, it can take a while to get there. So you'll need patience (years) until you get "no limits" access.
>Most are socialites. If you're more introverted, be prepared to come out of your shell.

I once lusted after a viet girl, realized after awhile her face was totally busted despite her decent body. She married some ding dong ching chong under pressure from her family anyway. She could never find steady boyfriend or even sex because she was so strange.

K wife 10 years 3 kids, most what he says true. My wife does not wear makeup or care about expensive stuff so much. I guess kids take 99 percent attention. Married her at age 19 I was 26... Age 19-28 sex was 4/10 now age 30 its 7/10 some times. Always with the scocial gatherings with 99% norcal korean business people, usually lo key though and all are alcoholics so just get drunk together. Lived in S Korea 5 years, unless in Seoul (still happens) you will be stared at at all times... So you have to dress sharp and be fit, if you look like shit and kids are screaming you see in their head "Thats why you dont marry white person" going though their heads. Careful married around drunk 30-50 korean women, they will all want to fuck you its nuts.. even ladies from my wifes church... Wife and I dont fight 99 percent time, but she will yell at me in high pitched nails on chalkboard in public from time to time.... welp.. good luck out there, find one that speaks no english and wears no makeup like I did I guess.

I'm this guy Not married yet but getting there. Pretty good assessment. The part about drunk asian women is true AF. I'm lucky my gf doesn't really care, and especially when she's drunk too.

But all her asian friends want this dick, and as you said, when they're drunk, they aren't shy about it. I had a girl one time at a WEDDING come up to me while I was holding my girlfriend and she started feeling my ass up, my gf just laughed about it (we were all drunk) but then she gave me "fuck me" eyes all night ,and when my gf went to the bathroom she'd come sit on my lap and dirty dance with me. Again, lucky but my gf didn't care. Another girl that same night came up and started whispering in my ear to fuck my gf as hard as I could because she was so lucky, kinda asking for a threesome, etc. We laughed and went home cuz she was married to an asian guy.

It's no joke. I get my hair cut at a Korean place, and my stylist is a girl around my age. There's constant sexual tension; I've always told myself if I ever break up with my gf, I will go to my salon and fuck that girl in the back room.

>be white
>spend money on them
I have a 8/10 Chinese fwb and she buys me everything, took me on a few travel vacations, all her expense and I'm black.

I will agree about the being hit on 24/7 though. She will occasionally bring up how this guy hit on her at the gym or how the uber driver asked for her number. Solution is to not give a fuck.

>and I'm black.

you used voodoo didn't you?

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All their 10/10 women look exactly the same. Trust me i live in LA. Money worshippers for life, Asian women are like purchasable products. A serious lack of diversity of features in the ones considered attractive so basically if you want a 10/10 asian in LA, you have 10,000 chances because they are all literally the same girl. The supply is extremely high here as opposed to ohio and iowa, where you have the traditional lack of 10s and thus when you see a 10 somewhere like there you might actually think she is one of a kind when in fact she came off a long assembly line.

So for a man who is a 9/10 its really hard to invest in something so typical. I dont agree with the man suggesting 9/10 men are getting 6/10 asian women, its the other way around in LA. A 9/10 man who has access to all races of women will get bored quickly with the appearance of his 9/10 flat ass flat tit asian woman especially if he has a mans dick and not a childs.

Dont be tricked into believing these girls are not common just because you live in an area with few quality girls. In LA every asian girl is at least a 7 and they all look like duplicates.

There are exceptions to the rule. I didn't mention that a lot of them are oddly reciprocal. You'll need a lot of money, but my korean gf also spends a lot of money on me in return.

I think it's cultural, but it's like always one-upping each other. I take her to a nice date, she takes me to a 5 star hotel. I take her on a trip, she takes me out of the country. Whatever, you get the idea. It's a gift giving culture... sometimes it's exhausting, but it's also given me a shit ton of experiences.

I'm the guy you disagree with. Live in Chicago, and the city + burbs have some of the highest asian population; and TONS of hot asian women. Yeah, there's tons of them - but the rule still applies. They are the most sought after, so you're competing against millions of other men literally just in your local area in a big city like that. Hundreds or even thousands of asian women pale in comparison to the number of men who want them.

Yeah, ever since I started seeing her, I have experienced a lot more that in the past couple years. I can't complain tbh,

Okay but are you a true 9/10 with access to 9/10s from every race though? Also LA women of all races are extremely fine so yes while the korean women in their beautiful brand new clothes may look attractive for a second literally you turn your head and there is something way more exotic and rare, with incredible bodies. At times i feel like all these korean women (the most attractive of all the asians aside from rich chinese women) all have the same face and body and its really their fancy accessories that make them seem more attractive than they are..

I look beyond cute clothes. I do believe they would make better lovers... If you are also asian... Otherwise there will be off vibes from their families as most asian families are interested in staying asian... Meaning your chances of taking them in tact is going to fail unless you commit to becoming asian yourself... Something a man should not have to do... Im not saying they arent desirable, im saying they arent the best specemines and they arent rare... And if you are a man with valuable american physical traits like athleticism your children will be surely be weakened.

Also these women are so shy and afraid of all the other races that it comes off as if they are all actively practicing segregation so thats another major challenge to getting one as most dont visit our bars or anything. Meaning unless you learn korean and start going to korean bars your chances of meeting one you want outside of school or work is very slim. American born asians are obviously different in behavior, acting like typical american girls, but these arent the beauties we are talking about... As most of the american asians are from countries like vietnam.. I'm talking about the tall slim korean and chinese women, like the one from OPs post.

LA is full if shit tier whitewashed asians, so nothing you said really matters. They are just white girls that look asian