Should i fap?

should i fap?

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should i fap?

is the world gonna end on march?

Should I ask out to a movie?

well i'm gonna do it anyways

am i gonna fuck kim's friend jazmin (or however the fuck you write her name)?

Will I win the lottery jackpot?

Will I win the arbitration?

Am I a piece of shit

Am I a piece of shit

Will she DM me today?

Would Elizabeth Holmes let you take a shit in her mouth?

Will today (2/25/2020) be a great day for me?

Will today (2/25/2020) be a great day for me?

Should I?

Does the woman I'm in love with feel the same way about me?

Should I rape her?

Should I believe ?

I've already jacked off three times today but let's see where this goes.

Fuck you ball.

Should I believe you, Magic 8-ball?

Will I be given one million US dollars by each of the one million currently wealthiest Americans?

Um guys which number do I look at

If that does happen, will it be by the end of this week?

Will I become a professional actor?

Am I a faggot?

I go by the lowest digit in the post's number.


I'll ask again for you.

Will I have sex tomorrow?

Will I ever have a girlfriend

Will she soon tell me so?

This can change your life one day. Download "Pi" from the playstore, one day it'll be worth a lot of money. If it asks who invited you type @Chocoboy. The app is invite only and mining stops at 10 million people....,,,,

Am I going to fuck Laura?

All right I'll ask again. Am i going to fuck Laura?



Is my name Ted?

OK, I'll ask again. Is my name Ted?

O 8 ball, o holy, o mighty. Should I fuck her?

Will I have sex with HdLPC if I travel to my hometown?

Will she get pregnant?

>Will HdLPC get pregnant?

Will I get a job this year?

Will I win the lottery jackpot this year?

Will I die this year before I get a job?

Will I have sex with a fine female within the next two months or less?

Is op a faggot?

Piece of shit

Dose she want to work things out w me?

Well I fuck a girl in the next 3 months?

Should I break up with my girlfriend

Should i break up with my gf