Hunger Games Thread: FUCK MATH Edition!

Hunger Games Thread: FUCK MATH Edition!

24 college dropouts

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I hate Mexico

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Espeon in a Speedo

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This can change your life one day. Download "Pi" from the playstore, one day it'll be worth a lot of money. If it asks who invited you type @Chocoboy. The app is invite only and mining stops at 10 million people.':

Allison Ruth

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Sleepy Chinatsu

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Dlanor A. Knox

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Marter-Brysand Louisiana V8 Special Edition

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The Arbiter

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Rosa "Best Mom" Ushiromiya

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Divine Cat

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Top tier lolis

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I made this for you

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Thanks user, I appreciate it.

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Nutella Girl

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The worst fucking pokemon.


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I hate this goddamn nigger piece of shit so fucking much

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forbiden spaghet


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Big Tits Kylie

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thats not johnny bravo

Tangela was cute why did you have to fucking ruin it with this goddamned muppet

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Ian Smith

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Jesus Fucking Christ
>is late

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3 more.

Intellectual Rapist

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Nao Kaizaki

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Just in time

Swap her out for any new IPs

Here we are!

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I seriously doubt any new IPs are joining, so let's just get started

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woop woop shloop

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Slide one death

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please let me die

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the fastest draw this side of the mississipi

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I am ready

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Good luck everyone

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never mind.

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player 1 is so kind.

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Good luck

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Something caught your eye, JC?
Ah fug

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None of you will win. This is my curse.

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My point still stands

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Come along and buy my bag of dirt~

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Can't believe Erika is still in the game.

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sorry jesus

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Gone too soon

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You are forgiven, Liz.

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car is dead
no more vroom

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I swear to fucking god

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no hell for me tonight!

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You partying with me then?

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Riamu, or the worst pokemon literally ever?
We're down to the last two!

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I am voting for the pokemon to win.

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yea sure
cant drink tho or aunt carol is gonna get me

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Worst pokemon or worst Waifu... tough choice!

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please kill it.

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We won't tell her.

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alright alright sounds good
and if she does the thing with the alcohol test you can just turn it into water, right?

thanks for hosting

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Thanks for hosting

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What a tragedy...

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Thanks for the game laddie

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thanks for hosting.
Congratulations you miserable pile of tentacles!

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Thanks for the game.

Yeaah. Of course.

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Thanks for hosting

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Thanks for playing, everyone!

You meme'd him into victory

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