Post your ideal breasts

Post your ideal breasts

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Bigger is always better. I've yet to see a real woman with boobs that are "too big"

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What about something like this?

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Very hot.

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Those are pretty amazing


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I've been on chaturbate a loooooooong time. I've got a lot of favorite boobs.

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Blind Faith

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Reeeeeee. Throws that shit on the floor. Tendies!!?!


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take your pick

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those are all too small

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Fiancee breasts

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yeah but how is her face?

those are too small

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nobody knows

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The kind das in my mouth

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These are fucking sweet

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these are pretty clearly cropped bro


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yep they are

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She's a fucking ten. I'd impregnate her repeatedly.

so post the full pics

I saved them like this

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That's a perfect pussy

Yeah this is for sure just about right

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Fuckin rosemary

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Wooow so sexy!! More?

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anymore user?