Smelled my gfs asshole and she made this kind of facial expression. What did she mean by this?

Smelled my gfs asshole and she made this kind of facial expression. What did she mean by this?

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She thinks you're retarded.


she is absolutely disgusted to the point of forming a mental complex

No words

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Quad 4's checked

Ya smelled something that she never had any intention of letting you smell until/unless she felt ok with you huffing around down there. She's going to dump you and tell this as a weird thing you did. People will judge you.

She's wishing someone else had smelled it and gone further.




All in one thread its godsent

she wants you to spank here then stuff your tongue in there

how could you see the expression on her face if you were nose deep in her ass?

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She expected more of you... if you know what I mean...

She heard me sniff and turned around. Are you a retard?

Well OP which is it

>you're down and dirty half naked doing stuff and you do it


>you just are in the house and randomly jump down like a retard dog and randomly sniff her ass

If its the first one maybe she's nervous because she wants to smell alright. Or wonders why you didn't eat her out

If its the second you are dumb as fuck. That's not even hot in pornos and gay shit.

you don't recognize the same look your parents always give you?


We were laying in bed and she went to grab the TV remote from the foot of the bed. She was leaning forward so I put my face in her ass and sniffed

You’re single now fag


She thought it was weird

Next time you do that, don't stop eating her box until she's cumming her brains out. Then you can sniff it all you want.

Because that shit is uncouth unless you’re in a porno or you have Aspergers

But I want to sniff it again


it reminded her of when she used to fuck her dog. congrats you've reached dog status.

She was apprehensive and probably self conscious. She was expecting you to have a negative response. And she was prepared for it. Compliment her smell and assure her that you accept her wholeheartedly. Or in this case HOLEHEARTEDLY!

you motherfucker

more like assniffers am i right

Cool story bro