Please help a young student buy a new PC :( Please help a young student buy a new PC :(

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Fit as fuck. That body is fire

I can tell that's a terrible ass

Much appreciated!

Why would I pay $9 a month to see you? What do you offer that's really so fucking special?

Each to their own I suppose

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It’s only 5$ now :( I work on gbp so I’m not sure about the translations

Slightly better value, but what exactly do you offer for my hard earned money? A few tits and ass pics aren't a lot compared to the shit ton of porn I can find elsewhere.

mrramogiz, send kik

Personalised videos are the best?? I offer all my subs personalised videos

Yeah femanon. Do you bring anything unique to the table? Feet? Ahegao? Twerking? Anal?

How old is you?
Do you do bate vids/pics?

Alright, you've talked me into it. I'll try you for a month. You better be worth it though.

I would happily do feet :) Ahegao isn’t my thing, only because the whole premise of my account is that you don’t know what my face looks like!

I’m 19, and would do bate vids and pics

So how does one of your subscribers go about getting a personalised video?

Thank you ;) You won’t regret it I promise

Send me a DM, and I’ll reply and we can do whatever

How much to take a dump?

I do that every day for free, but to record it? Unlikely

if you lower it to $2 ill buy it right now

Shit cunt

The lowest I can make it is $4.99 so that’s unfortunate

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anymore previews?

Lmao pay for average nudes, that’s adorable

Well, 6 people have so far :)

Sure they have

30 bucks for a quick fuck?

Good job violating rules.
>Inb4 b&

Not only does this whore probably have a boyfriend, she’s selling nudes to the scummiest people on earth LOL imagine the mindset.

Dubs of diligence

I bet that pussy has seen more cocks than a chicken breeding farm.

Give us a blurred feet preview

Well, 2 isn’t that many?

Tits and timestamp or GTFO you worthless ethot

What do you need a time stamp for? Smh

Cuz thems the rules you stupid bitch

That’s exactly right, you stupid thot.

Jesus fucking Christ....the catfish is so bad, it smells dead

That may also be the disgusting thing between her legs.

No catfish here :)

Glad to see you think you know

Good, tits and timestamp than you dumb cunt

There you are, just for you

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how many dicks have torn through you, roastie

I see no timestamp you slut

It’s in the bottom right

As stated earlier, I’ve been with 2 people

That is not a fucking timestamp you dumb cumdump. A timestamp is hand written.

show coochie

are you gonna tell your future husband you sold nudes

I have a boyfriend and he knows I do it and is supportive so yeah

Does your bf enjoy being a cuck?

He’s happy

Obvious catfish, lol

why doesn’t ur boyfriend just buy you a pc lol


Because he's a poor cuck