No rekt threads? Come on guys, you used to be better

No rekt threads? Come on guys, you used to be better..

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Bump since old one got deleted

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Holy moly they dont even had a chance

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Any decent story? Cause they’re holding that nigger in the box from the start. And I cared then saw all the Jews and the kike store and stopped caring instantly

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Need to gennocide all niggers, even THE CHILDREN! Can’t wait till the world wakes up and nerve gasses them all

post trannies getting fucking killed

Got to bump

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lead by example fuckstick

wat a tolerant lot when they should have just thumped him

lol little whitey gets pounded as usual


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i keep editing webms and attempt to upload them here but every time i do it just tells me audio streams aren't allowed. wtf did i miss?

Check it out

nice gets dude

Exactly what it says. Cred Forums does not allow audio. Whatever editing tool your using should have an option to remove the audio stream.

Post more people falling off buildings

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where is the aftermath you dirty swine