The past few days I have made threads about me catfishing a girl and struggling to come to grips with my guilt...

the past few days I have made threads about me catfishing a girl and struggling to come to grips with my guilt. But today i told her that i was a catfish, and it surprisingly went well. She said she forgives me and we talked a good amount about it. we video chatted and she asked me questions about the real me and said we might still be able to remain online friends

I am still very scared that she will tell the police but she said it isnt a crime and theres nothing to tell. idk if i can trust her though

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You text like your hymen is still intact

You sound like a pussy

lel she's setting you up to get some revenge.

You on your period or something? Do you need reassurance that you aren't a little bitch?


Fuck this place what am I reading

i hope youre not right, but it is something i thought of. I hope she doesnt go to the police about this

I was really upset and i really struggled to tell her the truth

Did you actually see her on the video chat because no normal girl uses kik anymore.

l hope she cucks you

Is this what woman think a good personality is?


She only forgives you because she's a catfish too. Sorry, I meant to say "HE".

Good luck user.

Again with this thread you absolute autistic faggot, you are a terrible troll and a terrible larper

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What was your catfish identity?
What did you two talk about?

I have Asperger's. Where can I buy a hat like this? I find it mildly amusing and would love to troll people by wearing one.

Yeah she seems like a cat fish also not gonna lie is catfishing against the law

yes i saw her. we exchanged snapchats and video chatted on that

I saw her on video, its a she. she is who she said she was.

im not larping or trolling. this is a real situation

Where are you and where is she?
Same country? If yes, same city?

same state, both NY

You video chatted and she didn't see you while you were catfishing? Were you just showing your cock while she showed her face? Just curious.

no i mean we videochatted today after i revealed that i was a catfish

How ugly are you

idk nigger i got this image from google. try amazon i guess

im average looking

You have a beautiful personality to and are trustworthy you deserve eachother on your weird online relationship full of shit

If you say you're average why catfish then?

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im not sure what you're trying to say

because i was lonely and im a loser.

Oh awesome. Good luck. Hope you manage to bang her.

P.S. Never be so apologetic to a woman. They like strength. Now you've opened up to her more, just be a man - no, be "THE MAN" - otherwise she'll lose interest soon after.

l am saying you are both weak pathetic humans

I will work on that. please pray for me that no legal problems come for me out of this. im very afraid

Wait, she isn't like 11 is she?


It isnt a crime, you are still a shit person tho.

no shes in her 20's

i hope you're right. i can improve my life and not be a shit person, i cant get over having a legal record

Please neck yourself

can everybody pray for me or send me good vibes or whatever that theres no legal consequences that come from this for me? im still really scared and its gonna weigh heavily on me

He is catfish you too lol


Holy shit OP is such a pussy it’s insulting.

tell her you're grateful that she's been so kind to you, but you feel that it would be best if yall don't contact each other anymore. However, you were glad you got to know her, and that see seemed like a great person.

Place her on the pedestal, and back away. No harm done, everyone leaves happy.

i think i might have to do that, depending on how she acts the next few days.

Let's see what you two look like