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吉川 ちなつ
Hope you're doing good

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hope you're ruding good~

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Why do you post these threads?

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yeah i'm okay, also sleepy.
going to sleep soon again probably.
was just looking for new pics, listening to music.
what are you up to

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Im not rude
Youre the rude!!1!

Why not?

Nice to hear
And nothing really
Just watching a stream and relaxing

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It's CIA bruh

Because I see these threads and nothing happens here

Pfft the CIA can't even catch a cold

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why do you post rudes

relaxing is nice.
i really like this song: youtu.be/uAa-k-4oTcI
you should listen to it, maybe, if you want.
i've been enjoying my school break so far.
played Smash with my nephew and my brother.
not much though, went back to my room after eating dinner

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We just talk
Nothing has to happen
Sorry if you was expecting more

I been listening to this song from a while
And I didnt know you were in a break but also nice to hear
And normally school break are just that, breaks, don't worry


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i want to fuck man ass

Thanks, I like it :) added it to my playlist
here's another song i like: youtu.be/E3AGsTtYIUI
yeah i should really sleep a bunch while i still have time for it.
i haven't really been sleeping much lately, only naps.
There's this game (Rimworld) that's really fun, it just got a new DLC. Royalty dlc. seems really fun, might get it.
have you been playing any more games lately

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Hello friends!

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Dubs of really nice song!!!
And I think you shouldnt worry about sleeping, you won't be doing works in school soon you won't feel that tired
And sadly I haven't played anything lately, I'm using a very old PC right now

Hello Vic
Whats up?

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My name is Seras

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Hi Megaman

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Anyway I had a good bit happen today
One thing is that I'm absolutely sure that I'm definatly BI and not completly gay.

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Seras VICtoria
Sorry, didnt know

Doing good MegaMan character from MegaMan

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First names

I'm not Japanese

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Hello Seras Victoria from the Hellsing Ultimate OVA.
Hello m8. I am. How about you?

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someone the waifo thred just propose to me and ran off before i could say yes or no

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thanks, you too :)
okay, last song from me youtu.be/KsD_GGrziIY
yeah, that's what you'd think.. but i'm tired all the time sadly..
oh that sucks, we should play Starbound again sometime when you can
what have you been up to blue robo
sorry to hear that

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Good? I guess
It wasnt bad if you were gay, it was bad that you were super active

I forgot about it
Here on mexico it's normal to have more than one name
Sorry seras

Tired but relaxing right now
I feel a little bit more sleepy than usual
I may sleep soon

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Eris.Cat admitted to be fox and was posting gore in the Kai thread yesterday

No wonder people are proposing to you, your boifu is cute af

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Tired today
How is everyone?

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alase, my hart belongs to another in the thread

Seras is just my wing gay

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Nothing at all. Just relaxed, played games, listened to music. Overall an ok day.
Had a busy day I'm guessing?
What's new my sweetest fren?

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pinkyyyy cuddle

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what did you play?
an okay day is better than a bad day :)

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me= flu IRL
also discord will not lode on me

but i am happy to see you in the threads

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Dubs china :)
That's not good :(
I hope you start feeling better
It's nice seeing you too

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I havent had sex since Saturday night.

What did happen was that I met a girl on discord.
She was just as big of a slut as I am and we talked for hours about our various sexual escapades.
She did end up coming onto me and sent me some great fucking news but that isnt the important part. The important part is it made me realize that I really can relate to women in a open and honest conversation. If i could find a way to get under a girl's mask i think i really would enjoy having a relationship with one.

Also made me realize that it isnt that big of a problem that I'm not very masculine.

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That song remember me this
Oh, you may sleep then, you don't have worrys now, so sleep as much as you want


But relaxing rn

I didn't eat correctly today and had to do a lot of things

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meds are working but not at 100 yet

i did not get the shot this year

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I like seeing you :)
I hope you're doing okay blue fren
I didn't either, I hope I don't get sick
I'm sure you'll feel better soon

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Pink buddy! How are you m8?
Hello N
Finally beat the Crash1 remake. Game was fun but a little hard. Will start 2 another time.
Oh. Being busy can make you sleepy. Ate too much or too little?

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Hey Rockman fren, I'm okay
I just feel really tired and low energy today is all
I hope you're doing okay :)

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rock mad > cut man > paper man > rock mad

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ooh Moe Shop, i know them.
yeah i was going to sleep soon but i don't think i'm going to anymore now.
i want to take a shower but i'm afraid i'll wake people up.

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I got nudes from a hot girl and I think I'm gonna ask a girl out when I get my new job.
Which thread

Also did you like the nudes?

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You should try get some rest

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hug hug

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are you sending me eggplants on discord aging?
is that why i cant log in

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Thats a short time ago to be honest
And you really sound like a nice guy, I dont doubt you being in a relationship with a girl
Also "masculinity" isnt necessary in a relationship with a girl

Doing okay
Just tired
Also nice to see you :D

Too little
Not good but its okay
I'm not hungry
Just tired

Its day with you no?
Probably taking a shower is OK
Doing it during NT would be worse I guess

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Hello friendly threaders

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But you're probably tired :(
That's good to hear
You should maybe get some rest soon
Hey there fren

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It's about 5 30 am.
people sleeping :)
i barely have any energy to focus but whatever i suppose.. if i fall asleep, uum you'll notice by me not posting anymore.
I am.. but i don't want to sleep...

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I'm doing ok. Feeling pretty gud
Paper! Rock's only weakness!
I've played the kingdom hearts remasters, a little bit of chrono trigger, and a 2 of the mario rpgs. Never played persona, but I want to try 5. It looks so cool, I might get Royal.
Lucky lol. I'm still hunting too, hope you find a job.
Be sure to get a good night sleep konata fren.

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Anyone want to chat?

Hi fren! How are things with you?

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That's good to hear

Saturday was special.
Fulfilled one of my big dreams in life.

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Yep! I really didn't love the show but Nadeko is one of the few anime characters I can relate to.

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Nice people, I'm doing okay. I'm glad you are all okay. I might not talk sorry

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I hope so too sent out a bunch more applications today

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kingdom hearts is pretty cool, never played it before.
chrono trigger, absolute classic. it's that game with the time travel or something right? i should get it.
once you've played Persona 5 Royal, play the other ones too. Persona 3 is my favorite. :)
Nadeko is a real cute :) oh that's a shame, i quite liked the show, though i've only seen Monogatari and Bakemonogatari.
what anime do you like?

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why? whats wrong?

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that's okay

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Hello you

Pretty sure about that

Maybe you should sleep chi
Probably not nice to be awake at the hour

Thnx MegaMan
Your advice is highly appreciated

I dont know if I should but...
What was the dream?

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get the remake of chrono trigger, it is worth it

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Damn I'm sleepy

I moved my bed yesterday and my room feels way more comfy now.

Goodnight friends.

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yeah i'd rather be asleep.. but i figure as long as i'm awake i can post.
okay I will :)
got any other recommendations?

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To have sex with a guy I've had a crush on since I was 14

Goodnight friend.

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Jobs are pretty easy to get. Do you need help?

I uninstalled namesync. You aren't THAT Kon are you?

The show went on for too damn long. Kept going in circles after a certain point. I really like Neon Genesis Evangelion. I really enjoy shows that portray suffering or working hard for a goal and then failing while doing your best.

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holy shit there is a another remake of chrono!!!!!

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It's ok fren. It's nice saying hi to you.
I'm sure we'll be lucky fren. You in more than one way lol.
I've seen 3 and 4 on the psn store. Maybe if I enjoy 5 I'll give em a try someday. Kingdom hearts is a childhood favorite of mine. Played 2 like crazy, final mix is even more amazing.
: )
Sweet dreams for my sweetest fren

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Final Fantasy Chronicles

and now my perennial email is not working.

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Pls sleep enough chi
You gonna feel really bad if you keep sleep soon bad

Well thats nice I guess, not that bad
Also good knight Seras

I think not
And why are you using mac and how you got namesync?
Not nice


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error: PC lode letter:
what the fuck dose that mean?

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How you not going to say hi to me Chi?

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yeah I see what you mean..
I haven't seen NGE yet, i know, i suck.
can't say i've ever searched for shows that fit that description, but that seems pretty nice
I like anime where main characters die and stuff. like Akame ga Kill. really liked that one.
there is?? that's really awesome!!
sorry, I don't know if 4 is worth it, the best version of 4 is only available on the now discontinued vita. Persona 4 Golden.
I should watch a playthrough of the games maybe. Playing is more fun, but i kinda wanna save up money.
Do you have a Switch? are you getting animal crossing? it's really fun
also uumm there's also two spin off games for Persona. (well more actually if you count the dancing games)
anyways, they're only available on 3ds. Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth and Persona Q2: New Cinema labyrinth.
both really fun games!
isn't that chrono trigger :)
I haven't played any real final fantasy games, besides this one game on the 3ds and Final Fantasy 14 (MMO)
sorry i'll catch up on sleep once everybody's gone. i think. depends on if i pass out before that or not.. hehhe.
sorry sorry i'm typing lots i'm sorry taking a long time!! i didn't forget about you

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NGE is pretty DEEP so if you don't like to think about your anime then you aren't going to like it.

I have seen Akame ga Kill but I wasn't really into it because it was too "actiony" . Something about the show really didn't make me necessarily feel bad when a character died. Same thing with Attack on Titan

Also, glad you remembered me :) How are things going in your life?

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Darn. I don't have a vita or 3ds. Maybe watching a walkthrough would be more convenient lol. I have a switch. Never played animal crossing. Last thing I've played was Odyssey. A fren got me to try pokemon for the first time.

Attached: Mega-Man-Legacy-Collection-1--2.jpg (1142x1858, 371K)

yeah i've had people say that before, but i've never seen any deep anime i think. :)
i know what you mean, the deaths didn't really make me feel too sad. might also be because i watched most of the anime in between classes, can't afford to show emotion in public.
Attack on Titan is till pretty fun though.
i can barely remember the guys that died to be honest.
I'm a pretty emotional person when it comes to sad anime. i wish i lived alone so i could cry without holding anything back.
sorry if that sounds dumb.
of course :)
pretty uumm okay, i'd like to think.
i'm on school break right now, only a week sadly, so almost over already. ;_;
i've been getting into crypto because a fren told me about it. it's pretty neat and stuff, i'm not going to spend too much money on it though.
how are you yourself doing :)
maybe so heh
i only have Fire emblem, Astral Chain, Smash, Splatoon 2 and Pokemon Sword.
Maybe we can play pokemon together sometime, would be fun and give me an excuse to use it again.
oh right, important question, did you enjoy it?
it didn't really hook me or anything. i bought it when it released, so you'd think i'd have completed it already, but nope.

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sorry for taking so long to reply, every time..

And now my laptop just craped out on me. Agin. Posting on my shit flip phone

Attached: nn.png (199x253, 13K)

Living alone is amazing. You will never be able to go back once you have a taste of it. I can guarantee you that watching some sad anime at full volume while crying and eating ice cream will be better than you can imagine haha.

Glad to hear you are doing well in school and stuff. I would be careful about crypto. It kind of already hit its peak. Honestly better off investing in some sort of stock at this point (though that is in a weird spot with the elections coming up and the evil corona virus going around).

I am doing pretty alright. Got a new job and moved to a new state. Just got a promotion at that job and will be the head of a department. Had a girlfriend for a few years and moved in with her as well. Kind of getting old though which is scary. Gotta make tough decisions soon that will impact the rest of my life

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I dont know whats going on with me. Irl. My body is failing me. My relashonrips failed me. My famaly faild on me. Discord faild on me. My emal failed on me and now my laptop faild on me.

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It's ok. I've never played any of the previous one, so I can't tell you if it's like them. I have shield, and my friend got sword. We thought it'd be fun to switch when we finish our games. I'm not too far into it either. I have smash and splatoon too, and botw. Mostly been doing single player stuff tho.

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Why wold i want to live with some who is trying to kill me? Thats why i HATE liveing alone N

ah sorry to hear that..
you have a flip phone, that's cool
what are you up to N poster. (or Z)
yeah but living alone requires getting a job to pay bills and i'm too lazy for that at the moment heh
Ice cream is pretty nice, might be too cold for it now though. :)
i kinda just want to spend an entire day in bed and do nothing but watch anime, but I have stuff to do sadly.
yeah i'm too late to make any real money, but it's still nice to have some crypto i think.
i don't really know how stocks work and it seems scary to me.
oh right Corona heh, scary virus, really hope my country doesn't get it. prolly won't.
that's nice to hear :)
oooh bet you make lots of money now, nice.
yeah getting old is scary, i really don't want to get all old and wrinkly ;_;
sorry i wish i could do more to help.
i'm sorry N
i wish my fren got pokemon too, he told me he thinks it sucks so that's the end of that i suppose.
i've wanted Botw since i got my switch, i played it on my pc on an emulator and i really enjoyed it. game's just too expensive for me, i think.
i bet it's worth it though. i'm sure. but i think it's like $70 without dlc ;_;

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Things are hard

i'm sorry
what's wrong

Attached: 364.jpg (729x540, 136K)

I mean there is going to be a point in your life where you have to get a job. Enjoy not having one while you can. Also, I do make a lot of money. $200k currently and hopefully $300k in the next couple years. Money can only do so much though. (Also taxes suck)

Anyway, I am off to bed. Nice talking with you

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I am only Z posting when i am sleeping. Get it zzz. Dad joke. I am dibating with my self if i shoud to sit outside starbus to get wifi N

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I'm not DA

Yeah. Nintendo's 1st party stuff is always a lot. Even some of their older stuff can get pricey. But I'm having fun with it so far. Who did you start with? I chose sobble.

Attached: 16.jpg (288x192, 12K)

That was nice

I know :(
that's really nice, i can only hope i get to make at least a quarter of that at my future job
likewise friend :)
hope i see you again
nice joke :)
yeah you should, get a nice coffee too :)
aki aki aki hi
sorry confused you with someone else.
what's on your mind, friend.
Sobble is pretty cute
I picked the fire starter; Scorbunny!
almost always pick fire actually, reminds of the fact that i got charmander when i answered the pokemon mystery dungeon questions truthfully.

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My back is hurting to mutch. And flu. I am going to log of for now. I love all the pinks hear

Attached: Nhart.jpg (300x168, 6K)

Just lonely again

No, but i am
surprised someone mentioned me considering last thread i was in i got ignored

Just peeking
Hello Chinatsu
Greetings Rockman

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Attached: 88.jpg (660x1200, 64K)

i hope you feel better soon
thank you :))
sorry, i can keep you company if you like.
we can talk about stuff if you want
i wasn't in the last thread you were in.
i wouldn't have ignored you.
sorry i haven't been active much either.
everyone has their own share of troubles i guess.
hi Warspite :)
how are you

Attached: 120.jpg (1431x2048, 193K)

I didn't mean to imply you had no troubles, sorry.

Your welcome
Scorbunny was my second choice. Think I'll choose him when me and my friend switch games.
Was nice chatting about vidya games with you. Maybe I'll try Royal after this. I also gotta finish botw, don't wanna have too many unfinished games lol.
Hi Warspite

Attached: Pepsiman.jpg (480x360, 12K)

i hope eveyone havin a good day

Attached: 1581651088016.jpg (666x888, 385K)

no no that's not what i meant, i just wanted to let you know why i wasn't posting.
i'm sorry, please don't feel bad.
oh btw, are you getting the dlc?
i'm still on the fence, i don't know if it's worth it.
same here my fren :)
you will?
that's nice
yeah i have plenty of those.. only just recently completed Splatoon 2 main story.

Attached: 30.jpg (1000x1200, 393K)

Not at all, but that's normal for me

where were you then?

i feel that, fren

Attached: 1.jpg.jpg (640x626, 69K)

Still gotta get through the main story. Dlc will have to wait, or I'll just watch a walkthrough on yt. I actually finished Splatoon 2 dlc a while ago. I warn you, it is hell. You will hate 8 balls, and the mc of 1 lol. P5 looks really fun, so I'll try royal eventually.

Attached: protoman_and_megaman_colored_by_radiantragnarok.jpg (652x900, 82K)

i was just talking to people on discord.
didn't really feel like posting. i'm sorry.
yeah i suppose so, maybe that's what i'll do too.
oh thinking of picking it up when it's on sale or something.
that sounds bad.. hope it's not going to be a drag.. i remember the dlc just releasing, i would've been able to play it at an anime convention i was at, kinda wish i did.
if you pre order now you can still get the steelbook edition :)

i'm going to sleep now frens, sorry Warspite i know you just got here.
it was nice talking to you all

Attached: 000435.jpg (1000x1000, 345K)

No, i'm sorry, i'm sorry for not being good enough

you are good enough!
sorry i'm going to sleep now, really tired. :(
if it's okay with you, can we please talk again tomorrow?

if you want to talk to a loser like me for some reason
i don't see how if this is our only way of talking

I'll probably get it when it comes out. Will play it after or along side pokemon or botw. Splatoon dlc is hard, but in a challenging fun way. And you get to play as the octolings if you beat it. Give it a try sometime if you want something hard.
It was nice chatting with you m8. Getting sleepy, so I'm gonna go to sleep now. Goodnight m8.

Attached: rockman sleep.gif (480x270, 597K)

pineapple pizza is the best pizza

Attached: IMG_4489.jpg (1600x1200, 257K)

Hi Aki
Good, just playing games and enjoying my day off.
What about you?
Installed some mods for a game earlier, still need to try them out.
Good 8-bit cover.

Attached: warspite_and_belfast_azur_lane_drawn_by_raiou__sample-c8408bb19530d6c203ba7180b7e2a5bd.jpg (850x1215, 323K)

people dont want to talk to you because you talk like that all the time

Yeah, i really should stop coming here but i'm a fucking retard who does nothing but make others miserable

it's not that you're making others miserable; you're making yourself miserable by doing that

always talking yourself down like that isn't healthy, it just compounds your negative emotions

This is all i know how to do

i'm like that too. Sometime it feels like im hardwired to think negatively about myself. But putting forward even a little effort to think positively, or even just objectively, has a great impact on your mood and outlook.

you can't wallow in your emotions forever yknow?

Easy to say when you're not in a specific set of circumstances

Who are you? So I can track you down

Attached: 66983292_p0.jpg (1367x2000, 536K)

you don't know anything about my circumstances or struggles either

the way you talk mirrors how i think about myself a lot, I can tell we're coming from the same place

I don't, but yours may be overcomeable with your mind
mine aren''t with mine

just because something seems hopeless doesn't mean it is

and you don't have to overcome things by yourself either

I wish i could share your viewpoint, and i wish i had people to help me through my problems, but i do not

i know its not much but im someone trying to help

you can't give up on yourself fren

I wish you could help
i wish you could fix my parents

Criminal offense

Attached: warspite_azur_lane_drawn_by_mitoko_kuma__sample-b70a2c32578efb1380d4e6e369969a02.jpg (850x1063, 186K)

you're not the only one with shitty parents fren

both of mine were/are alcoholics
they divorced when I was young. both abused me growing up. one died as a result of alcoholism when i was 12. they left me pretty messed up but i've kept fighting to give myself a better life. i think i know where you're coming from more than most

Attached: look.jpg (573x591, 91K)

That doesn't really help me but, i'm sorry you have to suffer through that

you clearly dont want help

I see this thread is full of faggots.

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Attached: hqdefault[1].jpg (480x360, 23K)

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Attached: Aller-Farm41_104752272_202206462[1].jpg (630x420, 387K)

Attached: maxresdefault[1].jpg (1280x720, 111K)

Attached: x1080[1].jpg (1440x1080, 198K)

Attached: hqdefault[1].jpg (480x360, 13K)

Attached: _DSC0139[1].jpg (1600x1066, 513K)

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hes add it even tho im not here

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Everyone knows you start from the head and work down smh.

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Lotsa yikes from me tbh

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And remember kids.
faggots get the gutting

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kot id get

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