Why aren't you a muslim?

Why aren't you a muslim?

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because i am not a muslim.

I am.

I don't worship anything. So there's that.

Because I don't believe in any of those 2000 year old magic stories

>on Cred Forums

Fuck off you lying faggot, if you are a Muslim then you're going to hell.

dont live in france

> go to hell
> thinks hell is real

Not a sandnigger.

I was raised Muslim in Saudi Arabia by devout Muslim parents. I rejected the faith because the idea of a loving God is incompatible with the concept of hell and I had no interest in submitting to a god that wasn't loving.

>Why aren't you a muslim?
Because I'm a human being.

Because I like taking showers with soap

One word-bacon

ayou non-believers with your ignorant rhetoric make Allah sick

I do like to pee while standing...

Skydady is for retards.

I love eating ham, bacon, pig, beer, music, freedom.

I hate waking up to pray in fours
I hate Islam in general.

Now fk off faggot

Good answer. I like you user. Christian Jewish God same kinda shit, jealous, angry, vengeful. Who the fuck could worship an asshole like that?

May allah have mercy on you

For Sho' Dawg..

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Seems as if the infidels cannot even post an actual image, shame

damn bro Islamophobic and too retarded to post the right picture lmao

boomer alert

When the shaytan is a friend of your prophet, nice going chum.

I am an atheist. I don’t hate Muslims tho. They pretty chill. Kikes and christfags can go die. #freepalestine

Because I heard that woman pussy feels better than goat!

I looked into it because polygamy is allowed. Finally decided I couldn't believe such sheer idiocy.

You like getting pegged in the shitter, don't you?

from what?

imagine unironically identifying as atheist and still calling jews kikes. please go outside

You can even get a side-bitch royalty free! 3 as wives, the rest as 'servants' oooooohhh weee!

from Israel. its in the news all the time how do you not know about this???

Because islam is a disgusting perverted religion.

Then you would like it when they rape you with Sharia... enjoy those stinky goat smeared dicks

That is a slanderous lie by your zionist masters, infidel

im not a pedophile

>from Israel
they are captives of Israel.

muslims are a cancer. .....all religions are cancer but them sand niggers are like testicular cancer

yes and you free captives.

Could you elaborate, infidel?

Good luck with allah goat fucker

>they are captives of Israel.
I typed it wrong-
they are not captives of Israel.

i've read al-quran, and either the translation was a bad one, or that shit does not make any sense.

what you get when you have a written form with no vowels, i guess.

tht sht cld mn nythng

that shit could mean anything

Don't you call them that... that's racist..

So ur not a muslim?

Absolutely love it


Mmm. Stop, your getting me hard

Wow! that's fucking awesome! they do this in a heroic way right>?

what? cancer?

are they not??

cant vote
cant get a passport
cant protest new settlements being built where their house was
cant even fish too far out
come on man


ya sometimes! hard to be heroic when youre fighting a country funded by the US

JK bro... them sand stay within their caves and their Genie lamps all they want.. and cook shit on sand

that's ridiculous. You think Israel is keeping them from all that?
You are aware, Hamas is their government?

Israel isn't the only one though... funding the effort must be hard against them

>Why aren't you a muslim?
Never fucked a goat.

You fuck, you in that service? throw me a discount?

I don't want to be a 3rd world backwards goat fucking murderer.

Quad 1's plus zero acknowledged.

Facts or BS...? help settle the score here? citations?

I heard it was a religion of peace.... why a murderer? carpet seller is good too

I don't thump a koran or a bible


America can be saved, if they turn to the word of Allah, we can all live a peaceful, proper world.


Nice jebait thread!

Racism/nationalism offends you?

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Because my dick is bigger than 2"

That's why i don't need islam

Nice racism, infidel. When Sharia hits America, you will be sorry

I don't trust people who lives in caves and writes laws to let them fuck kids, cousins and animals

Thank you for confirming your child-raping religion

It's pretty mainstream to call God's chosen people Kikes nowadays

We don't fuck kids, cousins, or animals, ignorant infidel


Yet your country works for an organization which rapes children

I am

>Sharia hits America
that is like violent revolution, never going to happen.

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Maybe not but it's inscribed in Islam that you are allowed to marry cousins and children.
Also I love the story when Aisha straight up calls out Muhammad for making shit up when it suits him. Like that God suddenly has told him that he can take more wives as long as he can provide for them

Also, we now have Sharia police where I'm from and child marriage is at an all time high even though it's illegal

Be cos i am a fat chinese man like this chap in the image an eat a lot off pig.

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17 Apologetics...

You yankees can barely do elections, everyone knows they are rigged. Soon the followers of Allah will bring America to the true path.

Nice jebait

you are full of crap-

OP you had your fan... stop this foolishness.. it's probably a snowflake atheist having the time of his life baiting y'all

1) Islam is not a religion or a religion of peace. It's a geopolitical force with religious elements that stole from the patrimony of the early church fathers. Those religious elements being the architecture of churches, prayers, hymns, religous dress, and traditions.

2) It was started by and propagated at its Inception by murderers and condones murder and hatred.

3) If you knew anything of the Quran, it teaches that everyone is muslim but have forgotten to be muslim and that they must be reconverted to islam.

4) Islam is Satanic and Diametrically opposed to Christ and his Kingdom and will not stop to bring it to ruin. Tje angel gabriel was just Satan in disguise.

5) Why would God need Islam and Jihad to force people to convert to Islam by force or fear when he is all powerful and capable of bringing a forced submission of all of creation to his will. Real love requires a voluntary submission to God thus the reason why he is not directly Involved in revealing his divine presence directly to man and requires that man out of faith and free will submit themselves to love him. Islam has no concept of this and is contradictory because of this.

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Yeah we put goats with tnt in their asses then, thats good arab repellant

A+ thesis well documented and supported

Or grease their corpses with pig fat, they really hate that :D, good idea.

Or cuckistan (blandland aka sweden)

But yeah... Us frenchfags are pretty much fucked with current pres Manu...

France = cuckistan #2, basically

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>Thinks a sand nigger who fucked 9 yr olds is a good prophet.

The politically-correct term is sand niggers

what a man believes is between him and his god.
When that man tries to force me to believe, I intend to arrange the meeting.

Many of the French and Swedish have seen the lught, infidel. If you were to vote for an Islamic President, France could see the light

Quads of truth

The bible is no “religion of peace” either, and stole literally every aspect of itself from other religions.

Numbers 25:3-5
So Israel joined themselves to Baal of Peor, and the LORD was angry against Israel. The LORD said to Moses, "Take all the leaders of the people and execute them in broad daylight before the LORD, so that the fierce anger of the LORD may turn away from Israel." So Moses said to the judges of Israel, "Each of you slay his men who have joined themselves to Baal of Peor."

Peace doesn’t exist

Lol the only thing we have seen in Sweden is our welfare crumbling and crime rates sky-rocketing
Btw, what do you think of Somalies?

>Quads of truth
first time I ever got quads.
Post is true however.

Christianity was derived from judaism you dumb fuck

Somalia is a good country, with proper Sharia, it could be perfect. I do hope Swedish Muslims introduce Sharia

That’s literally what I said, troglodyte

^ this-

This, execution in public is good for society. They should also ban studying witch craft (aka science.)

Samuel 15:3
“Now go and smite Amalek and utterly destroy all that they have, and spare them not; but slay both man and woman, infant and suckling, ox and sheep, camel and ass.’”

This man understands the proper society, when sharia comes, you will be rewarded

Numbers 31:
17 Now therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that hath known man by lying with him.

18 But all the women children, that have not known a man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves.

I don’t have access to explosives :..(
(Otherwise I’d be all over it.)

God (The Father) of the old testament was much more wrathful compared to God of the New Testament. The coming of Christ (God the Son) satiated his wrath with Christ now adopting a human nature. He became both God and Man. The second Adam, the new man, the perfect man that raised humanity from a creature created in the image of God into a being that could now participate directly in his divinity! After Adam and Eve fell from perfect grace no man was allowed to see the face of God until Jesus tore the veil and made every single human being a temple of God and thus by his sacrifice brought eternal perpetual forgiveness and redemption to mankind to those who are willing to listen and do the will of his father! Mercy, forgiveness, confession of wrongdoing, sorrow for evil, and penances have replaced God's wrath until the second coming of Christ when all the nations will be Judged! The God of the Old Testament was the father of children who did not know any better and could not comprehend the nature of the laws. God the Fathet of The New Testament has grown children who now know why the laws are in place and is thus less authoritative. Just like a regular household when you are little your dad beat you with the belt for wrongdoing, but when you grow up he just tells you that you did wrong!

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bunch of fucking heathens is what that sounds like-

They can’t eat bacon?? Fuck that VERY much.

What specific verse of the bible does it say this in?

America conducts public executions still.

And the civilised developed world considers it barbaric

I don't worship false gods.

Allah have mercy on you if you were so easily lost

They are gluttons as well as heathens.
Not good studious muslims at all.

That should be all the more reason for them to introduce Islam, a muslim society could help them civilize

>public executions still
when, liar? When is the next?

and i will be there with your daughter's virginity ;)


I always hear this bullshit about “old testament doesn’t count”
Yet, it never explicitly says that anywhere in the actual bible.
Just soft brained retards making excuses for parts of their fairytale book that don’t make sense

what a bunch of zero trolls. No wonder the Spaniards drove their dumb asses back to the Pyrenees 11 or 13 times.

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because i'm not retarded

I had my colon removed and they won't allow my non shitting ass in their club

Just who do you think was ‘burned’ by your retarded remark?

to be fair, it doesnt state they're public

those are not 'public' executions.

You think doing it behind closed doors is better?
More civilised?

Americans are like rabid Fucking animals

Which ones?
Who says?

whoever I want, genius.

not real bright are you?

Its not in one verse. This is in many chapters and chunks of the scriptures. The Second Temple at the time of Christ had a massive and thick wool veil to conceal the tabernacle of God from all the Israelites. Only the tribe of Levi since Moses wad allowed to bring ONE high priest to go back once a month to burn incense at the alter. Anyone who tried to go back there without permission was to be stoned to death! No one was allowed to see the face of God and live. When Christ finally expired on the cross, the Temple literally broke in two and the wool that was at least four feet thick covering the Tabernacle was broken in two! Christ being both God and Man has become the New temple of God and thus all men are now temples of God and are able to now participate in his sacraments for salvation because Christ brought back the link that separated both God and man and has gone further to put man in a higher place because Gods great power is to convert evil and force a greater good out of it. Hence Christ being the new perfect man, the new Adam. The jews today can't pratice their faith fully because they still believe they have yet to see God by a messiah and because the Second Temple to conduct religious ceremonies has been burned for nearly two thousand years, they are not capable of fully doing penance for their wrongdoings by carrying out religious ceremonies. Why do you think they want to return to the promise land? So they can rebuild the Second Temple!

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>can’t answer
>claim the other person is stupid, thereby avoiding answering the question

Answer the question

What specific passage of the bi or explicitly states that the Old Testament is to be disregarded, or now read in a different context?

I will not read your bullshit, only the actual bible verse

if you want to play semantic bullshit games, go find somebody that cares. While you are searching look for the 70 points of IQ you evidently lost someplace.

>can’t answer
>claim the other person is stupid, thereby avoiding answering the question

Answer the question

if you want to play semantic bullshit games, go find somebody that cares. While you are searching look for the 70 points of IQ you evidently lost someplace.

The old testament is never to be disregarded. As Christ said in

Matthew 5:17 " Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them."

In the Old Testament

Exodus 33:20
"But he said, "you cannot see my face, for no one may see me and live."

Matthew's account of the temple after christ expired on the cross.
Matthew 27:51
"At that moment the curtain of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom. The earth shook, the rocks split."

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I still execute people for disregarding the sabbath.

And Judge Dredd said “I AM THE LAW” on issue 86 of 2000AD,
So I don’t need to listen to any of your bullshit . He’s THE LAW

Your picture pretty much sums up why not.

what country?

>your doctored photograph commissioned purely for anti-muslim propaganda has convinced me to hate Muslims

Christian NPCs

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They're only public in that they have a small group of witnesses, many being relatives of victims. Actual public executions take place either on TV or in a large public forum with hundreds, if not thousands of spectators.

another delusional Cred Forumstard.

Hey yo it's my boy. Big ups liquid Richard, shout-out Sean ranklin and the homie Carlitos.

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Why should I?

>they’re only public in the sense that members of the public can watch them but I was using the alternative (and wrong) definition of “publicly broadcast” executions.

Well, you’re a derpy shit brained tool then, aren’t you

Because if I was a Muslim I couldn't be enslaved by some hot Arab guy.

Because i had the good fortune of being born and raised in a 1st world country.

Is this the same user who asked me to show scripture of what I am talking about? I doubt it, but if it is, you act like an ass and have shown no initiative to comprehend what I am teaching other than to have predisposed seething that I have provided you answers for everything you asked me!

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It's not the doctored bit.
And you're trying too hard.

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And you do not respect THE LAW.

Why would i be?
Do i get a quiet slave girl or sometbing?


I'm married with a young Indonesian muslim girl and seriously thinking about converting. We hope to have some anklebiters soon. Australia can use much more diversity anyway, mate

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Because this whole universe you believe your experiencing, is actually a giant simulation to study randomness.

God or the entity running this simulation is no more aware of us than we are of the NPC's in a MMORPG.

and you kill people over your sabbath?
Is the tooth fairy real?

Silence, kike mind slave.

Why aren't you a Satanist?

>no more aware of us than we are of the NPC's in a MMORPG.
>never played MOIRAI game

So, incredibly aware ?

because the ideas of degeneracy and decadence is slightly more tolerable than worshipping a peep inbred medieval cult.

Back under the bridge you lousy troll!

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because i am a civilized man, and not a goat fucking piss drinking degenerate

I was muslim for the first 25 years of my life, I got over it, don't wanna play anymore.

fuck off nigger, im a muslim and id rather have 'islamophobes' around than retarded jew/white soyboys who defend our religion because it isnt christianity

race mixing kike faggot, also how did islam even get to indonesia jesus christ, islam was a religion intended for arabs

it's alright all you deists are fucking retarded

Do you seriously care about the fate of the NPC in any game you play? Do you regularly check in on them? Listen in to their thoughts? Follow the trials and tribulations in their existence?

I seriously doubt it, same for the entity running this experiment, we are mearly part of the software devoted to creating randomness. Other more stable parts of our universe are used as input/output variables.

In case your interested our universe if you could call it that started with a simulation expansion of our visable universe and will end once the simulation runs of out space to create more randomness

wow thats islamophobic (im calling the International Israeli globohomo police on you) and not even an argument moron

like I said all you deists are retarded so you better call the International globohomo hotline for all the religions you retarded faggot
>mfw user has International globohomo hotline number in their favorite contacts

>retarded faggot
no need to project shlomo

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Now the reason I can discuss my faith that the universe is a giant simulation, is because I live in a country with freedom of speech.

however in many religions countries including Islamic countries speaking your opinion especially about an alternative religious idea is strictly forbidden and punishable by death stoning or whipping.

Additionally many of these same countries have laws that punish people if there is a perception of insult to the dominant religion.

Until all religions including Islam show so flexibility im inclined to believe they are vessels of control rather than vehicles of believe.

your post makes me wonder, what are these Muslims going to do about freedom of religion?