Guy from reddit seemed really passionate about his new turtle image. Ruin his day

Guy from reddit seemed really passionate about his new turtle image. Ruin his day.

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it’s a nice turtle

No it fucking isn't
looks like some cross between E.T. and Wojak

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Fuck you all, just ruin the damn turtle already, the guy will probably cry

Clearly also loves turtles.

I like this turtle. Good job OP, dad said you aren't a faggot for once

Alright, fuck off, I'll do it myself

He cute


Best thread tonight lol

that turtle is ok in my book

Yeah really, OP was definitely a newfag kek

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Turtles before OPs

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Can someone find the reddit that OP stole this from?

>trying to get us to use reddit
Fuck off, kys

Oh and nice turtle, OP

Might be the greatest turtle I've ever seen. Just exquisite

Post moar!!

This should be preserved as a religious artifact

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What wholesome fuckery is this thread? Get off my board you unnatural subversion of reality!

Nice turtle OP, post more

Newfag OP ragequit, shit his pants, and went to bed
#1 Vicotury Rooile

That's the best fucking turtle I had ever seen in my whole life

Is it possible to learn this power?

Not... from an OP


Dem singles. What the fuck are you checking?

Newfags are invading from reddit, they don’t even know what it means. Forgive them, they know not what gay they are.

This is now my religion. Best thread tonight