Everyday gets harder and harder Cred Forumsros. I’m really thinking about killing myself...

Everyday gets harder and harder Cred Forumsros. I’m really thinking about killing myself. I really really do not want to go on living like I am. I relapsed twice this week for the first time in over a year. My fiancé has no love for me in her heart anymore. She don’t like the person I’ve become. All she does is complain about everything I do, everything I do is wrong, every time she hits me it’s my fault. Everything is my fault. I just want this life to be over with.

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You would rather feel high than be a good boyfriend. Sad. Own up and be an addict.

Take a fuck ton of sleeping pills and wrap a grocery bag with elastic bands holding it in place over your head simple effective painless

She’s pushed me there. I’ve posted here before. She’s very abusive. She has isolated me from all my firends and family, she beats me. Every single night, even right now as I type this she yells at me and tells me how useless and worthless I am. I hate life. I can’t leave, but staying is killing me.

Weak shit. Wtf!!

Wtf?? Fuck you!! Sadist

Imaginary girlfriend doesn’t could kid

so why does SHE stick around? if she bitches all the time why hasn't she left? does she need a wagesexslave that bad?

Not a sadist I'm a emphatist I just want to help you ease up suffering

I assume you meant to say Count, and in which case unfortunately she’s real.

Leave her and live for someone what will need you that you haven’t met yet. What if the real love of your life is waiting and is as down as you but had no faith. Become a bigger man and fight it. It’s a hard fight but you can do it! Leave her now and get help. ! We love you if she don’t.

I wish I could take your advice user. Unfortunately, for reasons I do not want to disclose, I can’t leave. Thankyou for your kind words, I love you too user.

I been through this in my life twice and I was in the same loop it was on me to get out and it was hard but I became stronger and got on my feet to now be a good man to my wife and my baby that’s on the way. Life is cruel and hard so you can see joy after the storm.

Dude you need to get out of that relationship. Just leave you dont have to say anything just pack up and leave when she isnt home and stay with family or a friend. If you ask people for help they will help you. Nothing is worth killing yourself over. Especially something you can literally just walk away from

Bro text me 5092625049
It’s worth a talk my friend like I said in my posts

I truly hope everything in your life is going well like you say, I’m sure that baby will bring you more joy than anything in this world ever could. You’re right what you said about life being cruel. Life has never been fair to me either, friend. I suffer from severe PTSD from my child hood and depression and anxiety to go with it. Every day is a struggle.

Anne hero

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Lets glass iraq!

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homie, do some crazy ass shit before you die. bucket list,

So you think you don’t have a purpose in this life?

Oh I’ve been through it. When I was an addict I was wild, I’m more calmed down now. I don’t want to do any more crazy things lol.

I believe everyone has purpose, but I don’t wish to continue mine. I feel like I possibly have already completed my task in life and now I’m just waiting to die.

Add me on snap at least you need a friend calistyle626

Thankyou truly for the offer but my absolute anonymity on Cred Forums is very important to me, besides if she found out that I added someone without her “permission” (god I fucking hate what I’ve become) she’d go off.


This is the first post I’ve ever had where one of you bots come in and post shit like that. How interesting.

your fiancé is sbusive and is being a massive bitch. please don’t kill yourself op, I care about you.

you couldnt have chosen a better photo?

Honestly I just always use the same one when I post about this subject. It has nothing to do with anything at all.

Tbh its all about perspective, just know that all the shit youre going through with drugs, your fiance and how shitty you feel theres someone out there being burned alive, decapitated or raped rn...just know that someones is always having a more shittier day than u

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Kill her then yourself
Win win

How is this the first? The pedobots are all over Cred Forums

>all side effects of being a weak dyel

>Getting beaten by a women

Maybe you should kys

That’s the plan Stan