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Hiiiiiiiii I'm claire

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Attached: TpOM1UBtVKjc0vXX32Bh7NkFSGpj1IvarbFabK51mREdCVReHPIHeGJwuAqJfV7EThhdDtShIhzFzQFAj2qCfExFlROZnTz_KEEu (750x677, 638K)

Attached: U6WjVuZTivAWK1wZmi95tZOvkG_N6JEoJxKIlthjrdY.jpg (450x296, 42K)

Op after sucking dick for the 1st time

Attached: FB_IMG_1582127538896.jpg (720x878, 67K)

Fuck off stupid degenerate.

Attached: A9E34865-033D-4C92-909B-7B617FA3A289.jpg (720x407, 37K)

Hi Chris...is this what they mean by transmootation?

I'm a pretty girl men are always begging me for dates

Attached: EOpwg9HXsAE-7-Z.jpg (1536x2048, 362K)

You're an ugly troll. You stupid cunt.


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cdawg1593qhk 0

Big oof from me captain

I remember reading this as a teenager and thinking it was peculiar. I'm into traps now though so maybe it resonated with me on some level

Attached: D0C4C4D0-D154-4329-803C-DE123B972ECA.jpg (901x1254, 122K)

Attached: Screen Shot 2020-02-25 at 9.40.51 PM.png (792x446, 280K)

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I need a good rogering my hole is sloppy wet

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Attached: 270162018.jpg (353x480, 28K)

Attached: 1564617109002.jpg (750x747, 93K)

Man, are you posting these ironically? They're really fucking stupid.

This thread is really fucking stupid.

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Attached: 490.jpg (627x626, 28K)

None of this is remotely funny. This has to be the worst ylyl ever

Attached: 69405394_376663483017295_5347081893785370624_o.jpg (1440x1440, 155K)

>liberal detected
It's ok buttercup only 4 more years

>seethe more liberal

Attached: 270279335.jpg (560x442, 36K)

Attached: 1580664054106.png (480x480, 301K)

I have no political affiliation. If anything im probably a conservative. Go fuck yourself you unfunny prick.

>seething intensifies

>I love conservative memes
>I know they bring liberal tears

Attached: 272130441.jpg (640x640, 45K)

Attached: 1580670137153.jpg (625x600, 83K)

Right whatever dude. Clearly a bored ass troll.

So bad ass

>triggered snowflake

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Attached: image0-3.png (668x482, 231K)

Attached: 071890703.jpg (850x731, 51K)

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>sum ting wong

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do people get more cucked than this?

I have been here for 10 years and still not a SINGLE ylyl that makes me laugh.

How do you guys even survive?

Why don't you just go black

Attached: 1581902011783.png (1181x1299, 363K)

Thank you for your service faggot!

>do not
>do not joke about our armed forces
>they are true American heros
>unlike you liberal socialist

Attached: 12439077.jpg (536x607, 29K)

No you are not Claire you are fucking Carl!!!

So this is ylyl now

Attached: Leathern+aback+lanklets_ea692d_7562303.jpg (1200x812, 142K)

let's turn this thread around

Attached: buckleup.jpg (498x617, 57K)

Attached: 277151623.jpg (600x703, 42K)

He hasn't got it cut off yet though.

gave me a chuckle

Fancy my clit

Attached: EO_Wn2WX4AEX1RP.jpg (1152x2048, 888K)

should get epic jerked off by bam margera's old lambo

Attached: 1581488110782.jpg (828x1270, 208K)

Dick...that's a dick faggot

Attached: 1581737814858.png (726x566, 289K)

What an absolute faggot. You are a male in a dress. Really think about what you are doing. Get help.

Attached: 1582181021284.jpg (600x800, 172K)

Fuck off craig

Nice bait

>filename from Facebook

Attached: 54394 - abuse anger_issues artist_egoralexeev blood bruise death gif petshop pillowfluff piss punch (900x720, 631K)

The right can't meme

I slapped muh knee

Attached: 51921 - abuse abusement_park animated artist_egoralexeev blood crying explicit gif guts jaws_of_deat (1000x720, 1.82M)

Attached: 2312ab365be551f7c5f9c99737718bc8503b9dc743b1fead8313b1904eafd8e7.gif (900x700, 1.27M)

Attached: 23690 - abuse animated artist_egoralexeev crying death for_taufan99 gif indonesian_abuser indonesian (750x500, 1.55M)

I beat my meat to the thought of all those military wives cheating on their husband who are "Fighting for freedom"

>Trumpturd detected
Just under five if the shit bag wins

He'll win and will most likely win a third in 2024. After that you might be looking at don jr or ivanka.

>getting free food, housing, job training, and undeserved societal respect
>be a huge drain to tax payers
>"earning" anything
military=welfare queens

Ironic that the actor playing this is extremely liberal, great when people roast themselves like morons

>win a third in 2024

not how that works buddy

Attached: 1579750650994 - kobe.jpg (720x851, 105K)

Things can change he has executive power.

Attached: 71877FBC-E6D2-41C0-B9CE-3D9287947EA9.jpg (1233x1244, 191K)

again, not how things work here

Attached: 1581056773325 - Copy (2).jpg (1080x450, 106K)

like they would even understand the irony...

Attached: 1581144810657.jpg (680x438, 37K)

He's still your president

Rebels also fought for this country.

LMAO right on cue
so fucking predictable

He can't do what you are suggesting. Maybe it can happen in your country but here it is impossible.

Attached: 1571782845313.jpg (745x774, 135K)

Top kek

nowhere near pretty nor girl, just another horrible abomination.

When they face death
They're all alike
No right or wrong
Rich or poor
No matter who they served before
Good or bad
They're all the same
Rest side by side now

They fought to leave it you trumpanzee

Attached: 31E810B1-3059-414A-9417-DE366C1BC49B.png (500x452, 123K)

Attached: 77D76587-7F08-4774-9383-FE227D12EF12.jpg (526x397, 86K)

No they fought to maintain their state rights. The north was taking their rights away.

They fought against change and moving forward, just like you will you boomer fuck

These are liberal promoters. Cred Forums has been over run. No point explaining history online. Let them live in their box and school them in person

Attached: 1564106650819.png (869x868, 412K)

Tfw medically disqualified from service. Fuck me, right?

The fuck is wrong with you?

its hilarious that owning slaves is a right worth fighting for, but basic healthcare or environmental regulations are a fucking delicacy that only communists would dream of

stay retarded, USA

Attached: aJx1lWK9_700w_0.jpg (700x571, 81K)

I have a different political opinion

Dims dumbed down schools so kids have no idea what Socialism is, but NOW, Dims are “alarmed” that the kids are voting FOR a Socialist!!!

In the 2020 Iowa Caucus:

56% of 18-29 yr. olds voted for Bernie
32% of 30-44 yr. olds voted for Bernie
15% of 45-64 yr. olds voted for Bernie
9% of those over 65 voted for Bernie

Dont even know what you are trying to say but it sounds like an attack. So go get cucked kid.

Mike, it's done, stop it. Everyone knows it's you.

The kids know what Socialism is.
The thing that will destroy the establishment we know and give us a new one.
Fuck the establishment.
Burn it down.
Trump said he would drain the swamp.
Whole thing is a swamp!
Bern the Swamp.

Was hoping for a good YLYL and then came the Cred Forums fags to ruin it. Go bitch about Trump in one of the threads dedicated to it

It's not the government's job to provide. Get a good job and get healthy. Do good in school get a higher education. Its really not that complicated.

Oooooh the boomer is using modern words now
20 bucks says he uses yeet in his next post

I want a Union and $15 for low skill labor.

Then that means it’s not the governments job to provide you your upcoming retirement check larry

You look like a ginger Michael Jackson.

The government doesn't you idiot. It's my retirement I get from my employer. Do you know what an employer is?

Ok boomer

Dumb as fuck. Everything will go up in price , what don't you get??

again, retarded
you're the only developed country doing it this way, and it costs you a crippling fortune only to profit a useless middle man
you're promoting third world shit
read a book sometimes

Yeah I do, but boomers like you steal all the jobs and hang on for dear life like god forbid you not have a life outside of work or a job

Call me a degenerate, but I would love to fuck the shit out of bruce in girl mode

look wat I caught

Attached: Fresh Capture.jpg (2220x1080, 1.31M)

Mmm fresh chinese

Its called having something you dont have. Commitment and responsibilities. Maybe one day you'll learn.

Is that what you've experienced first hand or just what you believe because that's the narrative? Grow the fuck up.

so army and roads and licenses and national parks and subsidies all that shit IS their job, but healthcare and education should be private and put you personally in debt

got it
flawless logic

Attached: 1562190152295.jpg (179x281, 7K)

Maybe one day you’ll learn not to act so self righteous and entitled


it's trying to scratch and bite, it's nextdoor's cat

Attached: Cat and I.jpg (1080x2220, 1.25M)

its the shithole US, they don't get retirement either I suppose
coal mine until you collapse or you're a goddamn socialist

So instead of illegals, it’s now boomers?

Attached: A96939C2-0AE4-4238-8692-7D7C12F0FE9A.png (375x360, 106K)

>It's not the government's job to provide.
Then you'd better talk to your government about all the subsidies they give to industry.
The very generous contracts they write with the military-industrial complex for useless weapons that don't help the armed forces win against peasants armed with sticks and stones. The money they use to pay farmers not to plant crops and so keep food prices high.
The infrastructure they pay for to make it profitable for companies to set up in the US rather than other countries.
But not create the nimber of jobs that it might if it was done for that reason.
Are American wages any better than the Chinese factory-fodder get?

Lord have mercy this country is doomed if people like you are the future. So pathetic in many ways.

Put a top hat on it and leave it in their yard
Their reactions will be priceless


Zip your fly you Neanderthal

You have to be 18 to post here.

pepper bit me. I must punish her now. back to her cage she goes.

Attached: Bit me.jpg (1080x2220, 1.19M)

Why would illegals come here anyway
Besides, in boomer culture having a job comes before all

fortunately we're not in your shit country and can enjoy a better life because of it
keep fucking it up for everyone else tho

hmmmm wwpd… what would pepper do...

Moar pls

then prepare for $2000 a month rent and $895 for gas.

you had me up untill that rediculous last line.

of course it is, it is vastly better, as well as your access to things.
its a shit go right now, but eveb in this shitty state its better than third world countries

Yes it does. You might like living on the streets (your probably from Portland Oregon or Seattle). But me I like living comfortable. That's why I pride my job.

Your generation already fucked it and left it for dead in the 1950-70s so it’s not really much of a difference

what is this, san francisco

I keked

What comes before all to you? Whatever it is, I'm sure you can't eat it.

>Your generation
>Cred Forums
...........user pls

So true

you're, and Seattle's a very wealthy city.

he may be stupid but hes got a point.

everyone considers socialism/communism/marxism to be a governing structure the country can use.

marx wrote that socialism is the inevitable result of the oligarchs raping the citizens of the country, its an effect that is created via a cause.

Do you have a license for that internets you're using?

Attached: tm_lot9qnnOxj1qdo6u2o1.jpg (500x375, 43K)

Mine and my future children’s health and education, to ensure that this country is smarter and healthier than the yards of the boomer generation

We made this country a better place for all. It's you lazy shits that don't value hard work and a little grit that are running America into the ground.

Whatever Snowflake

Who is this elusive "everyone?" You and your friends? Your personal peers? The politicians you follow? Could it be that you have a severe case of tunnel vision caused by this delusion that everything will be fixed by uncle Bernie?

>50's and 70's

you know that was like the best time ever right ?

shit didnt start getting fucked up till late 70s n 80s

Its filled with freaks and homeless heroin addiction.

despite being a bait, the fact that you have a folder on your computer containing all these .jpg is really sad

Attached: DCB5ED80-07EF-4261-81DE-7AA25E089D0A.jpg (680x589, 168K)

You'll get zero of those things without a good job. You've gotta play the game to beat it. Nobody is just going to hand you and your children free quality health and education while you laugh and grow fat. Not even if Bernie won and plunged this country into the deepest forms of socialism you could ever desire. It's just not feasible.

Nah, instead of trying to upkeep the economy and the climate, boomers acted like the gravy train would never end, but when it did, they got triggered and blamed the younger generations by calling them spoiled, even though they were the ones who were spoiled and raised their children similarly and then lashed out at them because of the way they were raised

Oooh yeah it was
Racism and the threat of a nuclear holocaust sound like tons of fun, gramps!

this eleusive everyone is the generalised mindset off the majority that has become standardised through the community.

i suppose your one of those guys that says new words sbouldnt be added to the dictionary.

the idea of communism was perverted by the USSR and everyone accepts that as what it is.

it is an ideology, not a goverment structure.

I don’t know, a lot of them seem to though if the caravans of illegals are to be trusted.

Getting a job is pretty important. More hours means more money. Hell i mean you can basically do your own gigs to. You can learn plumbing, coding, electrical, carpentry, welding, smithing, etc... hell work a minimum wage job, save up enough and build and then sell a computer with a slightly more cheap up charge. Just do your own shit man. Some people love the 9-5 grind and others love the ‘i sell what i build/do on my own time’ type gig. Can’t blame them, they chose that life.

Fucking kek, lost


besides, it's significantly more profitable to keep america dumb and sick. All these presidents and politicians think theyre gunna come in and just magically break up big pharma and make education reform, it's more likely to cause mass closures and drug shortages.

your generation was born with the silver spoon in their mouths straight out of the womb

I wonder, when will red states have their first taste of wealth? they've all failed but texas, and survive on handouts from blue states.

shameful, really. the top ten poorest states in the US, all red. virtually all red counties are mired in poverty. you're all laborers. your people come to blue states expecting handouts, and end up homeless (thus our homeless problem).

Attached: white trash.jpg (600x604, 90K)

>millenials are killing the greeting cards industry! bunch of sissies
>alright gotta go water that driveway even though its raining now

>no one has to work in socialist shitholes

apartied ended in 1954, the country was shifting away from racism. you understand that it still hasnt completly made this shift yet right ??

and ohh noo all that commie propoganda giving you the ptsd again ??

keep reaching for shit you jaded fuck

Is that faggot Clint Eastwood even still alive? I figured he must have choked and died on trumps baby dick by now.

Not true you millenials all have something wrong with you. Something that has a made up name. Also climate change is a hoax. Go on Rush Limbaugh Facebook page he has a bunch of evidence that proves it.

As the man said... "You shall not pass!"

Be you a king or a street sweeper know one day you dance with the reaper?


Attached: 1488335527140.jpg (600x600, 13K)

>non answer
>followed by deflection/accusation/assumption
>Wrapped up with discrediting
>ending with a reeeeeal zinger that sounds aust maybe passable as some kind of philosophical garbage.
>reddit spaced

You're not even close to as smart as you think you are. Not even by a fraction. And your world view is 1 dimensional.

You literally dont even know how old I am you clown.

in fact, old clint said trump's a retard and should fuck off. surprisingly. he said "put a dem in there!" when questioned about trump a few days ago, he really hates trump and today's GOP

You’d believe a Facebook post about blue m&ms causing anal cancer than actual scientific evidence

He's actually supporting Bloomberg

will you be 18 in 1 second?

ok now THIS is YLYL


I think you mean Clint

I hope that you some day realize how cringeworthy this politician larping in internet is.

Dude, if you stick that many M&Ms up your ass, it's cancer regardless of the color.

Do you have an actual thought process or do you just grab a vague understanding of something you dislike or think you disagree with and repeat twitter quotes at it?

If it is shown by scientists like the ones denouncing climate changes.

I swear to God racism and war is all you fucks ever think about. Why do you even pretend like this decade is faultless?

I need you to understand that despite racism and nuclear threats that pre70's were the best. That there's so much more to life than racism and war. That sometimes letting go of all this control is fun. But instead, for some reason, young adults are still finding ways to cling to Mommy and Daddy even when they go off to college where they should relish in the new found freedom of adult life.

I’m pretty sure you just stated your thought process but replaced Facebook for twitter

That’s called bias dumbass


I remember reading this as a kid and thinking whoever made it was blind

Do you have no job prospects in the real world? Do you want to define yourself in your sixties by what you did in your twenties? Then talk to your recruiter today!

Attached: 1575233512123m.jpg (1024x1024, 105K)

Twitter is for liberals and people confused about their ginder.

Yet you want take the time to go read it.

You have to be 18 to post here.

And you’re still finding ways of clinging to that job of yours that’s probably gonna fire you after this year

sure if this was 10 years ago.

I'm not saying these people dont have the right heart, they'res just no one who wants to accept that this country has been progressivly getting more and more fucked up with each decade, and nobody is going to just get elected, wave a magic wand and fix everything. We're not going to see a major shift in our lifetime, so trying to plan and prepare for a day we're never going to see is a pipe dream.

Jesus fucking christ you're stupid.... I feel bad for your parents

they stoped segregating them in 1954, they made discrimination illegal in 1964.

apartied is the mandated segregation of a race, after 1954 aparthied ended. im 1964 they then made it illegal for people to discriminate.

fuck your comprehension is elementary

there is* idk wtf happened there.

Attached: 5B86A803-B08E-42B5-AED4-CF0535674F87.jpg (500x580, 197K)

you mean tumblr?
twitter is where the moron potus shits his pants 12 hours a day

Kill it and post faggot

Meet me in the pioneer court right now, I will destroy you.

Attached: Johnny2.gif (241x400, 32K)

yea na your just a troll buddy.

>reddit spacing

youve clearly got a wide and balanced viewset. heres your feed now fuck off troll



line breaking




Their only fault was letting the world population spiral out of control and letting developing nations see what we have and try to copy it.
And also letting Jews interfere with school curriculums and letting kids get lazy. "No fail schools". "No homework". "No discipline". You're just raising a generation of lazy shitheads.

And it was the Republicans that freed the slaves and desegregated schools. Democrats are the real racist. Hillary was friend with a klan leader.

Twitter is an absolute cesspool of the most extremists on both the right and left, where they let loose their howler monkeys at each other.

its the corona virus death cube

Le boomer anti Semite has arrived

John Carmack why!








whatever makes you feel better, my child. Consider a cookie followed by a nap and suicide.

pepper's resting up for punishment. it has a long night ahead of it. it bit me. no killing shall be taking place.

Can I fit it up my ass

.... did you link the wrong post?

your shit doesnt correlate other than the redit spacing.

pretty sure the anti-semites are all zoomers

I hope you legitimately kill yourself, pump up the suicide rates even more

No accounting for niggers I see.

Besides, half the wealth in blue states/cities is just debt and printed money. Y'all have pension plans that taxes can't keep up with but still pay them. Shenanigans.

I mean, he might be a boomer. But what he's saying is true. Not a boomer myself, but it takes only two eyes and common sense to see what's going on.

nobody cares what you like, it makes your posts seem less intelligent than they already are most of the time. Like you're so desperate for everyone to read your oh so smart opinions so you intentionally make your post box bigger. It makes your already piss-poor argument seem louder and dumber. Aside from the post about segregation.

trump bungled corona, the dow's down 2000 points in 2 days, we're in for a recession and his loss in 2020 thanks to his cuts to the CDC in 2018.

the perfect storm for the Dem Victory and BUTTSLAM/SILENCE of all trumpanzee monkeys

Attached: I Love America.png (214x112, 7K)

And you probably believe metal music is satanic

Imagine thinking America won when the Union won... The Confederacy was in the right

samefagging is a clowns tool

Attached: Chinese-Soup-Nazi.jpg (1000x728, 153K)

Nice dubs tho

blacks are employed and educated in red states

sadly white trash account for crime and welfare in red states. they should all be deported if you ask me. white trash are a disease.

You buffoon













yeah alright that's a fair assessment
i really don't get why people are hooked on this shit platform, it's 90% cancer (he said, on Cred Forums)

I agree! Remove niggers and red necks

the confederacy was torn asunder, sadly America didn't finish the job. they should have executed every last traitor.

where else will libs get their daily dose of rage at the president?

Attached: tenor (6).gif (220x199, 99K)

You really think Twitter has right wing? You live a sheltered life...

I suppose you can't expect an autist to understand what makes them autistic. It's cool just scream louder into your little karaoke box and I'm sure someone will listen someday.

>being this triggered over white space

oh boy looks like we found were you belong.

>caring about the jews
pick one


Literally nobody but delusional progressive retards like AOC believe this

Honestly sometimes im convinced only about 500 real people actually use twitter and the rest is a massive AI Neural Network type shit where they're running a cyber war for the support of voters world-wide.

Red necks keep society on track. Who does all the construction?

do you guys just copy-paste these dumb phrases?
if not you should, it'd be quite a time saver

And who watches all the nascar and drinks all the PBR

Who dictates your readings to you? Because clearly you're blind and have somebody just read the internet to you. Fire them, they're withholding info from you for their own agenda.

Attached: 86C27627-C7FB-4809-95A1-D799AA315D4B.jpg (693x653, 70K)

this is a YLYL thread you fucking faggots. Post FUNNY.

Attached: 200px-Cleveland_Brown_Jr.png (200x272, 42K)

We are just mostly edgy teenagers thinking we are part of the cool kidz club cuz we go to Cred Forums these days, but we do not even know how to surf the deep web properly, to go to sites that are perfect for these political discussions without prying eyes. You people won't be talking about any real problems, and you won't even find them unless you go do your research in the dark web. "The real politicians" are there.

You ain't lived until you been to a race

You fool he won't ever get that message.

what a sorry excuse for a YLYL thread.

I made two posts which made fun of spacing.

You're been sperging about how I'm desperate for people to read "oh so smart opinions"...

... about a space in front of a post.

Cred Forumstrads will rage about anything, won't they

This is not funny to you?

rednecks are on welfare, do meth, and drink pabst all day whilst listening to rush Limbaugh and shaking their fist when Hannity screams about libs

I've never met a republican whom worked. ever. because they don't work. when the day's over, and people come home, who are they? libruls.

Why did the fat black kid cross the road?


A smile began to form at the corners of my mouth but I managed to suppress it.

Attached: 34B22DDB-C55A-494E-9E09-6C1B28BF949B.png (500x704, 180K)

I made one post broski.




fitting numbers for such a conspiracy theory.. which I wouldn't be surprised by at all

Hah the only traito were the ones fighting for the Union. Keep believing your school when they say it was fought over slavery though, totally wasn't because the North had been slowly chipping away at the Souths economy through tariffs and shit, oh no, it's slavery. Not like Abraham didn't even intend to free the slaves until halfway through the war, when he realized they'd cause choas and rebellions. Fucking sheep, keep eating your government grown grass

>imagine thinking having a gap between topics is unintellectual.


the fact thay your judging someone elses intelligence by how the right on a message board shows how little your opinion even matters. your spouting shit defaming people in the attempt you seem smarter, the funny thing is if you were even half as intelligent as you thought you were youd realise how idiotic you are.

but hey, your probably a troll so heres a 2/10 for ya


LOL no argueing with the delusional

Lmao I literally got banned permanently for telling somebody to kill themselves, you really think the real right wing lives there? Maybe some moderates or neo cons

I don't see any lusionals at all so stop calling names

Attached: heresmyhead.png (756x786, 706K)

Can you repeat that in English please

funny thing is he thinks im you LOL

the delusional will always stick to their delusions

4 more years bruh

Attached: 1580836242330.webm (720x576, 1.96M)

your kind still exists, believe me the civil war never ended. it's keenly noted on either side. however the blues still have the money and fund the military, so watch your tongue traitor
we left you poor and desolate, just like you're still living today

>"Lol I literally ate a soup in boston, you really think there are foxes in New York?"

That's what you sound like right now.

your a bad troll sir, get some game. its embarresing

Attached: Genie Mr Meeseeks.jpg (480x500, 48K)

I'd be more worried but then I remembered where I am and breathed a sigh of relief when I remembered that none of you are contributing members of society and 3/4ths of you probably aren't even registered to vote.

You copy sabaton

Thank god i am

I'm not trolling. I legit can't make sense of your word vomit. It's like you just strung words you read previously in this thread together, misspelled a bunch of them and hit send. I was assuming English wasn't your first language.

Attached: 004C2F98-916A-4C05-816D-D4E81C932E2E.jpg (720x960, 91K)

With Eastwood now endorsing Bloomberg...!?!?

your trying to hard buddy.

trolling is suttle

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>You copy sabaton

You cut sabaton

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Man fuck y’all posting bullshit about politics, show me some fiery memes FFS

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That is fucking retarded. Those are huskies, not wolves, dickhead.

lets get to the root of this issue.

why does seperating sentences trigger you more than an indian at thanks giving ?

I hope you get a blood infection.

Nice and thick liberals can't handle that

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anti-Jew shit isn't very funny either bro...at least this one isn't

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that's the joke dumbhead!

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Mid 20s out but it sure feels like summer in here.

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H-hi claire. dont usuallly do this but can I contact you somehow? I find you pretty cute actually and wouldnt mind your penis haha

this shit makes me want to shoot myself, stuff like this and all of this atypical political bullshit (that is tired and boring af) should tell you there are unwelcome elements in our midst.

It doesn't. I made a dumb joke about spacing, and your responses have been hilarious.

More summer to think it fits someone else...I'm way older than you and been here longer.

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look at the kind of uneducated, poverty-ridden FILTH that supports him. alcoholic, felon, white trash, tattooed, meth-using bar slut. no surprises here. literal filth, garbage trash, welfare, homeless, imbecilic.

these people have committed 2/3 of America's domestic terror attacks. they're enemies of the US. everything they say and do is contrary to the goodness of America.

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22 isn’t old, cock breath.

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Finally, a bit of truth in this thread

you understand majority of those posters arnt me right ??
i had one response to your post before the other guy took over.

but hey thats just the fabrication of an user right ? you can stay happy in your delusions dont worry :)

why two spies?

Probably the worst ylyl I've ever seen

Yeah this is utter shit. Been here since 07 and now all these whiny fags want to scrap about is politics, because they’re too shit scared of Cred Forums

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>Multiple brass knuckle tattoos
Yeah thats some white trash

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>here since 2007
>not considering ylyl cancerous

hey these facts dont add up.

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The right can't meme

>not fucking the hole at the end

I think you're confused about who's posting. I'm the other guy who took over.

Unless there was another guy who took over, in which case we're all trolls trying to trigger each other based on posts we had no part in posting.

Anyone else want to join in, and try to trigger new posters by posting one word every 2 lines?

It's way too old for your gf

YLYL is supposed to be the only half decent remnant of “old Cred Forums“, seeing as there’s no longer treasure hunts or AMAs from strange folks etc. and this mindless fucking bickering in the wrong forum is the best these faggots can come up with. If I wanted reddit I’d go there

>inb4 back 2 reddit

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>trolls trolling trolls trying to troll.

sounds like my Cred Forums to me

Your mom doesn’t think so, asshole

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yea thats coming from a newfag standpoint, YLYL threads are the same un original posting that spurred on the new age of Cred Forums. everyone i know from that era does and always has hated ylyl, it was the spurring of a cycle that broke Cred Forums

Is that guy gonna kill the cat or sup?