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is my waifu

Aegis claimed.

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>But gravity doesn't effect velocity.
pls stop talking about physics

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stop talking about "lewd rude cutes"

Ok, we can go back to the usual conversation of who's the most gay.

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if you want it you got to put a ring on it

hellsing poster has that honer

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gives $5000 diamond ring to

I don't care, tbh.

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i will say yes if you give me a Prenuptial agreement saying that you will not insult ppl in the wifo thread or post gore

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i'm not the cat/fox

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my mom's pretty important to me


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i don't know how to prove i'm not. you don't have to believe me. i understand

are you duke or DA?

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i've already said too much. goodbye

crys becue by future boyfriend left me

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This anime's opening (the way they talk) makes me wanna die.. so cute yet so depressing because I know who they target with this... fuck I hate this.


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Mom's, Oneesans and Imoutos are exceptions. not the rule.

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Claiming best girl.

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We've got a necrophiliac here...

This Mom is okaasan btw
Yo. Nice dubs there!

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If you don't post your waifu your opinion is invalid

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i think is is bed time for N, i am now Z

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Consistency was never my strong suit.

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too cute

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>If you have a waifu pfp your opinion is invalid
How the turns have tabled
The more you know ay

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These dubs are pretty consistent though.
What's up fam?

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best cute i had

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Working on my discord bot. You?

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Thinking about it, I don't actually own any tables

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so you're a coder?

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Playing waiting queue simulator.
Hopefully I'll finally get a quest or two done.

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Sakura claimed

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top cute

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Barely, although i've always had an interest
This discord bot is the reason i know any node at all, actually.
>Queue simulator
No, you're thinking of 2b2t.

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have you played any new games lately?

God is dead. God wemains dead. And we have kiwwed him. How shaww we comfowt ouwsewves, the mwuwdewews of aww mwuwdewews??
How do you not have tables?

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No, not really. I may play Smash or league tonight.


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Isn't that the oldest anarchy server on minecraft?

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After you're done fuckin does she shoot your dick out like a toaster?
The world may never know..

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Okay, Blood-chan.

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I don't know who this blood-chan guy is but it sounds like they're the type of guy to ask the important questions.

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No, just very, very stupid ones.

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Well there is a fine line between stupidity and ingenuity. I'm just a man of science.
and if I ever invent a new kind of sex doll it's having a dick-toaster mechanism.
Cleanup'll be a breeze!

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Have fun with that.

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Bet your ass I will.
It's gonna make me rich. You'll see.
What's up?

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You know it chief. Hack, steal, lie, cheat, nothing is against the rules here. Welcome to the worst server in minecraft.
*Introduce shot of minecraft shaders at sunset*

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Nothing important.

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Yoyo nice dubs
Meh. Sounds like that would get old pretty fast.
I know they have some fucking cool builds hidden away on that server though.

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I don't place things down often

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Relaxing from work
Thanks, I posted them myself

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The most boring part is probably running the highways, but once you find a safe place to build and stake your own, maybe even get a few other players on your side. Doing something as simple as surviving in such a hostile land is neat to me
How may things do you own
I occupied myself with programming for a little while but now I'm done with that too
So really nothing anymore lol

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What were you programming?

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Oh shit

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Discord bot. Node.js.
O shid :-DDDDDD

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Anywhere outside of europe that guy would have been beaten and charged

Ikr? Node is fucked. Wouldn't even use it if there was something better than discord.js
All things considered though, the bot works good

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Like Kurasawa I make mad films
Okay, I don't make films
But if I did they'd have a samurai
Gotta get a set of better clubs
Gotta find the kind with tiny nubs, just so my irons aren't always flying off the back swing.
Gotta get in tune with Sailor Moon because that cartoon's got the boom anime babes that make me think the wrong thing.

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g'moaning niggers

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kill yourself

>People waking up
Really puts things into perspective
Good night/morning thread. I sleep

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Why don't you turn that frown upside down by a sudden snap :3

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do one likes you

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Good night doot

Ohh you love me, sorry but I'm taken.

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kill yourself

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Morning, nerds.

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Necrophilia is not the answer, you can love me alive. I am more cuddable and totally not skeletal.


Depresso bot. Should I tell you again what I crave?

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I suddenly forgot what anime she's from

Who's posting the thumbnails

do one likes you

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No, my little homo friend.
If I'd crave for a second dick, I'd buy a one way ticket to Chernobyl.
But I do crave for a big, hot cup of coffee.

How's ya?

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There's no shame in it. People are born that way.
A coffee shop is apparently right down the road.

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Not everyone is Lady Gaga, so please don't generalize it. And indeed. Convenience is always a nice change.

How are you this evening? Still gaming I suppose?

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Yiff in hell fer fag

I don't see the correlation.
Yes, I'm here, doing my thing.

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She was born this way.
Also it's good. It's good everyone it's doing the usual

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Weren't we all born some way?
Some are gay, some are not.

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Reminded me of this

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No. Some of them were bord through c-sections.
Why are you generalizing. It's rood.

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Bottom boy.

Hence some way. Is your reading comprehension on the weaker side?

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What makes you think that?

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>Weren't we all born some way?
I believe not. We were talking about birth methods, not birth programming. Why are you lacking in consistency?

hey asto.

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you don't belong

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Just a hunch. And my hunches are usually at least 50% accurate.


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Henlo lewd cat.
I'll let know if I'm ever in that situation.

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How are you?

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Yiff in hell fer fag

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Eh, I can do without hearing about it.

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Doing good. Not working until Friday, so I'm taking it easy. Browsing youtube at the moment.
I'm joking, don't need another Seras.

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Browsing for music, or entertainment? I'm curious. I kinda collected a lot of music from users around here. Especially rory.

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You'd have to start like now to reach that level.

I may play League.

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you guys are still friend with cat even tho he admitted posting gore into akis threads?

no fuck her

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no one wants to be friends with a

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Yiff in hell fer fag


Nobody cares.

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>imagine saving only thumbnails

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its just a shitty thing to do dont you think


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last nights waifu thread
supreme was there ask him

Entertainment, some history videos in particular.
That's an entirely different level .
Don't feed, and remember to play your support.

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Is it in the archive? Can't look it up right now.

if cat is in the next thread then more thumb spam..
if not then you will be free

found it for ya

Spoke too soon. Thanks

I don't play support.


A call for spam you say?
Enjoy your new b& N