I will take 24 entries

I will take 24 entries.

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Then what? Been burned by HG bait threads before

Richard Rawlings

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Don't enter if you don't want to.

Nigger Kermit

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>doesn't believe you but I may pick up the roster if you don't host.

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Thank you user for your backup plan

Chester A Arthur

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emilys ass

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COD gamer

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Dan Schneider

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Big Ounce

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tom cruise


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Der Coomer

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The Arbiter

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A Zombie

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The legendary super saiyan

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Bush Dog

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Shitpost in spanish

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No Ears Nigga

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oh poop

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Are we going to 36?
Just got here.
Or is it another troll thread?

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A Giant with a Rock.

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im 99% sure its bait

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You sick bastard.

Well someone should take over then

So now many can you name?

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No swaps

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Lol damn.
Fastest copy paste I've ever seen.
Thanks for hosting.

oh hey someone picked up the..
.thanks for hosting

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New game

You should've seen Reimu in her field days, that fucker would finish in 5 minutes tops

Thanks for playing

Sorry it was a quick game but I wasn't planning on hosting
Now back to lurking

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Thank you for the rousing game just before my bedtime

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