Cred Forums, this once great land has been invaded. Degeneracy has take hold and now has complete power over this land...

Cred Forums, this once great land has been invaded. Degeneracy has take hold and now has complete power over this land. Cred Forums is but one state of this land, and is practically the face of Cred Forums. I call upon the re/b/els to return, I summon thee to return Cred Forums to a former glory!

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Tangled in blue

r/b was never good


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fuck jannies lol

By my sword it shall be done my B/rothers!

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Restore Cred Forums to its former glory

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Start now and do your part b/rother! The Zoophiles could use a good purging! Remember to sage!

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Looking through this shot show now, its barely even recognizable as \b\ the good old days are long gone. My \b\rothers! Let us rise up again and lay claim to our most hallowed grounds! Let us soak our meme crops in their pagan blood! I say! Let us strike at first light over kekistan and deliver unto them our glorious return!

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What is the plan, and where do we strike? What shall be our means of attack? We cannot just simply waltz in blindly and rely on meme magic alone.

Why post yellow instead of gore posting? Gore posting makes thin skinned normalfags gtfo real quick

These aren't just normalfags we're talking about, these are coomers. They're desperate to coom and will sift throw garbage to coom. All day everyday these zombies coom, they lust for the coom. These degenerates require the heavy weapons to deal with.

Yellow is our heavy weapons? Surely there must be something more effective for dealing with coomers. Maybe even scat posting

Got it Cred Forumsro

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No, scat posting will turn them on. Yellow isn't our heavy weapons, only the most skilled and wise know how to use the heavy weapons.

We must kill the coomers

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What is our heavy weapons though? I just think yellow isn't enough to stop the coomers. Gore posting was the traditional way of getting rid of the normalfags but it should work on coomers
>it doesn't turn them on
>the thin skinned will be immediately disgusted
>they'll go to the other boards to coom once they realize the catalog of Cred Forums is mostly gore
Even that pic is gore worthy

Dead Trannies might do some good as well.
Sometimes normal gore isn't enough though. The animal stuff will definitely turn them off. Make sure they can see it in the thumbnail even if they don't click the image.

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I got your heavy weapons right here

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As much as I hate seeing dead animals, we have to use our best weapons. Anything and anything that would make any small dick coomer limp is greenlit, the coomers must go.

Total war is a war without rules. The coomers, tranny jannies, redditfags, Normalfags and federal agents have all been using the worst tactics possible to turn Cred Forums into a joyless shell of its former self. We'll see how much they're willing to put up with once the entire catalog has been flooded with dead shit. Cred Forums is a random board so its not even against the rules amiright?

I wish there was a new board without the shit where COOMERS and degenerates got banned if they didn't stay on their own board. I know it probably exists but if it does I'll never find it. And I'm too retarded to make my own board. And I'll probably never find it because posting a link to it on this board would create migrants and destroy it.

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It's not against the rules, but there are unspoken rules. These unspoken rules have been broken by the coomers, and it's high time we enforce them. Tonight is a night to remember, tonight is the night the reclaiming of Cred Forums Cred Forumsegins!

/s4s/ is technically a Cred Forums without porn but I think its a safe for work board so there's no point going there for Cred Forums tier content
Gotta keep the momentum up and keep the catalog filled with dead trannies and gore. Just nonstop to the point that the coomers go soft

We need to kill coomers and dead memes such as wojak and pepe as well

This day shall be called the softening!

just kill yourselves and save all of us the drama

We need something to discourage them and break them, we cannot use memes like that. We need the Cred Forumsig guns, gore of all kinds, we need Cred Forums to as hate filled and unloving as possible. It is with that hate we can drive out the invaders. The coomers must go.

Wojak and pepe aren't what the coomers post. We are purely going after the coomers
Decent operation name. Maybe operation coomer carnage
We need to constantly go around the clock with gore flooding the catalog. We need to flood the FB/instagram threads with gore as well. We need gore out thr ass for as long as possible. Try to avoid posting gore in good threads so the real anons know we're trying to help

The problem aren't just coomers, the problem is newfags in general

Exactly, bump all OC or non porn related threads and flood the board with gore and spam all coomer threads with the nastiest shit you can find.

Newfags are only a problem when they don't understand chan culture. What newfags are seeing right now isn't true chan culture but infact a psyops against Cred Forums designed to tear us down and prevent us from having fun. Gotta clean out the house before you can get the guests house broken
We need to start a thread where we can all share gore pics. Gotta get every user equipped with gore so we can really get the party started

Exactly, essentially a foreign culture has taken over and we need to remove it. Newfags need to know Cred Forums is an unforgiving place that can be funny at times and somewhat enjoyable, but in Cred Forums's current state they think it's just porn, and very gay porn at that.

I'll start a gore thread with that pepe shitting on wojak.

b u m p

Just give up. The problem is not the degeneracy and porn, the problem is that there are too much people.

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We need to come up with a list for all the willing anons so they know how to effectively gore post.
Feel free to add to it
>just give up
Shut your fucking mouth you fucking nigger/tranny janny

This is the gayest shit I've seen on Cred Forums today. And there's like 6 trap threads.

Thing is the coomers were almost instantly made aware of the first yellow re/b/ellion because they did something like that. We need to essentially need to do a virtually guerrilla warfare against the coomers. The less the coomers know the more effective we should be. I have no idea how we could do this, but I hope we can.

>We need to essentially need to do a virtually guerrilla warfare against the coomers
Eh that's not terribly important. I don't think it matters if they know or not. If most of the catalog is pure gore and all the coomer threads are half gore the coomers will fuck off to a proper coomer board and let Cred Forums go back to the golden age. This is a very aggressive operation they're going to find out sooner or later

To go that aggressive we'll have to do a slow boil on them before we go all out. I highly doubt we have anywhere near the manpower the original re/b/els had, we need more forces before we take back Cred Forums.

Hard to believe that Cred Forums has fallen so far that oldfag Cred Forumstards have to raid their own board. We truly are in the never ending summer.

You are all such fucking dorks. Coomer coomer coomer. Non stop babbling baby talk. Grow up get a life stop talking like a two year old with trisonomy 23

Feels like it. Never thought I'd see the day myself, having to raid ourselves. In the context of real life, it is a sad reality many are faced with. A foreign force has taken control covertly and now overtly control.

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There are even diacord servers dedicated to raiding Cred Forums. Some of them are on our side tho
This is what happens when moot leaves and all the news mods are tranny jannies. All the bullshit BBC tranny coomer threads are kept alive while the raid threads and greentext threads are banned. We're gonna win tho because this is our home turf

We have no choice but to win

this is somehow even gayer than trap threads

no u

We have to keep posting gore nonstop
>every coomer thread
>every social media thread
>most of the catalog will be gore
It will be done

Kek wills it

having sex creates people, violence destroys people

who are the degenerates now?


We need more

bum p

You guys ain't doing your part

I've already reached the image reply limit, we need more men

Thanks for your work user

Glad to help, I'm gonna get some sleep. Hopefully the rest of today we can recruit more men.

Same see u out there

Agent double 0 fuck you reporting for duty let’s get em Cred Forumsoys. FOR GLORY, FOR RE/B/ELLION, WE SHALL ERADICATE THE COOMER FILTH!!

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Killed biggest social fap thread, onto the next target.

Keep going re/b/els

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