Any anons out there nearly die before? Did it change your perspective on life? What happened?

Any anons out there nearly die before? Did it change your perspective on life? What happened?

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Pretty sure I died when I was 8 or 9. Saw something rather unexplainable. Ever since I've wanted nothing to do with religion or prayer. Wholly convinced we are better off not knowing

What happened though? Did you choke on something? Traumatic injury? I nearly died earlier this week and I'm just trying to I guess talk and see how others faired

Nearly drowned to death in a pool at my childhood apartment complex. My cousin saved me and my I would occasionally bring it up afterwards as a close call to my brothers and parents. More of something we looked back at and laughed.

Weird thing though. I recently brought it up to my mom and she said it never happened. I KNOW we've talked about it numerous times. Kinda weird.

I was too young for it to change my life though

because it's painfully clear you want someone to ask, how, user, did you almost die

Well kinda yeah. I inhaled a large quantity of bleach fumes causing my lungs to basically melt. I've never in my life experienced pain like that dude. I just don't know what to do with myself now that I basically got an extra shot at life. My lungs are fucked and will require a complete transplant before I can manage any level of physical activity but I just want to get out and live now. Go deep sea fishing, fall in love, all that gay shit

Scary shit I'm sure though. Do you remember it well now that you're an adult?

yup, it can all end in a second. enjoy it

Car crash. Bashed my head against the window. I remember bits and pieces of what happened after but mostly it drilled a fear of the afterlife into me

I was born dead 60 years ago.

I was what they called then a "blue baby". The umbilical cord wrapped around my throte. I had to be resuscitated.

In my teens & 20's I had a lot of unusual experiences but I tuned them out when I got married.

So it goes....

What kind of unusual experiences?

Three times. Reoccurring health condition. It'll be back at some point. Causes me to bleed excessively. Pretty gnarly. Can't sleep, can't eat, can't laugh. Can't do anything that might cause a nosebleed or raise my blood pressure even a little.

But I get really good lengths of downtime. 5-10 years on average, and the flare ups aren't long-lived. The longest was 5 months.

Most recently, I just appreciate what I have. I think in terms of what I "get" to do, instead of what I "have" to do. And I consider what others might be going through. That was my biggest take away.

"What's their deal?"

Everyone has one. And it's the biggest one they've ever dealt with. There's no perspective that they can, or should have on it, other than their own. I was terrified, I was exhausted, I was miserable, but I appreciated the opportunity to conquer those feelings. Some people don't get that.

Reminds me of my first friend in elementary school. He told me he was born the same way (parents confirmed it). Apparently he could see weird shit too (his way oldest sister confirmed that too). He said once he woke up to tapping at his window and was very scared. Then his sister came in (she was already in high school) and said she was scared. She saw something out there that looked like a small person. My friend told her what she saw without ever seeing it himself. Right down to what colors it was wearing.

Reminds me of stories about children born with cauls over their faces. Ppl say they can see weird shit

A lot of shit that would hit the news that I already knew happened. It used to confuse me. It was hard to discuss current events w/people then because I was like "WTF this already happened- here's the outcome".

I could make phones & door bells ring just thinking about it. My wife was getting freaked out so I stopped putting that energy to use.

Actually the last time I remember doing that shit we were playing mini golf & I kept moving the ball to the hole. She told me to quit it. So I did.

Wow your wife actually made you give up your powers. I thought that was only in movies.

Can you make predictions about future events or do you only recognize them when you see them in tv

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Was in a large car accident and broke my neck. Lost all memory of it so I don't think about it at all.

Well it was kinda freaky for her. WWYD? I've been w/her for 30 years now.

Some of it was because of her 18 m/o kid. I was really tight w/her and could communicate w/out speaking.Should she grow up w/what I could do? It wasn't really normal.

It's not really deviant or harmful either tho. It's just a different way of communicating

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Yeah but she was too young to understand it. Most people couldn't do that shit.

It wasn't fair to her.

I mean telling her what to pickout @ the store or bring this to me @ home was pushing the limits that she had to face in the real world.

When I wore braces, I went to a local pizza place and the cheese got stuck on them and I almost died from choking. I know, that’s the most retarded way to die and I’m glad I didn’t end up dying like that. I now think that suffocation is the worst way to die. To be alive enough to experience the pain of your lungs suffering and knowing that there is nothing you can do as your vision fades is scary shit; in my case, I had to depend on someone else to save me. It also sparked some social anxiety know because when I was saved, I looked around and saw everyone in the restaurant looking at me. That was the most embarrassing thing to ever happen to me. All in all, the only thing that changed was my perspective on choking and suffocation.

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Went thru the windshield of a car in a car accident, had a couple drug overdoses/alcohol poisoning occurrences, saw a guy get stabbed in his neck (lived), seen my cousin with his brains blown out after a suicide. Death is honestly relatively fast and except for maybe a few minutes at the most, pretty painless. (Except for cancer/illness/shit like that)

Godspeed OP. My clock is running out. I can feel it.

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Did maybe a bit too much dmt once. You ever read the book Restaurant at the End of the Universe? It was like that, but there was no restaurant, only all existence collapsing into nothing, and it was more real-seeming than anything I had ever imagined.Then as the last speck of light became blackness, the light exploded around me and I was awake again. Had to ask some friends to pinch me because it felt like I wasn't there at all for about an hour afterwards. Wacky shit. Don't do that crap without a handler.

Yea I laid down on a knee board and my dumbass stepmom strapped me on. Dad started to pull the boat. I capsized and went upside down under water. I remember breathing under water and being resuscitated on shore.

Fast forward 15 years and my father passes away. Leaves the house to me in the will and I kick her out on the street. It's a nice 1200 dollars a month extra on top of the other properties he left me.

A few times and under different circumstances; one i was too young to remember, another it was warm, the third time sucked all balls because it was absolute nothing. On one hand, i no longer feel a fear of death, on the other hand that's made me feel a bit more alienated in a way. It's harder to relate to people after such an ordeal. Therapy is alright, but hasn't been too helpful. I also deal with a great deal of survivor's guilt because a couple of my friends died and I'm still alive and like but y tho?