A thread died, you are welcome

A thread died, you are welcome.

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>am anonymous
>we are lejun
>expect us

Didn't he kill three people in a Wallmart parking lot?

Uh didn't he kill those 3 people in a Walmart parking lot?

What a fucking psycho.

Fuck off Nazi

Isn't that the guy that assaulted an elderly black lady in a Wal-Mart parking lot?

Stfu No one Asked you to do ANYTHING stupid bitch get a real life cuz clearly you ain't done nothing with it yet.

Too soon

Finally, we rise again.

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Can I dip my Cheetos in your asscrack?

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Oh great this retard again.

Can I have a link to his stream?

Where's the link for da stream?

I think so

>Only manages to kill 4 people
What a fucking faggot


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Do you wanna know what makes absolute chads like this come into being? It's the fact that he doesn't give a single fuck about the lives of other human beings. But he isn't a human being, hes a chad; which is the next step in human evolution. We should all strive to become this perfect. This man right here is the only person alive that God himself fears. Not only did he slay that old bitch in the parking lot, he struck fear into the lives of all who have no embraced the phenomena known as Chad.

This legend will live on.

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What the fuck is wrong with you?
You're a mentally ill coward who praises the killing of old women.

What if that was your grandma?

God we need a nuclear cleansing.


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It's just the way people type you shit for brains.

Actually learn something for once.

First of all, fuck you and your old ladies. I would be proud to have this living God kill my grandma. And if you can't say the same thing; you really need to rethink your life choices. I'm so sick and tired of seeing weaklings like you trash up boards like this with your negative filth. Go take a walk, look up at the sky, and then admit to yourself that you are a failure of a person. But fret not! There is hope, there will always be hope. Just start doing less gay things. We can get through this, King. I promise.

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