Hi, so pretty much my entire life I've been a pretty sensitive guy...

Hi, so pretty much my entire life I've been a pretty sensitive guy, but ever since the new year my whole life has been pretty shitty. At the start of the year my mother had a miscarriage, and that hit me pretty hard. Ever since that my parents have been arguing a ton more after hearing them fight through the walls I've figured out that we are moving back the old state we used to live in about a decade ago. After hearing that I've just been really sad, and I've had no motivation to do anything in life, and my grades have been falling since the start of the semester. Also, since January I've pretty much been putting on a front. More recently, I've been doing a bit better but not much. I basically just focus on using things like music and video games to distract me from being sad. Even when everything in life is going amazing I still feel really sad. An example of this happening would be yesterday, which was my birthday. For no reason yesterday I was really upset and spent most of my day just laying in bed watching youtube trying not to cry, and nothing bad was going on, I just default to being sad now. Sorry if I sounded super edgy, but if anyone could help me that would be great.

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Have a pepe

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thank you :)

hey bud, first off, welcome to adulthood.
second off, the key to surviving adulthood; find a hobby you enjoy, maybe multiple, and really get into it. most importantly; whenever you can, GET A DOG. They are hands down the best thing on this planet; don't miss out. You're tough bro, you can beat this time in your life.

Thanks guys, its really nice to know that there are people out there willing to listen to me and help me out. I asked about this on r/depression and people just said things like "oh you just kinda learn you have depression and it doesn't get better from there"

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not advice or support, but just hear me out...
pic related.

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damn bro thanks

reddit is self absorbed. everyone wants attention but nobody wants to contribute.
you're not alone; its a hard life but you can survive. it really is the little things.

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before we continue talking i just wanna point out that me and another guy got the same post number thingy

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you must be new here son

nvm, but yeah im new the only Cred Forums related things i do really is just listen to greentext videos like a fag

thats how most newfags get started. dont force yourself to talk like us; you're your own man. it's a solid site, and don't forget Cred Forums isn't the whole place. i spend alot of time in /tg/ myself, as a dnd enthusiast. explore, ans wade through the mountain of xbox360 livechat dialogue until you find something you like. or leave, its all good. life is hard. i like it here because it reminds me of my childhood, and nobody fucks around, they just give it to you straight.

Have you tried masturbating the pain away?

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speaking of being new should i have posted this on r9k too bc their complete fags over there

ok i wont force my self to be like you guys. I just like it here bc i can get everything out without people knowing who i am

is there a board I can go to to just chat and shit or no

Put your pain into a dope rap

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I'll start then you come in.

There's a black hole in my lung
Steals the light of the sun
With each breath
Told mom when I was young
There's a creature of hate in my heart
She called stress.

bro this is gonna be like early tyler

ok ill try

getin around her takes some finesse
half the time it doesnt work but ill give it my best
I feel like a mime all the fuckin time because im trapped in a box without no quest because i have no drive like a run down mini cooper
and when i hang out with friends they dont even want me there because im a party pooper even though i know thats not the truth
i know they all like me but i feel like im trapped in this booth with nothing to do but sit and pout about nothing at all so i just go to the mall and find something on my price to dopamine ratio that i made a long time ago but now its the same thing as me along with being similar to all things that i eat, expired.

sorry its shitty i know

Hey man, you're a newegg and all but I hope shit works out. Stop listening to the retards on reddit and Cred Forums, get off social media, lift, eat healthy, be hygienic and work on self improvement. By improving yourself, your life will improve.

Birthdays can be a bitch because there are all these subconscious expectations we have that we 'should' be having a great time and be treated nicely (even if its just for one day...cue my self pitying thoughts), and the way our emotions work is by comparing things to the mental image of how we think things should be. This is why idealists are tend to be either miserable or escape into fantasy, reality never compares.

But the thing is, if something doesn't happen as expected, our expectations were obviously wrong. Try not to let wishful thinking taint everything not your life with disappointment, resentment, guilt, or self-pity.

Focus on improving something, anything, in your life each day, even if it's something small, and you'll start to feel joy again when you can't help but positively compare it with yesterday.

thanks, i really appreciate you guys. I'll get off this and try improving myself. really appreciate that there are people out there who are will to listen to me!

end your pathetic life

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We are living a double life
Can't sleep at night
Then sleep on life like it's a prison mattress propped up on a bike
I'd like to thank god for the shitty hand
At least I'll know no one else has to be as confused as I am

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Faggot faggot faggot
Hope you're motivated, keep your head up and stay true to yourself.

Unfortunately, I don't think anyone here can offer you the one answer to solve your problems. however, the only thing I can say is to carry on and see it through. Feel this pain and allow it to be your nourishment of growth -- allow it to make you a stronger person. One day, the good times will roll in, and you'll wonder how you could have ever felt so sad. But know that the sadness will come again. but when it comes, you'll be ready.

Be strong my brother. You are a seed that is still germinating. And one day, you will grow to realize you are. I love you, you stupid, beautiful boy. Hang in there.


user please kill yourself





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Hope things get better for you OP. Keep your head up

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