Cred Forums, I got a blister on my fot and it's acting weird adn flashing red at me. is this normal...

Cred Forums, I got a blister on my fot and it's acting weird adn flashing red at me. is this normal? I have never had a blister do this before, am I gonna die?

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bruh that's your blood

Looks like nerve gas.

but I'm not bleeding

You're fucked user, nice knowing you.

Yh that's diabetes herpes cancer I'm afraid


dude it's still ur blood dumbass
its flashing red because of the blood being transported by your fucking heart. check your pulse and it's probably the same rate as that thing

How do I prevent death?! Is it inevitable? WHAT DO I DO

i had a blister in the exact same spot, cover it with something and use better shoes.. it will not recover if you keep using bad shoes

Corona Virus?

This guy doesn't know what he's talking about. Blood is blue until its exposed to oxygen.

Something else is going on here. Have you been overseas lately?

It's too late to amputate I'm afraid, but it's said there's a rare italian flower that if pummelled into a salve could save your life. Can't give much more info than that, godspeed.

You're either trolling or fucking retarded for thinking deoxygenated blood is blue

>blood dosn't have oxygen in it

Try covering it, it happens when you use new shoes and they scratch your ankle all the time

look at your wrist, dude. If you can see past the thick layer of fat you'll see some nice blue veins carrying that healthy blue blood around your body.

I went to medical school for two years, I know this shit

Wait, WHAT?!

Only two years? Did you drop out? I can see why that would happen tbh

my uncle was starting a new business and wanted me to be vice president of sales, I'm going to be making a lot more money than a doctore soon

Bull fucking shit you went to med school. Deoxygenated blood is a deeper red than oxygenated blood, but it's still red. When you get your blood drawn (syringes are a vaccum with no exposure to oxygen) it is still red. The exterior of the veins themselves are blue, yes, but the blood inside is not. Hemoglobin is red regardless of oxygenation.

Its most likely coronavirus. Go to your nearest medical center and report it.

If you are as good at being a vice president as you were at paying attention in medschool then good luck with that

You can't even spell doctor properly you troll

Yo i was like wtf and now everyone's arguing about if blood is blue are red i thought it was your veins that are blue but what do i know not much btw

He never went to med school you naive fuck

Rinse it with hydrogen peroxide or alcohol, followed by clean water. Put neosporin and a bandaid on it afterwards and you'll be fine. And buy some new shoes while you're at it. That red inflammation is your body's natural response to wounds. As long as there are no signs of serious infection like necrosis or severe pain, there is nothing to worry about.

But why is it flashing at me like that, that's not normal. It's like a flashing red light

This kills the troll

I watched the video a few times and I see no noticeable "flashing". You're either just paranoid and seeing things that aren't there, or it's your pulse like the other guy said. There is more blood than usual around the blister as part of your immune response, meaning your pulse could possibly be visible if you look hard enough.

Are you blind dude, its FLASHING LIKE A SIREN MAN

how's this for noticeable flashing

get your eyes checked its so bright I have to use sunglasses to watch

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Pulse. That's all.

could be ringworm. get it checked.

hey guys whats up

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You think there's a work in my blister?

no, ringworm isn't an actual worm. it's sometimes mistaken as a blister. it's just a fungi infection

Yes, eventually from mental illness caused by social media.