Video games described badly in one sentence

Video games described badly in one sentence.

I will start:

Inside the mind of a dying sociopath

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I used to be an adventurer like you, than I took an arrow in the knee.

>I win

>Inside the mind of a dying sociopath
Thanks to your pic all I can think of is Morrowind, so no idea.

Bald dude steals your soul to get vengeance on those who exiled him.

Ill try one

>injecting drugs at an underwater party

Silent hill or Evil within?



Nope. Good try tho


Dad wants you to save him from the bad men but it turns out he's the bad man

Get bad bug disease while looking to shoot a dog guy

You discover the joys of intern-management while restoring an old man's house


Drinking spirits and doing squats while not in the gym to guitar music around a campfire

batman arkham knight?

Get woken up to smell ash, proceed to destroy a city after overloading a reactor


Nope. Great game tho

The Russians are fucking about, you check it out, and you can turn enimies to dust and shit


Wake up in creepy place
Run a lot
Like A LOT
Fail miserably at hiding
Nightmare inducing Game Over screen audio

Half Life 2?


You're a bunch of masked thieves who can beat up law enforcement with a fat wad of cash


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Sick tats bro, now I can do crazy shit. Who's this aboriginal chick?


Dishonored ?

You're a guerrilla for green energy who fights monsters and prevents a meteor from destroying the world.


Far Cry 3

Prolly Far Cry 3.
Fucking goofy ass story line, more cringe inducing than Vin Diesel

>basically the movie castaway but you fix a reactor and there’s a disease


Yea winrar

a space adventurer who fights a brain but is secretly a hot blonde

FF easy one

A genocidal GMO gives you lightning powers and convinces you to kill yourself.

Metroid prime zero mission


battle zombies with the french martial arts

hey you, you're finally awake

Soul reaver?

- Jiub

Didn't say which one, but whatever. I may have made it too obvious. Anyway, any guesses on:

Bald dude steals your soul to get vengeance on those who exiled him.

dying light

Maybe. Not what I was thinking though.

A war commander tries to resurrect a medieval warlord from the dead but you stop it with a minigun, flamethrower and lightning

Very well, i'll make an attempt on 3 games
>Space marines on mars
>Corporate warfare for nothing
>Cloning your own family didn't go well, now did it?

Not even one guess?

Amnesia the dark descent?

I don't know what game that is but is it WW1 based and you are titled "The Necromancer"?

both right.

>not sure
>the forest


The Story in farcry 3 was so fucking terrible I've never tried the others.. It was just too much and too stupid.

I'll try

The best character in the game is a disembodied voice

>I don't know what game that is but is it WW1 based and you are titled "The Necromancer"?

Nar. Whatever that is it sounds fuckin wild tho

1. Correct
2. Alright, lemme rephrase that. Same face, different colors
3. Wrong

A nigger in a franchise that never had niggers.


Mafia 3

Anything that hollywood pumps out these days

really? I liked 3. 4 sucked so much dick. I'm told to wait in the beginning. I wait. the game ends. fucking lazy developers

America vs space religion

Fucking your mom pt. 2

Watching a fish having homosex and smearing its shit over aquarium glass

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Duke Nukem

I think Mandalore did a video on it. It's by the Painkiller people, it's fire but I don't own it

youre in a bar playing card games but its all inside of a different world

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Not that guy, the other guy, but I fucking hated the story because it was too centered around voodoo hocus pocus horseshit like it was meaningful and the characters were annoying as shit.

The main characters had all this petty shit going and I wanted them all to die and the stick people kind of needed to stfu up too.

Gameplay was very enjoyable though, you're prolly a little on the OP side but otherwise, fun

solving a mysterious hanging murder while your self speaks to you

A group of futuristic wannabe soldiers, a small group of underground hippies, and revolutionary war re-enactors fight each other so they can kill robots

Fight wasps with cameras, son is kidnapped by aliens and get a lot of different cars

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Necrovision or something I think


No, nigger is an npc

press f for a meme

That's it, adding that bitch to my wishlist

Ding ding ding

I can see where you're coming from. makes sense

That sounds like sometihng out of a Saints Row playbook even if it isnt.

Fallout new vegas?

bunch of different colored gremlins, killing sheep and other critters
you get to bang a hot chick or her psycho sister

>fallout new Vegas
Same franchise but wrong game

colorblind child saves his sister


A little boy becomes a top class psychiatrist, while being stalked by an old man with multiple personality disorder

fuck that game tho


Your stepdad
But actually...Mafia 3?


Is that overlord?

Independence War?

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I played a bit of Fallout 3 and it was enough for me, throwing darts in the dark here


god o war ?

we have a winner

Damn you got it, honestly I thought it was a bit to obscure

4 is alright mostly cause of the gameplay and side missions. The main story is fun the first time through cause there’s a few plot twists but it’s just a grind on replays


franchise goes beyond videogames


Sly Cooper series.

only because I picked up my old games again. Sadly my ps3 apparently wont switch on anymore

You kill dudes so you can kill yourself so you can save everyone temporarily

Apparently a modern day political party ruined the television show adaptation of this game according to Cred Forums

Call of BattleWar: Hard Modern Line 2

Silent Hill but with a dog and asshole little girls.
A few countries wanted to ban it because they are idiots.

Payday 2


You wear a yellow suit and wake up in a room.
After reading classified documents, men with guns come in and take you away.

They put you in a room with an antique and a few other men in suits to do some unpaid work.

After a power outtage you try and make a break for it, but things go to shit

Another maybe, but not what I'm thinking of. Hint, it's a pc rpg.

super mario bros

Yeh boi, Payday 2.

You're still describing silent hill

you get to a school with cliques you dont belong to. best friend turns out to be a major asshole. In the end you belong to every clique

American Movie stars vs Terrorists and Demons


Running from cannibals with nightvision

Fatal Frame?


katawa shojo

that was really fast, I knew it was too easy. but correct

nope it was bully/canis canem edit

every game.

Egoistic AI gets [email protected]

Your best friend is the tower of pimps without the base block

While everyone plays with glowsticks, you're being a soldier guy whose gotta kill bugmen and your helmet has a little windscreen wiper when you punch them in the face.

One of your squad bros dies (allegedly)

you follow the footsteps of your dad into one hell of a lonely experience


Fallout 3

Republic commando

nobody ever gets this one.




Nope. Mobile game tho

i was making a joke. anytime someone describes bully i say katawas shojo, because the description always perfectly fits. which is rediculous


OP here; more hints for the original post.

You play as a bald, dying sociopath. Your first memory is killing your father and all of your brothers

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mobile games please go

die over and over in an attempt to finally kill yourself

aah, I dont really know any weeb games man

Yeh thats it. That one definitely broke the mold


It’s pretty famous

Green exploding dildo

>on announcement: our game has 5000 different guns
>game actually has about 5 guns but theyre called different names because of small attachments they may or may not have

well, that kinda does fit into soul reaver. how can you not know the game made by user?

Russian Stereotype

System shock

Hitman Contracts. I should probably have omitted the word "bald" because theres almost nobody else in gaming that is



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Thats just about every game there is these days.

But my first guess is borderlands

You control zombies with a special yellow hat

and that first guess is correct!

american president

Kek but no

australia why must you always bully us


dead baby stomping simulator 2009

U are an alien sent to earth with a mission to eradicate humanity but got stuck in the genius's prison and have to kill a guard to proceed to next floor.

Hahaha thats what Im gonna call his hair now, the special yellow hat

Space station 13


new one: game all about matroschka dolls. you are one of them

a Man does daily tasks in paradise

Dark messiah of might and magic


Dark souls

Fuck, good guess.
Yeh thats it, AKA Kicking Simulator 2006

Use your head to fight dinosaurs. Litteraly.

the sun is falling out of orbit and going to hit earth, so everybody is going to war

spyro 2

older. Like, way older

Collect a bunch of jewels to stop the moon from destroying Earth

the first spyro

Sonic, easely

there was no dinosaurs in spyro 1, you dumbass

Bonks adventure on the TG16?


Majoras mask?

spyro 3



can't climb when it rains.

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of course, we got a winrar

Super Mario Bros 2

Donkey Kong

Underwater cities are better than aliens for a 4th episode

Texas bullfest

U only tap

Your wife is an office slut and you're a new employee.

Five nights

You're a bacteria
It's not spore
Only one guy knows this

It's played on a phone.

ding dong its time to kill god

Plague Inc, anyone who watches supermega knows this

Oh shit I mean


on nokia 3310

Halo games

No it's Guitar Hero on phone.

Shirtless bald guy crosses boundaries between words, fights the devil, eats evil souls, loves his denim.

You serve drinks in heaven.