Transgender people are on the forefront of human evolution. As transgenderism becomes more commonplace...

Transgender people are on the forefront of human evolution. As transgenderism becomes more commonplace, transhumanistic ideas will be allowed to be tested within the general population more easily, which could (and probably will) lead to the development of technology that makes human suffering a thing of the past. It's a natural progression, a natural evolution of society. There's something called "autogynephilia" in which a male will fantasize about being the woman in a sexual scenario. (I believe) autogynephiliacs wish to be recognized as transpeople, and some actually go all the way and transition. Some would argue AGPs are not actual transpeople, saying that AGP is just a fetish and not a valid reason to transition. I would say AGP isn't a fetish, but instead an intrinsic part of a person's personality.

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Transhumanism is beyond concepts like gender, you cum guzzling reposting faggot. Sage!

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Believing chopping off your dick doesn't make you enlightened or gender defying. It makes you mentally ill and a depraved human for forcing your beliefs upon others with physical reprocussions. Your chromosomes don't give a shit what mental disorder you have.

Wut? I mean I agree getting your dick mutilated is retarded, but how does it "force your beliefs on others"?

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Attitudes like "You must accept this or you're a bigot," actual laws forcing people to use pronouns, and shutting down speakers who disagree with you, for example

I feel like not having to adapt to your surroundings or be strong to survive, humans are retro grading through evolution in this way. Imagine a male gorilla saying "You know what? I'm a girl, where's my dress" he'd be dead in a week

Nice trips, but if you have laws like that you must live in some shithole like Yurop.

I don't, I live in America. But you only have to look at Canada. And it's coming here if we're not careful.

humans aren't gorillas

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Protip: Ask the elephant first if it consents to being filmed/photographed.

mr. elephant wasn't having that shit

It recognizes that behaviour from the zoo it was held hostage in

I feel bad for elephants in those situations. Just being held hostage for entertainment when they could be put to useful work like so many other species hoo-mons have domesticated...

OP: Super AIDSy sophistry. Once upon a time being trans wasn't trendy, and very few people were into it for a reason. It's an illness of the mind to reject what one is. Trans people are always dramatic, liars, completely unstable because they know they are chasing a fantasy that will ultimately end in self destruction. Instead of that realization preventing their transformation, they push forward and blame society, homo/transphobia, anything they can. They're Ill.

Transgenderism is wrong. They come in 2 kinds.
1. Plain mentally sick thinking they are born in the wrong body
2. Autogynephiles/Gynandromorphophiles - a.k.a. troomers. They let their sick fetish take over their life and expect people to participate.
(Majority of m2f are type #2 including narcissa)

In the modern society there is no such thing as differences between males and females. Everyone can do whatever they like with no limits because of their gender.

That makes the only difference between men and women physical. The ones you cannot influence.

Sure you can take estrogen and look vaguely like a girl in your 20s but you'll build up tolerance. You're taking estrogen for the rest of your fucking life and yet when you're 50 you look like a man and nothing else.

Promoting this shit to impressionable teens is bad. This shit ruins lives. You can't be on the forefront of human evolution if your #1 cause of death is suicide.

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If humans did not suffer the human race would go extinct.

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as a trans woman, AGP isn't being trans.
ive been attacked and even sexually abused by so called AGP trans.
these are also the people that call themselves transbians and will bully lesbians that don't want their disgusting dick.

but you're right, once this wei d wave of transgenderism is past. why can't we experiment more?

i mean, why not try mapping out the human brain and putting it into a computer to produce robot people? that would make exploring the universe so much easier, just put the minds of astronauts into the robots and suddenly the food, water, time, oxygen etc barriers are gone.

imagine is we made earth the starting point. you live your life on earth normally and once your mentality is as stable as it's going to get, your mind is put into a robot that is personal to you and you're sent out into the universe?

as a trans woman, i have not had surgery because i hope that one day, our science will sky rocket again.

Yeah, I just want more awesome bio/cyber/whatever tech. I mean I certainly don't want to mutilate myself for little or no gain, plus I kinda want a qt femboy body. But going beyond that into truly transhuman or posthuman shit having consciousnesses just being "in the cloud" (or whatever such a society calls it) would be interesting. Either way there's plenty of resources out there whether you want to remain a biont or upload your consciousness from flesh to machine.