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Skyrim tattoo. Pass.

smash? lol wut

why, just for a small tattoo?

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Would if could

I don’t like fatties

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Would smash
Post more pics

no ass no tits

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Smash it then pass her on to the next guy

pic of you bent over could Change my mind ;)

This is stupid! your question of Smash or Pass? Is redundant.... The only question of pertinence is who is this and do you know her?

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I hate tattoos but I love milky white skin. Show me her ass spread and I'll make the call

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She looks like more fun than my hand ...

Let me guess.
your bf dumped you and you need a boost in confidence?

Keep up the pics ;)

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same pose but ass facing the camera

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pass and call animal control


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Kill and dump her in the forest after I saw off her feets for my collection.


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Should I post a tribute?

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>believing OP is the girl in pics
>what is google reverse image search

>carrying what other people thing
>who is a fag

The green eyes lady is lovely, would make she sweet love.

Show me vagana plas

I'd literally invite you to come live with me and my gf based on your appearance alone

We're poly but after 6 years living together I suppose the cupcake period is long over, but I do so miss being the center of her attention and affection.We love each other deeply, and passionately when we have time. Now she has her work, and I mine.

I wish I had a sexy little thing like you to make up for the attention I've been missing out on lately. You'd be daddy's pet foremost for a while, and I would take extra special care of you for sure.

I hope I sound creepy I don't even care this is chan

>>carrying what other people thing

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No nudes. :/

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Smash or pass on hannah?

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Smash whit a hammer

Easy Pass

Smash or pass on alauna? Bit ugly but nice body

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She live in Ohio. Akron. Area?


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Mediocre body at Best

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She does......

Would fuck on reg

Kill It, hiss eyes scare me.

R.n. Initials?

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Rate please

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IS this monster married???

More please.

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Really? Smash all of them, obviously.

No straight man in the history of the world would turn down healthy pussy.

Facial features of a man

It's a tarp

How about her

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It's not the easiest to tell from this picture, it's sort of an unflattering angle but probably pass

Her ass tho.

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It's a nice ass

Imperialist scum is undeserving of my Stormcloak cock.

This newfag thinks that OP is the slut in the pics. Kek.



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Fucking mint.

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Smash the gamergirl

Smash from behind

Smash would breed

Smash but I think she would rather eat pussy

Nah she'd wanna get dicked down


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What's with fust effect?

So much for the milky white skin. Teah, she better use those dust effects in real life

Please tell me what you guys would do to my sexy ex

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