Kik Thread

Kik Thread
Sharing/Trading/Talking whatever

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24, M, Hung
Kik: doubt145
Looking for Trading ex-Gfs
Or femanons for reasons


Just looking for a woman and/or cute trap to fool around with. I have toys

Hey, are u into incest? Wanna fuck your daughter/sister/cousin? Text me asdfloling

Show me your - nudes wife/gf/ex/mom/daughter/sister

Kik Johnsont214

I'm beating my dick right now and need pictures of your girls to help me. Taking whatever you got, into a lot of different things.

Kik: kjuany

Happening now!

Trading big NR megas and private rl ocs. Add

Let’s expose your sluts.
Kik dnick1223

Anon02789 on kik. Down to swap pics of girls we know


little asian girl

Getting nudes from girls u know irl or doing loyalty checks

Need pics of your girls to cum to.
Will make your girl my phone background if she’s hot enough

Latina nerd with huge tits
Probably a pay slut now too
Post wins here

Kik kittenblob18

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Doing fake snapchat captions for your pictures, 18+ only, the fewer clothes the better

Kik dawgs141

Sc maddiejaxxx friends slut gf, seen her nudes on his phone, want more

Looking for someone to do captions of naughty pictures of my wife. Kik is flyboymike86.

Korabunny if you want to make fun of a small sissy cock

Sharing this whore on kik.Degrade and insult the little pig. Also looking for tributes or captions and collages of her. add me: hubu55

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Need someone to fake captions or fakes of my wife kik dallan09870

Looking to trade nudes of my curvy gf for yours
Kik: Hanstoned

27 m bi from Germany

Looking for Dickpics, kink talk, wwyd / cucking / lockscreen / caption of any people you know and care about (If you have nudes of them, I dont care how)

Kik is BenRileySun

Send me anything surprise me no rules message me on Kik at winawins


Send me stuff! Bonus point for real forced.

No limit trading

Kik tna99 if you’re down to trib non-nude pics

When ever I go out of town, my girlfriend and I have a deal that she can do whatever or whoever she wants as long as I see the pics she sends them before, after, or during.

She's previously kept it pretty much exclusively strangers off tinder.

Then I woke up to this pic.

Kik punkrockstock

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If interested in ongoing 18+ group. Homemade, amateur, OC general vids then drop your kick. Must participate.





Drop your kik if you want to tribute her

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Abrqn send anything


Looking for tribs/wwyd for these girls paperLiquor2

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Send me your sluts


If you are interested in her

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Big white cock here.
Will bang your non-white girl’s brains out.
>you and her must be 18+
>she MUST be non-white
>no black girls
Kik: nicholascatz

I wanna jerk, get my dick hard

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Monster cock showing off
Don't have a plan for today might trib, show it off or something else.

Kik Jensbwc



Shameless self bump

Throwawayanon20 - send me anything...


love sharing my girls slutty college stories

32m NY Home today... looking for someone to drop me some girl next door, maybe a little on the chubby side, pics for me to stroke to while my wife is at work


Kik; syndicate_hyde for more of my 18 y/o GF, brutal degrading, roasting, insulting, wwyd etc encouraged, anything goes, racism, sexism, no limits

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trading tiny titted brace faces bandario20

Send me girls to jerk off to
Kik: ehwalnkp




Let’s expose your wife/gf for the whore she is.
Kik dnick1223

Kik: johnanonanon955
Sharing the slut with the cherry tattoo


Nude by state disxord

26 m germany
Send me sluts you know kik: gauloises20

Looking for someone to do captions of my wife...the dirtier the better! Kik is flyboymike86.

cuck sharing sister non nude, humiliate me

kik: throwaway7425


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Girl I’m dating agreed to blow me and my friend this weekend kik me mnlit1




Send me girls to jerk off to
Incest/beast cool too.
Kik silk_7

Thelittlebuffalo kik

Sharing my bbw wife with huge tits. Wwyd, tribute, expose her, or just enjoy the content. Anon123wife


Anyone talking their gf into trying zoophilia? Share stories if your girl is curious. Anything zoo related welcome.

I want to rate and degrade the sluts you love. Janon9860




Bi dude. Send it all

kik me @11Marillo11 for her nudes

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Kik: johnanonanon955
Sharing her pics and want you to save them

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nice dubs, nice gf also. inb4 bait

Kik me Annons _kirstty uk guys preferably

Cucks and couples can watch me suck my own cock


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Armadillofan send anything or chat or whatever

Kik me at cuyow38 to b u y oc sets

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sick pervert wants to talk about how disgusting he is and wants to be pushed deeper into depravity


Looking to trade blackmail sets

Kik: Htaaylor
Let me jack it to pics you got
Down for trading

send me anything that can help me cum

what do you guys think of her

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Kik me asdfloling, if you are into incest, or wanna fuck your daughter/sister/cousin

Canadian? Any 780?


kik versew23
if you can tribute my friends ( no nude) vids prefered

sharing gf pics and ex gf

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29m usa

kik - eevee_plush wickr - notrealeevee

Looking to trade or be fed bikini pics/nudes. Trying to rebuild my collection after deleting it a few months ago so I have few things atm. Prefer wickr but kik is fine too.

Kik Bearic24 for gf and ex gf pics or send dick pics. M 27 bi

Tell me how’d you’d rape and humiliate my gf. Abuse her. Beat her. Best story gets her nudes. My kik: jessiecali619

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Tell me what you would do to some young sluts I send you, or talk to me about your fucked up fetish

Looking for F willing to chat and trade, I feel very confident lately.
Also, I tend to be dominant, so anyone who wants to share his gf, wife, cousin, whatever is welcome. Open for loyalty tests, reaction, you name it.

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Barry3144 for [email protected]

Girl I’ve been dating agreed to blow me and my friend this weekend kik me mnlit1

27, m, bull; kik: jo_s982

Show me your wife, gf, ex, or whatever girl you want me to cum to. I’ll pick the best one to tribute.

Especially hit me up if you’re a cuck in Colorado who wants to share his girl/wife.

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Anyone wanna share my girl with their friends and show me what they say about her?

Kik veinman93

still sharing!

18 y/o german trap into degradation, humiliation, forced chastity, forced feminization, noncon, forced bestiality (if you can get me knotted i'll love you forever) and just a lotta other kinks, pls dont hit me up if you're very vanilla or into scat thanks



Down for anything bored atm, cock ratings are ok, show me your biggest load. Won't reply to anything as boring as hey.

Kik: fey1996

Anyone in Southern California wanna fuck and humiliate my slut? My kik: jessiecali619

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Need Snapchat captions for my sluts. Kik Alexanderhamsterton

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Bonus if into feet

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Let’s stroke to my stepdaughter

@user Teenbanger

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Let's trade slampigs and ssbbw

kik: user_throw
have a huge load built up, trying to jerk my thick cock
preferably female or cucks sharing wives/gfs

Danknots357 , fat teens or wincest. bonus for creepshots

Hey 18 M Bi - Jerking off happy to talk, trade ect if anyone can make me cum I’d be happy to show
Kik: SheerUnit

lovely Anna

Attached: b4b88e33-1dbb-42e1-b22c-032ef91279e3.jpg (540x720, 41K)

thatoneguy9062 if you want me to try to get into someones sc for free


Attached: tVI7EQq.jpg (720x960, 53K)

Recently divorced. Not looking for love, just certain “things” ;). I won’t post my kik, but I will respond!

Attached: BF6AEC65-FB0F-4787-AD9A-ED56CE5B4BB3.jpg (513x1036, 162K)

Looking for tributes or to be cucked. Gf is blonde, nice tits, great body. Kik Couplesharing11

Sharing this whore on kik.Degrade and insult the little pig. Also looking for tributes or captions and collages of her. add me: hubu55

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Kik me johnsont214

Kik Couplesharing11


Self bump

Kik az0619 I got "things"

anonnamos , really into incest

Send me wincest vids

22 F




Anything that has to do with incest

This is not the user that posted it, is a 15 year old girl. Recommend not messaging her.

Kik: raim361

Into a lot of stuff send me anything. Trading stuff as well.


24 M Fron Germany with 8 Inch Dick looking for Femanons
Kik doubt145

Sc Maddiejaxxx bestfriends cumbucket

you have a kik or wickr?


Mother of two with big fat cow tits

Attached: images.jpg (381x405, 14K)

Looking for someone to do captions of naughty pictures of my wife. Kik is flyboymike86.

wallopfreep on kik and wickr

Kik odinxxx

still going

Wincest or teens preferred

I think I'm looking for the opposite of those things, ;)

Throwawayanon20 - everything I've had is pretty tame so far, send me anything!



kk: Rating_Bot

i'll rate your girls

Kik is addmore121
Looking for megas for real incest and beastiality or if anyone has experience stories of either or please tell, for incest I’m big into sisters and daughters



kik DaRockstarppcc
trade gf or exgf

aberqueen8 anything but dicks. honestly guys, stop making that your go to.

wanna show you my gfs body, want captions and tribs, kik anynomuse


Kik me your gf ex daughter or wtv and ill rate and review. Ill do wwyd if you want as well. Young is preferred.

Bonus points for Asian or petite gals heh

sharing texas and oc/sauce - administratorlevel3

mikemars74 let's trade girl videos

Armadillo fan yo do ir send or whatever you want

Kik doubt145 for Trading exGF


Show me your - nudes wife/gf/ex/mom/daughter/sister

Kik Johnsont214

Kik talldarkm1

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Doing captions or trading pics. Kik Couplesharing11

Looking for someone to do captions of naughty pictures of my wife. Kik is flyboymike86

I need some stuff that you could only get off Cred Forums. Cred Forums girls.


saggy tits gf kik johnygothisgun1337

saggy tits gf johnnygothisgun1337

Robzombi - Looking for someone to send my dick to.

Send me your hot Indian women


Just some slut that likes it rough

Detailed rate on your girl.
Kik: drakenjosh8

No limits trade


Looking to share tribs/jerking

Kik Bobbailey84



19 femboy cuck
looking for big cocks into humiliation

kik: starstruckranger.

Have lots of content to share.


I want to trade captions. i like em brutal and creative but i can do all sorts.

Just send me ur girl and ur limits/kinks and we'll trade captions

Running group for exgf/current gf exhibition. Kik paaaulz for more details.

Attached: 1579219757306.png (642x821, 687K)

27yo bull here. Send me your gf/wife, I’m down to tribute.

Or just hit me up if you want to trade pics and stroke together.


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Looking for some (brutal) wwyd, anything goes
Kik: anony1101


Kik Jhontrib send me GF/friends/wife's etc nudes or videos, or any kind of porn... I'll set ur girl as my background

Bi here tinycocc on kik

Attached: _20200210_053013.jpg (2726x2368, 951K)

Still going strong

Send me things.


Eu meet ups

I want to guess your bra size
Kik odinxxx


slutty af

Attached: f5dd3048-110f-42fd-92bd-68af044b0489..png (1200x1600, 1.13M)

Send me women's bellybuttons with downboob, pic related

Attached: 4pKjB2enrw8.jpg (400x400, 42K)

Cuck for sister looking to be humilliated with degradation and exposure threats... Only looking for real aggressive scary bulls..
Kik XChangeSam

Wtfpics17 to trade Cali girls


Bull here
I'll talk about who u want, can meet within eu

Hacking snaps for free all day.
Kik: bchowd23

Sister. Has bf. Seems slutty. Loyalty check.

Attached: Screenshot_20200217-174243_Kik.jpg (1080x1472, 275K)

Nr megas?

Looking for cucks, nude swap, pics of youre girl/sister/mom/ex, possible meet ups, and degenerate shit.
Willing to wwyd, loyalty test, send anything to any girl you want, get nudes from girls,

Send me the weirdest most fucked up shit you got
Kik- yehyeht

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26 m uk /kent

Looking to trade
Anyone from Kent?

Attached: received_765805186790539.jpg (1280x960, 102K)

wallopfreep, sharing and trading.

26 M UK. 7.5” uncut cock. Anything goes

Fredericksburg Virginia trading girls u know I got a few

Kik unatch

Attached: 9E227623-95B2-4688-990A-58306070E3C1.jpg (640x854, 96K)


Attached: 20191128_193829.jpg (1202x1600, 669K)

Looking to cum, send teens, anal, incest, traps



Join up, nudes, amateurs, sluts. Post or ban however.

Attached: CaptureN.png (457x687, 64K)


26 m uk /kent

Looking to trade
Anyone from Kent?


Just looking for some boobs. Dont mind if yours, your gf's or fap folder ones. Just send them

Still going, get your rates in now

Looking for captions done on my wife and gf and exes


Attached: 0004d448-69d4-dc7e-2f96-57e280a92616_720.jpg (720x538, 86K)

Looking for tribs and or wwyd for my teen gf. Also no limits
Kik: skrtskrt1912

Attached: Screenshot_20190723-203414.png (1440x2560, 1.64M)

Leave your kik for West Tennessee I may have girls you know!

Trading for VA College Girls drop kiks

Bump still on




girls feet will tribute if it's good pics


No limits

4theanons surprise me!

Last call for rates

Show me your sluts. Gf/wife/ex, doesn't matter. Got several exposed exes to send including this slutty teacher.

Attached: KgCiWm8_d.jpg (534x950, 79K)

add planetzub

no rules


Lets chat about milfs

Anyone have more of her? She is frequently posted in kik threads/rooms. Never got the full set.

Attached: Screenshot_20180613-193317_Photos.jpg (1440x2960, 1.52M)

Send me your girlfriend/wife so I can jerk over them. British girls preferably.


26 M europe
Im looking for dirty F panties
Help me cum

lets jerk to eachothers g



Still looking for anything

Forgot to add Kik. Whore_abuser

Kik goofy_goovber_69 to trade OC nudes of milfs/matures. Looking for women over 40.

Attached: 2019-01-21 23.25.09.jpg (474x1203, 148K)


little drunk, anything goes

Trade Kik: lymsea

Panty raid and show thekoooogler69 your wins

Looking for someone who wants to share their wife or gf Kik me at dodgerfan4200

cuck sharing sister non nude, humiliate me

kik: throwaway7425

Robzombi70 - Looking for someone to send my dick to.


No limits or rules trading

Pick your poison and let's have some fun. I want these little sluts degraded hard, and you know you want a taste

kik: bellaxls

Attached: k.jpg (2664x1349, 403K)

hahagotem75 - chubby bi male looking to be someone’s slut

I'll trade with my ex gf 22yo pics if the pics are live

Let's trade fucked up stuff

31 M
drunk and horny

Looking for crazy/fucked-up things, prefer rape/violent sex

Kik mr.niceguy5656 for trade


Sharing this whore loves to fuck and make husband clean up. Send some detailed wwyd and get me going

Kik kgualar

Attached: f689851e-cf47-48df-8ac2-280fb69c33ce.jpg (478x595, 35K)

I want to jerk off and show off my cock
Can trib if she's hot

This whore will eat her shit,
2 videos for 40
Willing to negotiate

Attached: 38bbc3fb-e3c4-4cd7-8151-0fcfdbb2aae2.png (1258x1600, 787K)

Kik: waitsheep
Hi there new account new me
Just want talk
Write abou everything im fucking bored

Attached: 5CEF81D1-B335-4A85-BBB7-DB2EA9559B7D.jpg (374x500, 51K)


Trading teens

experienced bull, friendly or aggressive
anything goes
kik anud420

Attached: 1573539455269.jpg (720x1280, 124K)

Sharing my girls slutty college stories

Kik me pfatz11 left or right

Attached: 1E76FFDE-A043-43FF-B71D-9307F545B463.jpg (1125x1103, 720K)


Looking to trade college chicks

Right after the neighbor got done with her. He’s got got a huge cock and I love to watch.

Attached: 252600EF-7744-40E3-A963-711D3E7C8D56.jpg (640x480, 95K)

Anyone have more of her?

Anyone have more of this redhead?

Attached: A7F09147-947D-4CD4-8E78-611A4B4D8BBC.jpg (1200x1600, 134K)


send anything you want. will send back


Did that cum drip out of her pussy??

I want to expose your whores.
Kik dnick1223

Looking for tribs. I got gf nudes, but I want normal pics tribbed first for proof: cmddder

Neighbor fucked her while I watched, took pictures. Lives about a mile away. She got in shower when we got home. Took pic while she was in shower.

Post pictures


Trading teens and similar

Can I post my CHEATING ex bf and his snap?

My ex Saige was a cheating druggie whore, we were together 4 years. Whats the most fucked up shit you'd do to her or things she was likely doing on the streets of Chicago those years? Shes a massive pothead and on multiple medications and rolls on ambien

Kik cubz46

Attached: 546.jpg (604x453, 46K)

Sure. Nudes of him?

suspicious af

Attached: 64B374EF-42BF-4F1E-B431-76E358E31D89.jpg (668x783, 109K)

Yep. Have a few. He's an asshole

big titty nigger muslim bitch who has fried burnt pepperoni nipples. her kik is thenameist7. tell this nigger what you think about her nipples

Attached: 739C2D51-2E0D-450F-BA95-6570E8CFEEB3.jpg (1600x972, 128K)

this post is old as fuck

Looking for people to trib my ex have nudes for people who do her kik johndough987

Attached: iiy.jpg (768x1024, 55K)

Naked girls

Personal trainer from England
Hottest girl I’ve ever seen in person

Here are a gallery of nudes and her being a general slut

Attached: 2AA6CD93-8A66-4BB5-99D6-62E5E7E4D08D.jpg (1080x1349, 115K)

Looking for someone to trib Brittany have more pics


Attached: Snapchat-1549825388.jpg (591x644, 30K)

Fucking ew

wallopfreep, lf talk or trade pics of sluts.


Quit larping user, no one wants to watch you post yourself

Hit me if you have something on her

Attached: IMG455121255435.jpg (1200x900, 287K)

last bump for this thread

Still trading


Dude’s hung like a mule! Look at her face! Pussy gaped wide open!

Attached: 47FCD224-23AC-4633-A967-14EA354E0631.jpg (660x799, 110K)

He was rolling off of her

26 m uk /kent

Looking to trade
Anyone from uk?

doing BBC tributes just kik me

Attached: 1579308384908.jpg (662x960, 202K)


If anyone wants to send me pizza.

Sharing gf Sassylassy95

Shameless self bump

Attached: Screenshot_2015-12-22-20-42-34.png (1920x1080, 905K)

blurry af lol

Small image size requirements and age or image effect quality

Attached: 0004d448-6510-63b1-7b9d-15d377a6ad9d_720 (1).jpg (538x720, 101K)

Looking for some wwyd

Trading college girls
Kik: bchowd23


Send anything to fap

anybody in the CA central valley? I've never sucked dick before but I'd love to do it while you look at pics/vids of my gf's feet. If you don't like feet I'd do it while you look at pics/vids of my long time crush who rejected me. Either way it would be so hot for you to cum in my mouth while you look at the important women in my life and tell me what you'd do to them like the beta cuck I am. Leave your kik and I'll add

Kik - Scott.19
Snapchat - scottt19

Add me for no limits fun. 7.5” uncut cock. 26 M UK


looking for someone who'd tribute a few clothed pics of some friends of mine

You gay for this one

Up for whatevs - pebblyjack

juju.mte stroking any cuck show me gf wife or ex maybe doing trib

cant find

Let's perv on each other's wives/gfs

Trading teens/college/etc
Or if you just want to help me jerk
Kik Robrigglereal

Tributing. Reald0l0man

Send your amateur porn for trade

Also willing to do wwyd or captions for sluts and pornstars


Send your thicc/chubby/PAWG wife, gf, etc. for wwyd. 18+

Kik: neverbeenhorny

Send pizza to


Attached: 55021FE3-CC92-4E95-82F4-67B1F2757567.jpg (717x960, 110K)

Kpm_777 - bwc want to stroke it to anything, don't be shy