Age, cunts fucked, analled

Age, cunts fucked, analled
>29, 5, 1

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>20, 8, 8

Nice run

I don't wear condoms and these bitches stank pussies don't deserve my dick. Fuck them all in the ass on the first date.

18, 2, 1

Yeah right on , dirty cunts

27, 31, 0
it's my birthday today faggots. also I don't like anal

>31, 0, 0

27, 22, 0

I’m not putting my cock in a woman’s shitter

Man I didn't think about fuckin ass until I finally started sobering up and that God for the green and a few decent women saving my life else I'd be a lot worse

33, 26, 4 yeah not that into anal

Always queen's choice first xx if she is one

No such thing as free in this world, just law

62, 7, 3

Do soft drugs only n no hard n U never will

29 years old, 200+ girls

27, 9, 1.5

I wanna know how many girls that I love and would have sex with mastutbate to me on a regular ocxurance and why I want sex with them yet they content with the latter and the answer is do soft drugs


fake. anyone self conscious enough to keep track up to 200 isn't going to stop there. kys larper

Pick 1 or 2 that it most happy with it to not be the other one cause piv count penis in vagina only count

It only happened once. My gf isn't really into that.
Not that I'm complaining or anything, I'm already lucky to make her cum hard with my 11cm dick.

Fuck yes. What's Ur record? I got her five times in like 12 hours a few times easy oof. Every empty room we walked by xxxxxx

Doing this shit at 29?! fucking sad.

Happy birthday faggit hope you get a cake or something

Kys schizo downy