I am obsessed with Mennonite, Amish, and Mormon girls. Especially Mormons. Modesty is the hottest

I am obsessed with Mennonite, Amish, and Mormon girls. Especially Mormons. Modesty is the hottest.

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I love it when these modest tight Mormons come to knock on my door to "preach".

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But, as a guy who browses Cred Forums daily, they'd want NOTHING to do with you, outside of maybe "saving" you. But even then they'd see through your bullshit.

So beautiful.

OP is having impure thoughts.

Easier to rape

I love mormongirlz too. Although I hadn’t realized they made versions for the others. That should be good watchin material.

That bitch has got some crazy eyes. She saw daddy getting out of the shower and has been flicking the bean to that image ever since.

Yup. The fact that they haven't been ruined by feminism is pretty attractive, but it's not like they ever marry outside their own. And if they do it's because they want to be modern wahmen


On what site do you get your fix ? I'm curious.



Was hoping for a nude Amish/menonite/mormon thread, but all you guys wanna do is talk.

It's because of your virginity and retarded conservative upbringing. Your worthless parents raised an autist with a skewed view of women and the world.

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I kid you not, the mormons sent me two mid twenties tall females late last year.
A dark mexican one and a white one.
Im a 33 year old home owner and Im single and in decent shape.
The mexican one was losing her shit over me and had she shown up alone, wouldve likely tried to come into the house and ultimately fuck.
I kept directing my responses to thr white one and we both sort of looked at each other like we both understood thr mexican ome needed to get ahold of herself.
The were both dressed nicely and ver conservative. I kept thinking about what a threesome would look like but the dark one would keep ruining it. She had those acne marks on her cheeks and all.
The white one was about 5'8 145lbs light brown hair and blue eyes. I told them both I was in the middle of a confrence, it was actually midweek on my day off so I didnt want to hear their shit.
One or both came back a month later while I was in the back yard I heard them knocking and saying "heeelllloooo" in a trying to be attractive kind of way. I didnt answer. They havent returned since

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Because they are likely taught to submit to men. They are not taught about modern day feminism.

You're right, he should politely wait in the corner until the bull is finished for women to acknowledge him, like a good modern bugman

I was obsessed with amish culture for a while. I came to the conclusion they are backwards as fuck and their women are too retarded to survive in the real world anyway, very few would adapt. Think about it, would you want a girl getting a panic attack and thinking you are both going to hell for using a smartphone or watching a movie

I met an Amish guy when I was on a tour and talked about that. Basically he was like " if you aren't born into it, you probably won't be able to adjust". The culture is just so radically differentz not to mention the language

Old dutch, yea. Sounds like a pain in the ass to learn. Theres this 2-part documentary in which a group of britbong teens live with the amish for a while and then the second part, the kids from those amish families the bongs stayed with go to UK and live like normal people for a while.

Whats interesting is that the documentary doesnt try to portrait the amish like these incorruptible, honest-to-god people, but tackles on the real issues like drug abuse, wife beating and the realities of shunning. 10/10 recommend

The second part also goes to show what I said about amish girls not able to adapt in the real world

Become a Mormon then? It's as much bullshit as any other religion.

Nice, what's the doc? I'd watch that

anyone ever smash church girls/missionaries? stories?

Sorry user I got the order wrong, First part the amish girls go to bongland, the second part the bongs go to Ohio
>Amish: World's Squarest Teenagers
then watch
>Living with the Amish


Traditional women are hot af

Protect that sweet White girl

These whores are all trash. Way too much skin. If you want true modesty you know where you have to look

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They go wild on rumspringa. That's your chance to get some mormon puss

Okay Libtard, pretty much the opposite though, but okay faggot

You can definitely end up with a Mormon. They fully interact with society. Your only chance with an Amish is during their party period. If you really wanted to be a sleazy motherfucker, go to where they have their springer thing as hot young teens looking to party and get a house there. Offer up some rooms for them to stay for free and have parties at your place. They'll tell each successive year about you and you'll get older, and they'll stay the same age. Year after year. Of course if you like them for their generally reserved nature that would be like the exact opposite.

I live in Utah...

I've fucked 100 women so far (2 of them at burning man and 2 others were here but prostitutes)

I've only fucked one FLDS so far.

And she was emotionally damaged. Would randomly start walking out on her parents and disappear for days. It was so bad, they said they'd call the cops on me if I contacted her again because they thought she was doing it because of me.

I love fucking Mormon girls too, but the only times you can really get them is at bars and when they're drunk.

>I am obsessed with Mennonite, Amish,
Every pull open a grilled cheese sandwich user. Bet you like that too

Amish redhead? (Fake and gay)
Clearly you don't understand their principles of inbreeding.

Why do these faggots act like wanting to not have sex with some used up sloppy cum hole means you have some impossible virginity fetish?

I heck yeah I would.

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>be you
>on Cred Forums to spread the word of your lord and savior Bernie Sanders
>see some guy talk about modest girls
>tell him how he should fuck a disease-ridden thot cause she's lIbEratEd
>smirk is satisfaction as your pangenderqueersexual partner going by fae/faeself finishes riding Jamal's 10 incher
>think about how Jamal might even fuck you one day as everyone laughs at you online

You have a very elaborate and deeply thought out fantasy there.


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Nice doggo. Would pet.

kick her dog in the head and bend her over the porch while I pulse the contents of my balls into her pussy.


Same. Also Orthodox Jewish. I’d fuck a Muslim too but can’t stand them in person

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The church literally uses attractive women and controls how they groom and dress deliberately to draw people in. I think the girls basically know it and flirting is part of their shtick.
T. Lived in Utah

Kek. Must be fake

heard these girls are way into anal and bbc, that true?

Bumping for more. I've always found them such a turn on

The other 95 were female family members.....

That dog would 20/10 fuck your shit up. Looks like a shar pei mix

Orthodox Jews smell like armpit

Slather my butthole in peanut butter. Slam her on the dirt then fuck her in doggy. The beckon fido over to enjoy a savory taint while I'm conceiving our first child.

Nobody wants a hairy arab bitch you stupid cunt.

No far from it they aren't brainwashed by porn like you.