Bernie Sanders pisses off the Democratic establishment and Republican Establishment. Which do you side with...

Bernie Sanders pisses off the Democratic establishment and Republican Establishment. Which do you side with, why so angry?

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Remember the book he wrote, about how women secretly wish for men to rape them? He seems like a real charmer

Because people fear actual change. Notice how no one showed fear, except dumbass republicans, when the black dude got up there speaking of “change”? The coin is afraid no matter which face it looks through.

I find it hilarious how the media, working SO hard for 4 years to take down Trump, is now going into overdrive against Bernie and the Bernie boys.

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That's exactly why he's worth voting for.

You do understand that the Republican establishment was against Trump, right? That Jeb Bush was "supposed" to be the 2016 candidate?

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Wrong. 2nd time in the democratic primaries, been a Democrat for 40 yeas and in the senate 12 years was in the US House for 16 years before that.

Bernie is the establishment, the radical socialist end of the establishment to be sure, but still just as establishment as anyone could possibly be.

Attention! Remember guys the Russians are trying to help trump destabilize our great Country! Spread the word! Anyone who continues to help Trump and his cult of evil are a traitor!

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Democrats rely on people indebted to their party. For 60 years, the left has courted minorities, women, trade unions, environmentalists, etc. What do all these groups have in common? Nothing other than Democrat leaders telling them that they are victims and only Democrat leaders can help them.

You'd think that after 60 years, some of them would finally figure out that keeping them believing that they're victims only keeps the source of the problem in power.

Sooo disingenuous. Bloomberg rode in on the heals of Rudy as a Republican, immediately change parties to "indpendant", and then to Democrat soon after.

And, are we forgetting Bill Clinton's ties to Epstein? Never mind. We're forgetting his impeachment, too.

Grab em by the pussy

>both sides hate him

Fuckin won my vote.

"What are 'never Trumpers'", Alex?

>Which do you side with

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Who cares?

This, though it's more like 90 years.

It really began with LBJ. at least to the point where they stopped trying to hide it.

gonna vote for bernie, gonna buy some gold

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Right and you guys are still bitching about that, so how is it ok to elect a guy who wrote that men dream of raping women and women dream of being raped by men. Without bringing up trump, how do you justify that?


Pretty much sums it.

Any comments on the post itself? Or just semi-related turns.

Wow, so many things wrong with this infographic.
Firstly Clinton Watts is one of those 'Everything I don't like is a Russian conspiracy types and every fact I don't like is fake news.'

let me point out there are no real stats or methods, like how they are influencing these things. Just a jumble of assertions to make your average reader say "Ooh cool colors and a graph, must be full of facts".

Black voters switched en masse to the Democratic party in the 1930s, because of FDR and the New Deal. They were desperate, poor, and needed something, so they jumped at the scraps FDR offered. Despite his racism, and all the unfair laws he passed that discriminated against them, it was better than nothing. Then it just became a generational dependence.

Though it wasn't until the 1960s that the welfare state really took off.

Bernie is just a russian puppet and people who still think he's a good guy are retards.

The post itself is hyperbolic BS. It makes a great many assertions as though they are doctrine when in fact it's just name calling and vitriol.

I side with neither, he doesn't piss me off, but theres no way i would vote for him.

Ya, i like more than change in my pocket dude.
"Change" for change sake alone isn't a reason to vote for anyone. What exactly are the changes? Assess those, then vote, or do not vote, for it.

Some women literally do have rape fantasies, just like some men have rape fantasies. That was the context, dummy

What's your yearly income?

Why? are you going to start in on the old tired class warfare again?

>insane revisionism

>Bernie is a Russian puppet
>Probably voted Trump
Okay faggot

Yikes you're touchy! If you don't want to answer the question that's fine. :)

I just dont see the relevance.
Just because i make what i make now, doesn't mean my job will exist in the near future cuz some clown taxes my boss into a situation where he wont just retire.

documented history that no sane person disputes

and now they've bent the knee, what's your point, dumbass? Did you stop paying attention after 2016?

I love Cuber
Good literacy in Cuber

And that's a good thing!

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>jumped at the scraps
that part not the fact that FDR was president, mongoloid

Ah yes, the satirical essay from 50 years ago

Odd how only Bernie supporters call it "satire" when Bernie never did.

I'm voting for Bernie, fuck it. Who gives a shit if some millionaire asshole gets his feelings hurt.

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They did jump at the scraps. The union laws that FDR supported? They banned blacks from joining. Most of the welfare programs were specifically targeted at states with high white populations, and on and on. Blacks received very little, in comparison.


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>when you definitely didn't read it

Love how every single person of extreme wealth is against him
Really the best sign that this is what the common people should push for

Love how Bernie for decades ranted about the millionaires and billionaires...until he became a millionaire. Now it's only the billionaires that are a problem.

you sound extremely intelligent

The GOP hates him. The Mainstream media hates him. The fucking DNC hates him. all because he's honest

think we found our guy

He pisses off the dems because they know with 100% certainty that when he gets the candidacy, he will be literally handing trump a 2nd term

Facts remain facts despite someone's intelligence, or lack thereof. I'd love some major interviewer to ask him about that.

>Socialist is a millionaire and owns 4 homes

He only owns THREE houses! And he describes one as a CABIN!

Truly a man for the Worker. He's one of us.

I wish I lacked the integrity to ask people for money despite being set for life

What FDR did is history, what happens in the future is speculation.
Perhaps the 'black vote' will split and they will become less of a block of votes and fade into their respective geographic groups such as West Coast liberals, or working class middle Americans.

A vote for Bernie is a middle finger to the DNC.

>Perhaps the 'black vote' will split and they will become less of a block of votes and fade into their respective geographic groups such as West Coast liberals, or working class middle Americans.
Been about 50 years now, still waiting on that to happen

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This. He's going to destroy Trump in November and no amount of propaganda will change that fact.

Until he’s told to drop out again by someone with more money than him

No serious contender to Bernie emerged in the South Carolina debates.
It doesn't make sense for these people to stay in the race anymore after 4 primaries with less than 10% support. The people have spoken, and you're not going to be it. Staying in the race past this point only splits the vote and helps Trump.

None. The dems are progressive shills and liars, the reps pander to sky daddy and have horrible social policies, and Bernie is a socialist.

What fantasy land do you live in? France?

It won't split any vote unless a Dem candidate continues after the convention as an independent.

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He pisses off the establishment by threatening to dramatically increase the size and power of the establishment. Sure, kid.

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Trump and the RNC are both funding pro Bernie ads

>24/7 black riots stopped with trump
>24/7 antifa riots stopped with trump
>mass immigration invasion stopped with trump
>mass murders with rifles stopped with trump
>DNC tried to tell everyone trump was going to start WW3, literally nothing happened.
>Everything went back to normal with Trump while the entire world was collapsing with Obama
>worse thing that's actually happening right now is the corona virus which only affects faggots and not even faggots in the US

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Bernie will be 87 at the end of a 2nd term. Dude just had a heart attack. How long do you think this guy will live?

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Based. He has my vote.

Yes, vote Bernie in primaries. Trump in general. Fuck the DNC.

meanwhile late state Dementia already in effect... remember when this guy regularly owned people during RNC debates. Now he can barely even function.

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Wall Street takes any excuses it can to fluctuate. They make money on both ups and downs, it all drives their income.

I live in Michigan but you know that France is a real place right? Also agreed I'm definitely voting for Bernie too.

I am actively praying for Bernie to get the nomination. I cannot wait for the debates. Bernie won't know what hit him. Think his running mates got him flustered? You ain't seen nothing yet.

He slaps the tits off of everyone on the stage what are you talking about lol. Trump won't debate him.

The split between Warren and Bernie is kayfabe. Watch when he gets the nom and immediately sucks her in as VP creating a massive coalition of voters.

easier for trump to run against a shell than a movement - he prefers the winning side and he doesn't know how to approach this yet

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Folks, this is a textbook case of the denial of reality...and confusing your hopes and dreams with reality. Do you seriously believe that President Trump would refuse to debate ~any~ Democrat candidate? Trump LOVES the confrontation. He lives for that shit.

>Trump won't debate him
Not user, but yes he will. It will be:
>you supported Castro
>you said 90% taxes are okay
>ok, comrade heart attack
It will be a horrible, entertaining train wreck of a time. I can't wait.

Man, Bernouts are so deluded they think the incumbent won't go to the presidential debate

looking forward to his Fake news Corona virus press conference today after the markets close

even mother nature working against him

What about the artical about how girls that dont have sex will be at a higher risk of breast cancer.

Screencap. He will not debate Bernie.

Guess that was what happened to russia etc.

Is this why he looks like he's about to cry when anyone questions him and fires people via Twitter lolol

TDS is real, people.

I personally think it's the hispanic vote worth watching. They have a strong conservative and traditional streak.

It's been fun watching dem primaries go from attacking Bernie to blatantly sucking up to him.
Warren and Bloomberg are both pretty much offering to juggle Bernie's nuts if he will take them as the VP at this point.
A Sanders/Bloomberg ticket does sound it could be a winner though. Bloomberg would keep some of Bernie's crazier spending plans in line.

That's because a unified black culture developed, and pressured even middle and upper class black children to adopt part of its elements. Read Black Rednecks and White Liberals by Sowell, if you want a laugh. The black ghetto is derived from the poor white culture in the south, which in turn derived from the outlying areas of Britain, like the poor highlands of Scotland. There's nothing African about it.

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With black unemployment at a record low, I think that's something to keep an eye on, too. Democrats NEED black unemployment high to maintain their image of the protector and provider for minorities.

all will bend the knee

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If Hillary is his VP, I think we can measure his life expectancy as president in minutes.

Just remember- it is VERY likely that Bernie will die in office. Any VP candidate WOULD be president if Bernie somehow won.

>I am actively praying for Bernie
Bad cosplay, nobody who believes in God votes for Bernie

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Try reading the whole post. I pray for Bernie to win the NOMINATION. Trump will destroy him in the debates and the general election.

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Literally doesn't matter.

Sanders is going to pick a woman for Veep. You read it here first. It's going to be either Warren or Klobuchar.

All the Dems believe what Bernie does. They just know you cant be as honest with the people what their endgame is. I dont care which one of them get the nomination. Will get Trumped.

It's going to come from outside of the traditional black leadership, tho. They're all dependent on the victimization narrative.

You don't have an audience here, nobody is paying attention to you but me right now lol

Picking Warren as VP would be a disaster, because it just appeals to the people who already voted for Bernie. He needs a VP that extends his base.

Lol yeah this is definitely it. Keep posting and convincing people of this.

point out in the original text, where he says its satire, then i might believe you.

You are out of touch with the realities of the democratic party. Picking Warren would create an invincible ticket that would smash Trump by 150 electoral votes in the general. You should listen to me instead of arguing with me because I'm correct and prepare your anus but you won't lolol

you sure got blacks figured out, write a book

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>wants to rape other guys' assholes
/backs away

Doesn't really piss me off, mostly sad that this delusional old commie retard can buy votes from niggers and soiboys by promising free shit to them. Americans used to have some standards.

Great pictograph. Odd how it doesn't cite any sources.

That actually hurts Bernie, you know. Blacks overwhelmingly support Biden, because "if he was good enough for Obama"... type of thinking. Bernie has polled terribly among blacks, in comparison. That would just raise the chances of a significant defection.

All his spending plans require a wall street speculation tax to be revenue neutral. Warren is the only one who can unwind big firm tax avoidance structures and unregulated derivatives, like she did when running the Consumer Financial Protection post-2008.
It'll be Warren.

You always like to play hard to get.

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defection to who? The guy who shits all over Obama for 4 years? Biden is out after SC

That sounds more like Secretary of the Treasury or Attorney General.

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Left cant meme

Democrats do the same, but never get called out for it, do to friendly media and compliant "Opposition".

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do = due*

A champion of blacks. Just look at his 40 year track record of good shit he has done in the 40 years of being on the taxpayer tit.
Wait, wut?

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lol point out in Cat in the Hat where it is described as a rhyming story written by Dr Seuss or I will not believe you

"A man goes home and masturbates his typical fantasy. A woman on her knees, a woman tied up, a woman abused.

A woman enjoys intercourse with her man — as she fantasizes being raped by 3 men simultaneously.

The man and woman get dressed up on Sunday — and go to Church, or maybe to their 'revolutionary' political meeting.

Have you ever looked at theStag,Man,Hero,Toughmagazines on the shelf of your local bookstore? Do you know why the newspaper with the articles like 'Girl 12 raped by 14 men' sell so well? To what in us are they appealing?"

It continues from there. It's a very good essay and you should read it.

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Left cant meme. Have your fun. November will be rough for you.....again

Bernie is going to win SC.

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What? It doesn't matter who they run. The left handed Trump a 2020 win a long fucking time ago. You aren't paying attention if you think anyone has a chance to beat him in November.

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This is powerful meme energy and cannot be disputed

all of the communism must have made him a fag

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>Obfuscation, no sources, just trust me.

Let's see... child molester like Adam Schiff? Rapist like Bill Clinton? Assaulter like Bill Clinton? groper like... well, any politician anywhere, let's be honest. Con men...see previous. Liars...AGAIN. Draft dodger... like Bill Clinton? Pedophile.. Look into Adam Schiff and Ed Buck. Neo Nazi... any one you don't like. Got it. White supremacist... like dem VA senator Robert Bird? Racist... see "neo-nazi". Traitors... Clinton foundation? Uranium One? Conspirators? Like those democrats meeting with Iranian and Ukrainian leaders?

But yeah, cool picture, Cred Forumsro

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Odd how you folk keep leaving out the "and they let you" part.

>You don't have an audience here

He's going to win whether I vote for him or not. I'm gonna take the day off and get drunk and watch the libtard tears on tv and laugh at all of you when he easily mops the floor with Bernie.

looking forward to Donald supporters campaigning, they seem motivated

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Women are only allowed to consent to Democrats

> we love little boys and girls like you to fuck. We’re rich so we can do whatever we want.

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Who do you think can vote in the democratic primary lolol

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A classic bit of cognitive dissonance

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Both Bernie and Trump work for Putin

>Interesting discussion breaks out about who bernie will pick for vp
>Shitposters flood it off with memes from 2016


>everyone I disagree with is stoopid and evil

>Bernie is just a russian puppet
says the Russian puppet

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He's still got that weird essay with the rape fantasy he wrote though. He can't attack Trump for that without Trump bringing that one up.

The democratic party has backed itself hard into a corner. They went all in on Women and Minorities, and continue to push that hard. Bernie is the only candidate with any momentum (and he's not evem technically running as a democrat), and he's an old rich white dude. And being a jew doesn't really get you Brownie points unless someone calls you a kike.

Did you read it? It's not weird at all it's good lol.

the right can't meme 4 shit

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It's pseudo-intellectual drivel. Ignoring that, it's hard to explain that away; Trump can say the allegations are rumors, and grab them by the pussy was locker room shittalk. Vs Bernie sitting alone with a typewriter writing some weird rape thing.

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It's a strategic decision. Nader tried going 3rd party on a similar platform and that didn't work out. You gotta hijack the established parties, a la Trump.

Almost as if with time, his grasp of the problem changed, and he realized that the people worth thousands of millions are more in control of shit going wrong than the people with single digit millions.
But I know that changing your opinion based on new information is technically science, and you guys hate science, so idk man, this might be beyond your grasp.

They are getting mighty nervous, and it is hilarious to see them acting the same way they made fun of Liberals for in 2016.

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the whole premise of "afrrican-american" culture is retarded. At least how it stands right now.

It exists, tho. Blacks from middle class backgrounds who don't have any black friends still feel compelled not to act "too white". It's the only universal and race-based culture I can think of.

Those homes seem like something any working white dude can reasonably acquire by the time he's 80 something...

Being a little rich is okay, it's the exploitative wealth that the left rallies against.

>the exploitative wealth
no such thing
populous propaganda.

Define "exploitative wealth". Because if people were actually coerced, or there was fraud, or they abused workers, well those are all crimes. There are laws for that. But usually, the definition is "a lot of money". Which is just jealously and resentment.

cool story

Socialists can have a little cabin as a treat. For real.

lol why don't you try to define it

it is your term asshole, you define it.
Then admit it is you opinion and has no basis in reality. Ideology driven idiot.

You two figure out if it doesn't exist or if it's already illegal first ok? And then we can talk about it.

This guy thinks it exists but it's already illegal. Why don't you two figure it out.

>already illegal
what law is broken?

Ask him not me. You guys disagree. I'm here once you sort it out to set you straight.

>to set you straight.
that will happen in Nov, loser.
I am the guy that wants Bernis to win the primary. I will vote for him in the primary.
That will help dem's lose the House.

Trump wins either way. hahaha-

Are you a registered democrat or just a samefag lol

>Are you a registered democrat
No, used to be.

You fucking piece of shit. Republicans have no morality or ethics. How do such a fam thing?

How are you planning on voting in the democratic primary if you are not a registered democrat lol

you hate filled bastards are the best thing to happen to Trump. Too infantile to stop.

Though discourse with the likes of you, I now am more committed than I have ever been. I used to make excuses for your side. That is long gone.

Not real bright, huh? Your opinions are not reality.
The majority of states do not limit choice, especially primaries. If you have a thought, treat it kindly. Be nice to strangers.

Oh lol I bought you were trolling. You're serious? XD

How are you planning on voting for Trump harder than you did last time

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>why so angry
He's a breathtakingly idealistic, andnaïve dude with a stupid face and stupid voice. His proposals are monumentally expensive and impractical. He is not going to be president, he's wasting everyone's time. Even if he somehow got the election, it's just going to be political gridlock for his entire term with him bumbling foreign policy, which is where the president actually has the most authority, and where Bernie has no focus. I can't understand why anybody would think electing him is a good idea

I literally did.

Probably becuse you are a retard if I had to guess.

Trump will win 48 states if Bernie gets the nod. Guaranteed.

fourth post best post

imagine being this fucking retarded.

Trump will never win any of the blue states, ever. I certainly would net all the red states, and maybe half the purple states, but only brainlets like you think he would win by a landslide against any dem. Most likely it'll be close if it comes to Bernie vs. Trump

Trump will win 49 states if Bernie gets the nod. Guaranteed.

You want to put money on this, pick your venue and I'll take whatever bet you want.

trump is definitely out already, cant imagine why the republicans arent choosing a new candidate

>you reeeeeeee about vague idea, name a term
>guy gives possible definition of term, asks if that's what you mean
>you: buh, you define my term for me, deep

Wait what does Clinton have to do with anything? You can throw all those fuckers in jail dude. Such a dumb point to make, give Trump and Clinton neighboring cells

But it's true tho

If Bernie wins the nomination, I could see a true moderate entering last minute as a viable option, rather than the far left or far right. Romney is one that comes to mind. Romney has had to appeal to moderates in the past, becoming governor of deep blue Massachusetts.

Romney won't run against a Republican, he'll wait till he can run against a sitting Dem again. He will absolutely run again at some point, but this ain't it


wahhh it's disingenuous to compare 2 worthless pieces of shit.

fuck off if you support either of them because if you do you are either genuinely a retard or you are part of the oppression.

No Republican will support Romney again.

I want to be part of the oppression. How do I join?

They would before any Dem would. Regardless, he ain't done. His vote during the impeachment shows he's at least still thinking about it.

His vote during impeachment shows he's given up on every getting support from Republicans again.

If Romney threatens to enter, Republican establishment may be quick to forgive his impeachment vote, and give him something he wants.

Actually, the similarities of the situations of Trump and Bernie are quite surprising. The establishment wanted Jeb, but Trump convinced the base to go for him instead. Look up all the Republicans talking MAAAAAAAAAAD shit about Trump then, but now they suck his dick. If they opposed him, they would have lost their seats.

Same-ish thing is happening with the DNC right now. They wanted Biden, but now Bernie is stealing the base. They're going to have to flip soon and start supporting him or they'll lose their base. Like, Pelosi just said that "Eh sure, Bernie would be fine" despite talking bad about M4A and other policies of his. MSNBC is talking about how they'll have to bring more Progressives on, because they're going to fall into absolute irrelevancy once the Democratic party falls behind Bernie.

Because Bernie is talking about reality. You can't tell me that men who fantasize about rape don't exist, and that women who fantasize about gangbangs don't exist. Bernie isn't talking about that in direct reference to himself, and isn't even generalizing those thoughts to people.

>Unlike Trump, who directly referred to his hand scooping up a cooter.

Funnily enough, I don't even think that is the worst part of that statement. It is the following that is more telling, "I don't even wait. And when you're a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. ... Grab them by the pussy.
>You can do anything."

The Democrat party is going through it's own Tea Party with Bernie and AOC.

Let me guess? You're going to say next, "Since he became a millionaire he isn't going to raise his own taxes!"?

Attached: Screenshot_2020-02-26 Bernie's tax plan.png (1140x589, 36K)

If Bernie becomes President he will fall in a bracket where he would pay 45%. $800,000 a year paying $360,000 in taxes.

Exploitative wealth is simple. The goal of a company is to make profit. One way to make profit is to underpay your work force, and give them as few benefits as possible. It isn't illegal to set a job posting that pays $10/hr when it should probably pay closer to $15/hr. There is always some desperate person who will take that job. Literally exploiting peoples NEED for money by underfunding their labor. And then it is even funnier when people complain about immigrants who will work for peanuts because they have nothing, when it is the companies themselves who are like, "Oh shit. We can pay peanuts and still find people to work for us."

My bad, potus makes $400,000 a year and he would pay $180,000 in taxes.

You realize that stock for a lot of shit is crashing, right? Even like Tesla stock? The market is freaking out about the Coronavirus.

A fear tactic used by the mega wealthy to get people to sell so that they can buy up more for less.

Bernie has officially tied the black vote


Attached: bernielovesit.jpg (960x738, 87K)

Honestly, I think the whole "Trump has the support of the evangelicals" thing is the most surprising. Trump can't even cite a single sentence out of any bible when asked. There was that one Sunday Prayer Breakfast thing that Trump recently went too where Trump said something after the prayer about "I'm going to have to disagree with you" on the subject of being kind to your enemies. Like bro, you're not disagreeing with the pastor, you're disagreeing with the teaching of the bible and shit.

Evangelicals are fucking hypocrites. They just love Trump because they're all secretly racist.

You're right, that's simple. Simple nonsense.

There's a pool of people looking for jobs, and employers looking to hire them. The workers have to compete for limited jobs, but employers also have to compete for limited for workers. Therefore the price is set by supply and demand, the equilibrium between what people are willing to work and what people are willing to pay.

That's actually interesting, because it's not just that the black voters prefer Biden, it's that Bernie has historically had a terrible time with the black vote. That's a major change.

It wasn't his rape fantasy, though. He was just speculating broadly about gender roles in modern society. In a paper wrote 48 years ago. Like, you can't tell me that there aren't men and women who fantasize about rape. Bit different than talking about how when you're rich and famous you can do whatever you want to women, as the rich and famous person.

Socialism is never worth it.

No he wouldn't. You know what a progressive tax is, right? Where you pay the mount that falls within a certain tax bracket?

This is from Bernie's tax calculator website. 400,000 income, married with the healthcare cost factored in automatically. He would pay 26.2% tax, so about 100k, not 180k.;5277;mj

>hurr I am too retarded to google exact quotes from the essay so I can read it all

Yeah, oops.

>memes from a facebook group
ok boomer

the media loved trump you fucking retard. they cut to an empty podium just waiting for him because Everytime he opens his mouth he says something fucking stupid and ratings skyrocket

>He would pay 26.2% tax
Except he actually paid 13.5%

Damn dirty tax cheat.

lol yeah because trump is so anti-establishment. nothing the establishment hates more than when you cut their taxes and slash regulations

What do Donald Trump's tax returns reveal?
Oh, wait...